Samsung event

Updated on 5/16: This one's been postponed. You'll know more when we do.

Another Samsung event? OK, twist our arms. We're in. But with Sammy teaming up with AT&T this week in New York, whatever will we see in three weeks?

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Reader comments

Samsung's got another event this month


Whoa, no specific carriers named? I'm betting it's the announcement of the Galaxy S2 to all carriers. That *almost* makes May 5 and the Infuse bearable.

I think if you really look hard at the picture this has to do with them launch 1 of the Galaxy devices in the US. Most likely the Galaxy S II

I'm thinking the new Galaxy Tabs, the art work in the invite is reminiscent of the new Galaxy Tab videos.

i hope this year they just release the same phone on all carriers, instead of a camera flash on a few, slideout keyboard on one, front cam on one, etc. Just release the same phone as Internationals got, but with different radios for each carrier. PLEASE

but if the carriers all released the same phone, then consumers would be stuck, and have to actually choose a carrier based on value. That's just plain silly.

Yeah, I'm also betting on the Galaxy S2 and/or another Galaxy Tab announcement. I can't think of any other reason for it.

Don't care as long as it's the S2 for Verizon. Big Red keeps getting snubbed and the other mfgs. continue to get the better devices. WTH?

No, because TMo has the LG G2x which is another dual core. Can we just get an awesome phone with dual core, 8mp, good battery? That's all I am saying. Show me the dual core!!!

oh yea riiiight the thunderbolt! That phone is junk, it was released without the new HTC UI and the battery is a flat out joke. Think about your comment before you post something rediculous!

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I guess this confirm that the GS2 is not getting announced this week but actually the Infuse. Sigh...i have to wait 3 more week -,-

So... this week the Infuse, and the S2 on the 24th most likely.

Now if only AT&T will announce a date for the LG Thrill 4G. :)

Actually I don't think this is the GS2 for a couple of reason.

1) No carrier announced to be present or it could be a general announcement for all carriers

2) The galaxy tab 10.1 hit FCC

So I think it's the announcement of the new galaxy tab 10.1

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