RealPlayer for Android

Real Networks has announced a substantial update to the beta version of RealPlayer for Android, which was launched last May. The new RealPlayer beta is available right now on the Android Market, and includes a visual refresh as well as new features, including playlist support and a homescreen widget. Real says the changes are based on customer feedback, and invites users to rate the new beta and provide suggestions for further improvements.

  • A redesigned home screen
  • A widget allowing playback from the home screen
  • Enhanced graphics
  • A feature for videos and song removal
  • An improved way to select directories for music, videos and photos
  • Landscape mode for music playback
  • Music playback by directory folder
  • A quick way to hide video status bar
  • A selection for video aspect ratio
  • Removal of the roulette wheel
  • Support for music playlists playback

 Download link's after the break. [Real Networks Blog]


Reader comments

RealPlayer beta for Android gets major update


Filed under "everyone plus dog late to the party with yet another redundant music+Video app".

They were bloatwear patent trolls on the computer. Why would I want that on my phone?

I was wondering the same thing, considering how awful their Windows version was with bloatware, spam, installing all kinds of extra crap. Almost tempted to install just to see how bloody big it is an application and what access it wants. Almost.

So where is it then?

Even the Real blog site says it is available in the Market:

"Weve been listening to your comments and, based on that feedback, were proud to announce an upgrade for RealPlayer for Android, which is free and available today in the Android Market."

*** Buffering ***

I have never, ever used this on a PC why would I want
to install this on my phone ?

*** Venting ***

I've updated it coupe if days ago , its okay better than the stock android 2.1 music player , but still needs allot of work
Since , RealPlayer for android is still a beta version !

The only reason I would ever want RealPlayer on my Droid would be if it had the ability to stream .rm and .ram files. This app doesn't so what's the point? Major fail.

Holy shmoly, will Real's star ever stop rising? All I need now is a PointCast app, and I'll be partying like it's nineteen-ninety-something!