New version of Android said to be running on a Nexus 7 2013 edition

Ready for another supposed KitKat leak? Today we see one from ZD Net, who bring us these images and screenshots of a 2013 Nexus 7 running what is labeled as Android 4.4 KitKat.

There are a lot of things that look very different from the video we've seen of the reported Nexus 5, but some of it matches up to other previous leaks.

A quick look through the gallery (after the break) shows things like Tap to Pay, the new Easter egg and beanflinger screens (that'd be the crazy mosaic you see), and a re-design of the desk clock application. There's not much we can add to this one without just speculating, but two things stand out to me.

  • There's nothing here that couldn't be faked in just a few minutes with common tools available to everyone.
  • The only people who know anything for sure about the next version of Android are the ones who aren't saying anything.

Never the less, rumors can be fun when we're sure things are close. Hit the break and see the pics.

Source: ZD Net


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Purported Android 4.4 KitKat leaked screenshots appear again


It seems KLP was the official name until recently, my guess is they haven't taken out/changed all the KLP references in the builds just as yet. It'll be Kit Kat by the time of release.

Kit kat was decided in January, key lime pie was the in house name for keeping it really secret

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

No I believe Google when it comes to marketing that not many people know what Key Lime Pie is like so they decided to do more publicity by using a well known candy brand. It's to help build awareness of Android. Not many average joe smartphone purchasers and users know the names of the Android releases so if it says on a page when they're buying a phone or on a laminated feature list in a story 'Android 4.4 KitKat' they'll probably be more inclined to remember it and associate it better.

I'll be honest, I never heard of Key Lime Pie until I moved to Florida. Apparently people like it down here.

Well, all of the dessert names assigned to Android builds thus far have been generic, but obviously KitKat is a brand name, so they would have never have been able to use it without Nestle's/Hershey's cooperation. Exactly when they decided to switch or whose idea it was or even the motivation behind it is unknown(at least to me), but because of the brand licensing, it has to be more than just, "let's change the name because people may not know what a Key Lime Pie is".

And do people really not know what key lime pie is? I've lived in the north-eastern US my whole life (in other words, not Florida) and it's one of my favorite desserts. Maybe not as ubiquitous as an ice cream sandwich or jellybean, but I feel that most people have at least heard of a key lime pie.

Why do people keep asking that question? Do you all not read the articles? Do you guys just go for the pictures and make assumptions and ask questions that are answered in the article and previous post from the site. It's not a picture book. You have to read. Early builds when it was initially Key Lime Pie.

He's asking negate the easter egg looks like the kit Kat logo, but is called key lime pie. That was his question, I presume.

Posted via Android Central App

Way to many people just jump to the comments without actually reading first. They then ask a stupid question that was clearly answered in the material.

now we wait for nestle to release a white chocolate covered key lime pie KitKat, am I right or am I right? :-D

Posted via Android Central App

According to the invisible man who lives in my finger, it's actually going to be Krispy Kreme. Key Lime Pie was a bluff, Kit Kat was a double bluff.

What difference does the name make? Ask any Android user on the street what's the version name of the Android Opsys they are using.

Actually, what difference does the name make to smartphone techno geek nerd fanboys who enjoy arguing with each other's magnanimous pronouncements in forums such as this?

Perhaps Floyd on candy in the check out line may convert iPhone lemmings. It may be possible.

My guess. Not really. Just saying.

Seems these so called leaks are all popping up under the klp moniker. And once again, no pictures after the break on the application.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, it's kinda frustrating to have the AC editors encourage us to use the app, only to make us load the website to see any extra content "after the break."

Posted via Android Central App


The only reason I use the app is because it's meant to be easier than having to open up the website. This annoying problem, however, means the app is pretty much useless for anything besides reading text.

Posted via George Foreman Grill

That's on me.

I try not to embed someone else's pictures into AC when I don't have to do it, and instead use  a gallery view from our editor. Feels kinda dirty stealing their stuff and posting it with my writing. Maybe I'm just goofy.

I never even thought about the app not being able to see them this time. Honest apologies.

I now understand your dilemma. I think your ethics appropriately supersede goofy. Your explanation clarifies the issue. Again, thank you.

Your updated edit to include the ZDNet link solves the problem for AC app users. Now I was able to easily view the screen grabs.

I very much prefer the all thin numerals instead of fat and thin which to me was annoying and disjointed. Placement of and larger day/dates and am/pm seem more congruent.

It should be fine, Jerry, if you cite your sources. At least your integrity will then be intact. Just a thought.

Key Lime Pie was the name before the KitKat deal, I'm sure all of these leaks are from hardware and software that's in different stages of development so it's natural for KLP to not be changed to KK throughout the system.

As a developer, not android, THIS

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

No. They don't have separate names for the exact same OS version on different devices. And after Honeycomb they haven't had separate OSes for separate classes of device, either. One Android version. Period.

I forgot you work for Google...A lot of people were blindsided when KLP became KK, but not you, huh? Admit it, you are speculating. You don't KNOW Jack. I didn't say it was happening, with KLP for the tabs...I said "MAY BE".

But, wouldn't it be a step back, to move from one Android version to two?

Honeycomb was closed-source, and was interim, so that Android could enter the tablet market.

You don't have to work for Google, to realize that the goal of Ice Cream Sandwich was to unify the UIs. That was the last major update to Android, and it took a lot of work.

There's no way (at least, it's highly improbable) they would reverse all of that work, in a dot upgrade.

No need to be offended. You're right, no one knows anything. But, one can make an educated guess, based on evidence.

Posted via Android Central App

True, but like another poster said down towards the bottom, what if KK is just for marketing purposes? I haven't seen KK listed anywhere other than on the blogs...ALL pictures that show anything say KLP still, throughout. Since they figured this out in February, it wouldn't be THAT difficult to rename if they were going to rename it at all. Hell, I could have done that between February and September before it was ever announced! I'm leaning more and more towards it being strictly for marketing/advertising purposes.

You are quoting me. In a past programming life I have encountered this.

I had an internal name, and the final was totally different. This is not a new thing. It could be politics or money. Things change

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

How, then, do you explain the Kit-Kit, and ONLY the Kit-Kat statue on Google's campus, then?

Hey, we are all on a friendly forum here. There is no need to get butthurt when someone corrects a misconception. Keeping your head also sets a good example for Hali. Just sayin'.

There is no "may be" about it. Go look through the articles that came out when Kit Kat was announced, KLP was a codename and KK is the official name. Anyone who read those articles KNOWS that. Jack.
Additionally, there is no Key Lime Pie statue in the Google Garden.

You want to know the truth? I don't give a fuck what they call it. You're speculating. Admit it. They could roll a frickin' pie out there tonight if they wanted to.

Lol, true. But, they did roll out the kitkat statue, shortly after they announced this partnership.

Let's not get angry over this. We'll all know, soon enough, brother.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not speculating.

It's been KitKat internally for a long time. KLP was kept in builds for two reasons:

1. To try and catch leakers.

2. To troll the shit out of blogs that were sure it was called Key Lime Pie.

Where I failed when I was told it was not KLP, was thinking KK (that's the only clue I was given) stood for Kandy Kane.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure, the Key Lime Pie moniker was leaked, shortly after Ice Cream Sandwich was released. One of the OEMs (can't remember which) publicly stated they would be first to releasing it for their handsets.

Posted via Android Central App

That last sentence. I completely forgot about that. The statue dictates the next version of Android.

Posted via Android Central App

My whole point is nobody except a handful of Google people know what is going on. EVERYBODY outside of that handful of people is speculating. Google could roll out a pie statue tonight for all anybody KNOWS. Who's to say 4.4 isn't Kit Kat, and 4.4.1 isn't Key Lime Pie, or 4.5? (Google already threw everyone for a loop, and you don't think they'll do it again someday? Face it, Google names the versions and numbers, not any of us) We went from 4.0.4 ICS to 4.1 JB. Then stayed 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 under JB, but all of the sudden 4.4 is KK and not 5.0? I think this is strictly marketing or Google's way of saying "STFU, we name this shit, not you."

Google never confirmed key lime pie, there was no lie. This is official, it's going to be kit kat

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

Wow, someone took a week's worth of angry pills this morning...

Gimme a break... There isn't any speculation. 4.4 is Kit Kat, there is no rational basis for saying KK and KLP will be separate tablet and phone OS's. There's an official Android KitKat website. Google answered questions from reporters where they pointed out KLP was never announced as being official. There's zero reason to believe Google is messing with anyone over this. Why don't you do some deep breathing, some yoga, and take a break with a KitKat bar. That chocolate crispy taste will really make your day.

Thank god they got rid of that awful bold font weight for the hour digit in the clock app. (If these are legit, of course)

With ya, I liked it

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Didn't like it...didn't hate it either.

I get what they were going for, but it did look a little "unbalanced". Certainly wasn't a big enough of a deal to ruin the Android experience for me...and after a while it actually kinda grew on me.

Agreed. Not sure who thought it looked good. It's funny to see people jump on ANYTHING Google does as gospel though.

So, essentially, you're labeling us as blind fanboys, simply because we liked a clock font?

Ummm, Ok, I guess, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

Well duh! If he says it doesn't look good, then it doesn't look good! End of story!

Posted via Android Central App

1) Settings icon that totally goes against Google's "slider settings" icon, Google has been kicking the gear out of all their programs.
2) gradient settings menu, contradicting earlier, more accurate leaks.
3) key lime pie on a kitkat background? No.
4) as noted in the article, everything can be done with launchers and Photoshop in 2 seconds. That's exactly what was done.

Posted via Android Central App

Guys. The decision to make it Kit Kat came from a last minute deal with Hershey and Google. It will be Kit Kat. No question about it.

Posted via Android Central App

Hope it ll come with a lifetime supply of kitkats..Do it Google!

Posted via Android Central App

Just imagine Hershey going out of stock on the day of the Nexus 5 launch.

Posted via Android Central App

Well, it wasn't exactly a last minute deal. They had it in place for about a year but only a few higher-ups knew about it. The developers didn't know about it so they continued to use KLP internally.

Nestle, actually. Hershey only licenses the rights to the name from them in the US, but worldwide KitKat is a Nestle product, and they're the ones Google squared the rights with.

And as others noted, it wasn't that last-minute, but it HAS been quite recent that ANY of the programmers were informed of the change. I imagine the code will be packed with KLP and Key Lime Pie references for as long as it exists.

Right. Last minute to the majority of consumers & Google employees.

Posted via Android Central App

It's not last minute. KLP was the codename, KK is the product name. Was Galaxy S4 a last minute name change when Samsung announced which phone it would be? Nope.

Seems like old build,still. The app drawer supposed to have transparent background as per the previous leaks.

I'll never understand why leakers leak these things bits and pieces at a time, and in poor quality. If I found a Nexus 5 phone with Kit Kat software, I'd make an hour long video in 1080p covering ALL basis of the phone so theres nothing left to question. That's what makes me think these leaks are manufactured to build hype sometimes.

Posted via Android Central App

And you would be fired 10 minutes after you post it, anywhere, with anyone

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Exactly!!! Someone asked why one of the leak photos had the clock grayed out. Think about it.

Posted via Android Central App

"I'll never understand why leakers leak these things bits and pieces at a time, and in poor quality."

You do realize leaks (assuming these are actual leaks) are bits of unofficial info made public by people who are not suppose to, don't you? As such, the leaker generally would only have access to the device for a limited time and possibly have to secretly take the video or pics without people (probably co-workers) noticing. If anything, the poor quality should make you think they're more likely legit. Of course, they still may have been intentionally made to look that way by the marketing people.

I'm going to second what NoNexus said. These are all controlled leaks, believe it or not. Google is purposefully trolling us, so we don't have a clue of what the final product will look like.

If there's no element of surprise, then, when the final product launches, we'll be disappointed, because we know everything.

Posted via Android Central App

A lot of them are controlled leaks, yes. The statue video of the guy with the N5 in one fshot, and other phones in other shots was no accident. I couldn't have been.

Some aren't. Stuff happens, like your kid taking an unreleased phone and snapping some pictures of it behind your back. I try not to post those kind, because it's too easy for someone innocent to lose their job over it. I don't wanna be part of that.

Hey, I don't blame you, brother. We appreciate the stories that you guys do publish. No sense in losing your job over hardware or software that will eventually be released to the public.

I actually appreciate the really vague leaks that are purposefully released. They spur way more discussion. Not to mention, they allow us to use our imaginations.

And to be honest, you guys don't even have to entertain or publish stories about the various leaks that you're exposed to. But, you do, and we appreciate that.

Keep up the great work!!

Posted via Android Central App

Because Google probably is the source and controls the leaks to drum up hype. Just like the whole "found it in a bar" thing. Like anyone leaves their phone sitting in a bar, unattended.

Kit-Kat is stupid, stupid name, IMHO. It opens the door to future product-branded OS offerings... Jolly Rancher? Moon Pie? Nerds? Ovaltine? Pez? Quinine (more G&T, but still a treat)? Rolo? Snickers? Toblerone? Unguent (a nice fruity one)? Velamint? Willy Wonka? Xanthan Gum? York Peppermint Patty? Zots?

Welcome to the business world. Glad to have you with us

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Hmm...and everytime you break out the Juicy Fruit, it says to you, "Chewing gum is really gross. Chewing gum I hate the most."

I'm not sure you made your point, so much as got us all salivating for tasty candy, and future versions of Android.

As long as it brings more recognition to Android updates as a whole, I don't mind. Everybody knows that what iOS 7 is, iPhone users or not. Ask the average consumer what version of Android they're running and what it's called, and you'll draw blanks. Not many ppl know or care. The branding adds value to it and awareness (that's the purpose at least).

Posted via Android Central App

Doesn't matter ask them what version of window they are on, they know. Brand recognition is worth it

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

As long as they fit the alphabetical naming scheme, yes. Nothing wrong with that. I doubt Google would let it get too crazy and stick to iconic brands.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

i really hope there is some kind of option for a dark theme. the black and blue has been my favorite part of android since ICS.

This. It's the one thing I miss when I had CM10.1.2. I had a dark theme, for all of the Google Apps, and it looked amazing.

Posted via Android Central App

I did for a long time too... it was nice. Then I just got tired of having to manually install for all those gapps updates.

90+% of the time I much prefer a dark background (with white text). In average indoor situations, where most people are most of time, it is easier on the eyes. On any kind of electronic screen with decent dynamic range, white is just too bright, making your pupils constrict then dilate when looking away from it. It in a very literal sense is like staring at a light bulb.

And then in car at night, or in bed, etc etc etc... white with black text is pure stupidity. Additional apps need to used just to dim that down to acceptable levels.

I get some people prefer white with black text (for those ambient lighting situations that it doesn't really matter). Cool Fine. But give an option... or even better... give an auto theme switch based on ambient light levels.

You can do this google, I know you can.

Yeah, the option to switch between the two would be great. I'm surprised, Google hasn't incorporated this into any or all of their apps already.

Posted via Android Central App

I love the dark theme on Android, mainly because it looks retro styled and it doesn't look looks iOS7, which looks like a holo theme gone wrong.

Posted via Android Central App

The grey text on white in Google Play is significantly more difficult to read than black text on white. This design change last year makes no sense to me. I complained to Google in feedback. As such, I now only visit Google Play when necessary rather than just to browse and discover.

Yeah, I know how you feel, brother. It can be bright and hard-on-the-eyes, especially, at night.

Posted via Android Central App

It would be nice to have a choice. That being said, I really like the design changes I'm seeing within Google's new updated apps with the holo light theme.

Posted via Android Central App

I really want to know if kitkat is going to support 64bit or not.But by the looks of things like the chipset used in Nexus 5 it seems like it doesn't.

This. Just like the all new lightning connector that's all digital! Just because Apple does something doesn't mean it actually matters.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, see, Android can already run on 64 bit chips. it's rare to see it, but it works.

Example, the

You'll have to Google it, apparently you can't post links here without it being blocked because links are spam? WTF.

It's hard enough to get developers on desktops to make applications optimized for 64-bit environments and pretty much close to impossible to find 64-bit exclusive ones despite having 64-bit capable CPUs and OS for 10 years, I don't see how this is relevant to mobile usage at all.

Apple is using it as a marketing gimmick, so don't fall for it.

To back this up I have about 100 apps on my 64 bit PC. 1 uses 64 bit, internet explorer, and I never used it . My android has replaced my laptop now though

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

It's a marketing gimick for Apple fanbois who don't have a clue. I'd rather we did not see it until there is some real tangle benefit (+4GB memory on a tablet or phone). I rather see time and effort put into real world benefits (multi-window, Chromecast direct integration, remote sharing and control).

Not it has real world uses. Granted they won't be realized until 2015 but there are uses

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Being based on Linux it already supports 64bit. All that needs updating is dalvik.

Posted via Android Central App

Apple may have it on hardware but the software is still 32bit so its useless.

Posted via Android Central App

Gimmicky as it may be right is the future and it's only a matter of time before Google will have to follow suit .

Posted via Android Central App

Here's to hoping the Nexus five will have a chocolate scratch and sniff surface as well as an unchangeable "break me off a piece of that kitkat bar" Jingle for -every- sound effect.

The jingle really doesn't do a lot for me.

My wife and I completely content with our Nexus 4s. As such we really don't plan to go to the Nexus 5. Although there would be one feature that'll get us to upgrade right away.

3D printing of little Kit-Kat bars directly out of the usb port! We'll be battling the internet rush for that feature, for sure.

How about have a chocolate scented back? In one of the leaks the back was brown so DIABEETUS

Posted via Android Central App

If this isn't fake it is an odd build. The red screen with "Android" on it is obviously a play on the KitKat candy bar packaging, but then reads "KEY LIME PIE". I knot I know, it officially isn't Key Lime Pie anymore, but this is just a strange contradiction,

I saw a KK logo with KLP along the bottom. I did READ (hence why I asked). #dumbfuck

Posted via Android Central App

Might want to reply to the actual thread your comment was in so they don't think you're swearing at Android Central.

I love Android but it sure seems like releases got really boring since the original release of Jelly Bean. Is this about when Rubin left? Chromecast is also moving slow as a snail. Pretty disappointing on both fronts.

Google - We need Multi-window on tablets!


Hey Google--time to shut up and take my money already.

How awesome would it be for KitKat to put out a Key Lime Pie flavored complete the utter confusion

Posted via Android Central App

All these leaks are old. I can't wait to see the meat and potatoes of kit kat :-)

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

You drinking today? You are being harsher than usual

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

A beer would be nice...
But no, BB's post was just funny. Who puts meat and potatoes into the chocolatey amazingness that is a KitKat?

A beer would be nice. Too bad, I ran out. Whiskey is the next best thing, I guess.

Posted via Android Central App

When you think about it, meat and potatoes with chocolate does sound weird, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

Doesn't it? Chocolate goes with almost everything, but meat and potatoes is an exception.
Bacon doesn't count as meat, it is the Stuff of Life.

Bacon, the one food I could never get tired of eating... With or without chocolate...

Posted via Android Central App


My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Umm... I am gonna sit in a corner and just be a fatty...

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Definitely like this look better than those leaks a while back that turned out to be fakes.

Those ones went waaaaay too flat and boring, not to mention that it showed a light theme, where I prefer dark themes.

That said, pic#8 hurts my eyes. It looks like a Win8 homescreen.

Android Central might have a tutorial on how to use the "Reply" button. Never thought I'd see someone who needed it though...

If you're going to insult someone, at least, have the decency to spell their username correctly, lol.

And, are you not seeing the reply button? Are you using the app or the browser? I know, the app sometimes prevents you from replying to certain posts, for some odd reason.

Posted via Android Central App

"Are you using the app or the browser?"
I'm just gonna snicker to myself quietly while you look at me quizzically.

I'd like a screenshot of it actually called kit-kat. So far that just seems to be a marketing thing.

Exactly...It may only be for marketing purposes. Unless you're one of a handful of people at Google "in the know", nobody knows what Google is doing.

Does it matter? It is a 4.4 release. Nothing huge, just better than the last

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

All releases since GB/HC to ICS have been a .something release. I think they just realized they were going to run out of legit numbers before the got to "Z" at the rate they were going. I'd rather have Android 9.0 when they get to "Z" than Android Version 26.7.12, but does it really matter? Fuck no...only to a few

Yeah. Also, the dot upgrades are less intimidating than full number upgrades. The carriers/OEMs couldn't keep up. However, since Google slowed down, the upgrade situation is a great deal better than in the past.

And, with Google turning all of their core services into apps, there's no real need, at the moment, to drastically change anything.

Posted via Android Central App

Agree completely on the services becoming apps...And like it, too.

Agree also on the numbers. Numbers are just numbers. They could do a full redesign of the OS if they wanted to, and merely number it if they wanted to. I don't understand how people correlate how legit an update is based off of the number Google gives it.

Yes, IU would love to take this part out of the developers hands. Veyr few developers actually took the time to hide the nav bar and when it was hidden all they did was make the icons little while dots but the bar was still present. I wouldn't mind the onscreen nav bar as much if we can control when it is present in apps.

Should we care? I like having the current version. Is this not a bit fanboyish?.....don't flame me for saying that :-) let's not turn into isheepgoogles. My nexus 4 runs like a dream. So I'm very happy with what I have got. I feel sorry for the guys that have Samsung's HTC's and so on. They have to wait for a while to get the updates or spend the time busting the warranty's on there nice handsets to get it. Its not even going to be android v5. So its a marketing update for Jellybean. Or did I miss something?

Posted via Android Central App

Being not a programmer and not having sen a full list of what's new for 4.4, it's hard to say whether it is or isn't a marketing update. Myself, I want the N5 because I broke my N4 and I'd rather get a new device than a new old device.

Fair enough for a new phone. But we seem to be getting over excited about what could or could not be in the next update. Sounds a bit iOS to me. :-)

Posted via Android Central App

I don't fault anyone for getting excited about an OS update, especially if you don't know what will be in it. It's like a christmas gift with the wrapping still on.
Now, if the OS update is bugfixes and "OMG 64BIT!!!1!" and a bunch of new icons with no real added functionality, then yeah, that's silly. 4.3 was a yawner in my opinion. But we don't know yet what 4.4 will be, and that is exciting.

I thought 4.3 was a pretty decent update. It brought better multiuser support, better memory management, and a few other performance updates and bug fixes.

Posted via Android Central App

4.3 was a big deal imho.

LE-Bluetooth is big in my book, as well as the Google Play Services thing.

Ask a 2012 Nexus7 owner about 4.3 - I bet most will say it made their device brand new again, because the OS can now clean up free memory space in a better way than before.

Funny thing in these pics though is they changed the graphic to look like a Kit-Kat so whatever build this is taken from it would have been after the Kit-Kat announcement. Not sure why they wouldn't then change the name at this point. I am still not believing anything until Google Google actually shows it. I am really hoping there is more going on to this update then just a few graphic changes.

"The only people who know anything for sure about the next version of Android are the ones who aren't saying anything."

So Jerry... Since we haven't heard from Phil Nickinson on this topic, would it be safe to assume that he has one in his pocket right now?

I think it's funny that this post has turned into a KK/KLP battleground. Does it really matter what the INTERNAL CODENAME Google gives to the next version of Android is as long as it's the next version? I'm sitting here (along with many others) wondering about new design cues and features while you squabble over dessert names like children. It looks like an Android/iOS site in here.

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I'd say half the comments should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

Posted via Android Central App

Kitkat will be disappointing. Idk why but i am getting this feeling! Once again they will cover up this shitty update by backing it with so called *under the hood updates*
I want some drastic changes! 4.3 was disappointing and so will be 4.4
Sundar pichai (n)

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Cmon Google! Please announce the darn OS and phone!!!! It is the 15th!

Posted from the Google Nexus 7 2012 via Android Central App