Developers submitting apps by November 1 could grab up to $200,000 for their effort

In an effort to pull some developers over to making apps for its up-and-coming platform, Samsung and Intel have put together a $4 million prize system for Tizen app development. As one would expect, app developers are currently spending far more time (or all of their time) developing for the most popular mobile operating systems out there -- such as Android, iOS and even Windows Phone -- far before even considering Tizen. By offering up some big prizes for the best apps it receives in this "Tizen App Challenge", Samsung is hoping to at least kick off development for the platform.

App submissions are categorized into "Games" and "Non-Games", with multiple sub-categories in each. The top app for each category in "Games" will win a $200,000 prize, with 2 runners-up making $100 and 3 more making $40,000. For "Non-games" the prizes will be $120,000, $60,00 and $30,000, respectively. This will certainly create a fight amongst the willing devs to make the best app, but we would have to think that Samsung might be better off spreading out the money to try and draw in more entries at this point.

This may pull away some developer's weekend time attempting to grab one of the top prizes by bringing their Android app over to Tizen, but it's a shaky proposition as to whether they'd stay to develop in any consistent amount for the platform. Google has been working to satisfy developers needs more and more as of late, and it's hard to see many developers pulling away from such a large (and profitable) platform to try something new.

If you're a developer and would like to give the Tizen App Challenge a try, you can pick up all of the details at the source link below and get registered to enter your app. Registered developers will have until November 1st to have their apps submitted to the challenge.

Source: Tizen; Via: CNET


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Samsung offering $4 million prize pool for Tizen app developers


Tizen won't ever amount to anything. Its sad to say but the way the phone operating systems are now is the way they will stay. Its sad but for some reason ios equates to being great which in all honesty it is completely terrible. If I were bow the age of twelve or above the age or 60 it would be a great operating system but let's get real here most of us aren't but for some reason this pitiful excuse for a company remains popular and I don't understand why. I have owned a I phone 4s and a ipad but I my opinion android and even windows is a step above. Its sad to say but there isn't room for another operating system even if it is made by samsung. They make great hardware but 2nd tier software, and only apple can get away with passing their crap software off as new, fresh and innovative when to the most least competent of people it's generic at best. Android owns, windows tries and apple copies and hopes that the ignorant will continue to support them. I have quite a few friends that love and support apple but if pressured into explaining why...... No answer. Sorry if I offend, but it's the truth.

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iOS is terrible? What kind of Kool-Aid have you been drinking? Sure it's a little behind in terms of Android OS development, but the upcoming iOS7 update levels the playing field a bit.

I'm actually bummed that I have to root my phone to get the latest and greatest Android features or get a crisp, bloatware free Android experience.

The majority of Android users still don't even have Ice Cream sandwich, let alone jelly bean.

Samsung does make crap software, but this is a mobile OS developed with Intel. Samsung is a hardware company and it has a following of fans who don't really care what is on the device. As long as they get their apps and things like gmail, facebook etc.

I can easily imagine 5 years from now, Samsung makes it's Tizen phones a flagship, and you'll see it pull back on Android. It's already started to replace Google apps with it's own app versions such as S-Planner, S-Voice, etc.

Despite what you say, Apple is actually quite capable. It still has the number one sold tablet, the number one sold mp3 player, and the number one sold smartphone, plus it's userbase actually keeps growing. Sure it's not as fast as Android, but the amount of iPhone 5 sales destroyed the sales of Galaxy S3, Note II, Nexus 4, and HTC One X combined.

Don't ask me why, I'm not an Apple fanboy or sheep, just saying they sell devices people want for some reason.

The only thing there you said that was true was the first 2 sentences.

iOS isnt terrible, but iOS7 isn't doing much of anything to level the field. It is still the same rehashed stuff with a couple of things thrown in to help it catch up with Android.

If you have to root your phone for Jellybean (the latest and greatest, and no the minor releases do not matter that much) then you really need to pick your phones better. In addition, if memory serves me, an overwhelming majority of android users are on JB and ICS. Android really cannot be faulted for people that have not updated their phones since eclair. Could Android do a better job with updates? Sure, without a doubt, but some people stick with what they know until the phone itself dies off. The worst offender in the "lack of update" department is HTC with the One S.

Samsung does not make crap software. Could they do it better? Sure, but the same can be said with a lot of companies. I said in another thread that there is no room for another mobile OS. Think Samsung doesnt know that as well? Would they really shoot themselves in the foot by dropping a cash cow like Android? No they wouldn't. As far as replacing Google apps, there are tons of apps out there that are replacements for them, it is nothing new. THe difference is that, like Apple, Samsung wants you invested in their stuff. THe phones, the apps all working together with the toaster and the TV. Why? So you will keep buying their stuff. Thats all. Its a baited hook.

There is so much false and fail in your statement that it's not worth refuting. The Apple Reality Distortion Field is strong with this one.

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I've been drinking the kind of Kool aid that let's me see the truth. That ios is pathetic and the only reason why it has number one anything is because they have went a long time without competition. Give it another 2 years and see where they stand then. Oh and the little fact you spouted about the iPhone 5 sales is not true. Just because something sells a lot doesn't mean that it is good. It just means that there is a lot of misinformed people out there that need to do some research before they buy crap. Apple only out sells android in the usa, and that's because it's the land of sheep. Its very sad but honestly true.

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I am sorry but your tainted. Not sure why, but you are.

There are plenty of reasons that bad products sell, but once the competition catches up the crappy product usually falls by the wayside.

That isnt the case with iOS. It is still going strong and there is no signs of it letting up. It does what it does and it does it pretty well.

Is it my OS of choice? no and I wouldnt buy one on a bet but it is anything but bad.

Sorry about the atrocious spelling. I'm trying out a different keyboard and my girlfriend is nagging at me to go to bed.

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If a girl is begging you to go to bed, you're doing it wrong.

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Bada the Sequel, err.... I mean Tizen is a joke. If the superior Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8 can't get it done, what makes Samsung think that they can?


The only alternate OS that has a chance is Firefox OS. Unfortunately, Ubuntu phone is also DOA due to lack of institutional support.

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Blackberry is one "big customer loss" away from becoming webOS.

Of course that customer is the Government so they still have time...

Unfortunately, until Android or iOS develops some decent cracks in their ecosystem, there is no way for Tizen (or any serious challenging OS - of which Tizen is the only one) to move on up.

You still haven't looked at the sales numbers have you before you talk sh*t it will show you one surprising thing that android is holding steady as far as user base goes to IOS is shrinking and WP is the fastest growing smartphone in the us and abroad hell Russia's big cellphone service provider just released a statement that said in less then a year WP 8 had overtaken iPhone in users and sales so if I was you I wouldn't write off windows phone just yet. Plus it is has a hundred times better security then android that's why I use it you dint even need and antivirus program on these phones unlike android witch has more viruses and malicious software on it then any other os probably even tizan

Comments about Tizen aside, I find it interesting that the prizes for games are double the prizes for non-games.

Sorry, I may have been living under a rock for a while, but what is tizen? A new o.s?

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