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In addition to the standalone smartwatch with a built-in SIM card, Samsung may be looking to offer a smartwatch with a circular display, much like the Moto 360. Patents from last year indicate that the South Korean manufacturer is working on a new interface that is designed to take advantage of the circular display.

The patent filings reveal a gesture-based navigation system as well as the inclusion of an optical sensor on the wristband. Also highlighted is the fact that the smartwatch is not a standalone offering, which means that it needs to be connected to a smartphone or a tablet to show incoming notifications.

While Samsung is scheduled to launch a wearable device that runs on the Android Wear ecosystem, it is likely that the smartwatch in question runs a custom OS like Tizen to facilitate the gesture-based interactions.

Before you go ahead and say that Samsung is copying yet another design from another manufacturer, we have to point out that these patents were filed last August, which was long before there was any mention of Android Wear or the Moto 360.

There is no indication that Samsung would even bring such a device to the market, as most patent applications are never brought to fruition. That being said, Samsung may just launch this smartwatch as an alternative to the Moto 360, which is the only other wearable device by a major manufacturer that sports a circular display.

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Samsung patent reveals detailed plans for smartwatch with a circular display


I do not think the point is the shape, it is the way the watch interacts with gestures and everything else...

Round isn't patentable, but the technology to actually make a real round screen is. Moto is working with Samsung to get AMOLED perfectly round and that's the hard part. These are just prototypes and don't include Samsung's latest round screen tech yet. LG is working on this too. But the problem with a Round screen is that screen pixels are traditionally laid out in grid patterns. So how do you get the ribbon cable to work on something like that? It's not so simple. But Samsung isn't the most iConic and Largest Screen Maker on the Planet for nothing!!! ....if anyone can do it, they will!!!

Disagree with you. I bet Samsung once again locks this down once again to only be compatible with their own phones.

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I would take that bet.They did it before because they could, now with Android Wear on the way, the competition will be open and choices will be plenty. Too much to lock it in like that anymore.

Samsung already said that there will be a Android accessories without the limitation to Samsung devices.

I will take a moto 360 compared to a samsung smartwatch anyday. They have proven they have no clue when it comes to watches. all their watches have been utter garbage so far

As we all know, Samsung does not change design languages all that readily. As TFA stated, most patents do not actually see the light of the manufacturing floor so I am not sure that I would place bets on a Galaxy Gear Round anytime soon.

I also want to throw out there, screw Tizen. Samsung knock that crap off....

I dont care if they keep using Tizen or not. As long as the playstore and its apps are available on the phones/tablets. I could care less about the watch OS. They could release a Tizen Note 4 and it wouldn't bother me if there was still an Android Note 4 along side it.

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Android really needs Samsung though. I know people do not want to admit it, but thats what it is. Samsung sells more of one Model of phone than what the other top4 OEMS entire lines, combined? Also, as it has been pointed out here many times, people ask for Galaxy Phones, not really caring that it is Android/tizen/or iOS (if such an animal exsisted).

Sure some OEMs would pick up some of the slack, but if Samsung ditched Android altogether, it would take a long time for Android to recover.

I believe more so that Android would be fine without Samsung. The real issue is Android would not be fine with Samsung as a competitor.


6 of one, half dozen of the other...But your right. If Samsung closed down today and never made another product, the other OEMs (LG specifically) would fill the void. But if Samsung goes head to head with Android, it could be tough times for android OEMs

it is their trademarked name. If they want to use the Galaxy name for Tizen, there is nothing to stop them

The average consumer wouldn't be able to tell if Samsung ran Tizen of it still looked like Touchwiz. I feel that's the reason Google mandated the "running Android" on all smartphones and is starting project silver. Of Samsung moved away from Android they'd be hit pretty hard.

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People asked for Galaxy phones around the time of the S2. In the years since the average user now knows the difference. Google play this Google play that.

I think Sammy needs the play store more than Google needs Samsung. Tizen will be for cheaper phones and other markets or more likely wearables and appliances that don't need the app store. Phones and tablets however not a chance.

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While I agree with you on the use of tizen, I do not agree with your play store comparison. People see the play store as the iTunes equalizer. They will want the play store, and tizen will have a way to run it with no problem, just like crapberry

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I dont think Google would let Tizen access the play store. If that was the case why would anyone even care as Tizen/Android would basically be the same thing..By that I mean access and run the same apps.
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Your right, I overspoke.

The playstore would more than likely be off limits, but they are already building middleware to run Android apps, and I could see them striking a deal with Amazon to have their Android Apps feed into the Samsung App store or something similar.

One thing is certain is that Tizen will not abandon Android Apps.

I cannot see them starting fresh either. I suppose this is possible but I just don't see it happening. They have massive success with Android. As much as they might wish they controlled the content they are smart enough to recognize that they just cannot offer what Google does. I guess we will find out soon enough .

I want to believe that Sammy is smart enough to realize that they can't offer what Google has, but them pushing their own app store and music/movie/book stores implies that they do believe that they might be able to. At least some day.

What's funny is that the courts upheld the design language for the iTerd. Maybe Sammy patented the round watch first so Apple can't do it readily. MMMM? I wonder if that's why the iWatch is still in development...?

How can you patent a round watch, most watches are already round!!

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And it all needs to burn. A "trade dress" patent needs to include more than just the shape of the device.

Again, a small company can slave and exhaust their resources to find a niche in the market ( Motorola) to have someone come along and use their fanfair, to their own benefit. A large sought after loaf of bread (Samsung) using the ingredients of others, ie: Apple, Motorola, etc..

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This patent was filed last year.. which is befoe moto 360 was announced or the android wear. So your argument doesn't make sense

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SO I see. You think of a product (Moto 360) whip one up and announce it the next day. I bet the 360 and android wear were all patented also. Maybe before Samsung.

But that doesn't mean that Samsung was aware of the Moto360 existence when they filed this patent. It's not crazy to believe that two companies had the idea to create a round smart watch at the same time. I would actually be more shocked to think that *only* two companies thought of it around the same time.

Someone didn't read the dates on the article... plus, Motorola a "small company"?! Really??!! In any case, they're all piggybacking on what Pebble made 'popular', and I'm sure others came before Pebble, too...

Motorola Mobility is a small company compared to Samsung, LG and Sony. If they get "absorbed" into Lenovo, then they are on equal ground. If they are left as a standalone, like Google did with them, they will stay there.

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I know it says that in the article, and maybe I am in serious denial, but you can also do gestures with Android. I will wait to see a finished product.

yes they use lots of gestures in Android now. I do not see why that means new OS. Probably implies TouchWiz but not Tizen.

I wonder if you could patent a dinner table with four legs. Think of how wealthy you'd be off of royalties.

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Anyone planning on making a smartwatch just has to have noticed the reaction to the 360, compared to the LG G.
You have to make a round one now.