Samsung event

Updated on 5/16: This one's been postponed. You'll know more when we do.

Another Samsung event? OK, twist our arms. We're in. But with Sammy teaming up with AT&T this week in New York, whatever will we see in three weeks?

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kembry says:

Whoa, no specific carriers named? I'm betting it's the announcement of the Galaxy S2 to all carriers. That *almost* makes May 5 and the Infuse bearable.

cmfoster23 says:

I think if you really look hard at the picture this has to do with them launch 1 of the Galaxy devices in the US. Most likely the Galaxy S II

sciwizam says:

I'm thinking the new Galaxy Tabs, the art work in the invite is reminiscent of the new Galaxy Tab videos.


dwd3885 says:

i hope this year they just release the same phone on all carriers, instead of a camera flash on a few, slideout keyboard on one, front cam on one, etc. Just release the same phone as Internationals got, but with different radios for each carrier. PLEASE

moises1204 says:

yes i agree.

Nirvana328 says:

but if the carriers all released the same phone, then consumers would be stuck, and have to actually choose a carrier based on value. That's just plain silly.

Mooem says:

Yeah, I'm also betting on the Galaxy S2 and/or another Galaxy Tab announcement. I can't think of any other reason for it.

bachinphx says:

Don't care as long as it's the S2 for Verizon. Big Red keeps getting snubbed and the other mfgs. continue to get the better devices. WTH?

dwd3885 says:

seriously? Because the Thunderbolt, Incredible 2, etc are so lackluster.

bachinphx says:

No, because TMo has the LG G2x which is another dual core. Can we just get an awesome phone with dual core, 8mp, good battery? That's all I am saying. Show me the dual core!!!

Ummmm I believe that's up to VZW... Carriers "Request" device/different specs...

gg101 says:

Compared to the Sensation and Evo3D, yes they are.

jlangfeldt says:

oh yea riiiight the thunderbolt! That phone is junk, it was released without the new HTC UI and the battery is a flat out joke. Think about your comment before you post something rediculous!

Marks12 says:

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DroidXcon says:

Yes seriously TB is way over rated, thats for sure.

frozencloud says:

I guess this confirm that the GS2 is not getting announced this week but actually the Infuse. Sigh...i have to wait 3 more week -,-

maerlim says:

So... this week the Infuse, and the S2 on the 24th most likely.

Now if only AT&T will announce a date for the LG Thrill 4G. :)

harah says:

Good analysis of dates on XDA forum
first 3 or so posts

patfactorx says:

Samsung stop leaking everything and this event might be more interesting!

Now,I am confused whether to buy Infuse or wait another month for GS2.....any suggestions and reasons?

moo53 says:

Actually I don't think this is the GS2 for a couple of reason.

1) No carrier announced to be present or it could be a general announcement for all carriers

2) The galaxy tab 10.1 hit FCC

So I think it's the announcement of the new galaxy tab 10.1

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