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A fun read on Google Glass is in Esquire magazine's December issue. A.J. Jacobs pens "Google Glass: What you're not supposed to do." And, no, he's (thankfully) not talking about Scoble-esque shower pics. Instead, it's more like ...

  • How easy is it to cheat at poker?
  • Will you go crazy trying to read?
  • Can you really watch videos all day, wherever you may roam?
  • Can you use Glass to help someone else pick up women?

Definitely worth a few minutes of your time this morning either in print form (egads!), at, or from Google Play Newsstand. Check it out.


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lol good one. i don't see the world being very receptive of them but they'd be so useful if done right

I doubt it will catch on... Imagine the increase in traffic accidents coz some douchebag is on Facebook while driving or I get sacked for watching youporn during meetings... It will be out of control, world war z out of control....

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This already happens with smart phones. Idiots are idiots whatever the technology.

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It'll be worse if it's fixed for an extended period of time in front of your face while driving, keeping the level of temptation to interact with it high. But I do agree, idiots will be idiots... or, to quote the great Forrest Gump... "stupid is as stupid does"

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I think it will catch on, exactly for those reasons! People already spend loads amount of time on their phones, more they're have even more reason to stay "connected".

Youporn during meetings, LOL thats a good one, atleast you will be sitting down

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This begs the question. "Do you really enjoy using Glass?" I've read your initial take on Glass wearing and the soccer-video taking with your kid is amusing but I'm genuinely interested. Glass as a personable wearable technology is disruptive and since I'm not a US citizen, don't have a disposable $1500 amount to be a beta-tester for Google nor am I an editor of a key Android website, I still not getting a read on a typical day-to-day use of Glass for you. "Wearable technology", be it SmartWatches, Glasses/HUD eye-ware or the like are predicted to be the Next Big Thing. The question is who will do it right and at what price point.


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Didn't read but "Can you help someone get a women". Eum no, just wearing them makes you look like a dork outside of geekly situations. Unless the women is also wearing one, you have no chance in hell. If she IS wearing one, then no need for help, you are both made for each other. ;-)

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I think AJ handled that mom of twins well. It was pretty rude and annoying of her to tell him that Glass "is the most annoying thing in the world."

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