Hotmail for Android

Microsoft has released its official Hotmail app for Android, available now (finally!) in the Android Market. For the Hotmail faithful, the native Android experience has been far from perfect, so an optimized app is welcome and overdue news. You'll get push email, synced contacts and calendar, folder support, and even the ability to sync multiple Hotmail accounts. Grab the app for free after the break.

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hmmm says:

Awesome! Though the link isn't working for me.

Gekko says:

Hotmail? what year is this? 2001?

People still use Hotmail for something other than a spam dumpster?

mbentley3 says:

i didnt think so either, but to each his/her own.

jdunn says:

I use Gmail and Hotmail, and find that Hotmail is actually way better at filtering spam, and is actually nicer to look at. Plus the integration with Skydrive is top notch.

coolbreeze says:

I guess Microsoft finally has made enough money from Android they can release a hotmail app.

ho0lee0h says:

Hotmail has probably been updated quite a bit since you last used it. I have a hotmail and gmail account and have to say that hotmail comes quite close to gmail quality, especially with skydrive and office features.

dude6595 says:

What's hotmail? Lol jk

apinkel says:

I'm glad they released an app... the android email client is not reliable for me at syncing on imap and exchange accounts (the gmail app works great however).

Yeah, hotmail is pretty darn good these days and skydrive integration is nice. I'm still a gmail guy but MS has me looking. I hope they can pull all their web services together and integrate them cleanly with windows 8.

vansmack says:

Exchange setup to has been just fine for me. Don't think I'll want to give up my combined inbox for another app, but it's worth a look I suppose.

galfert says:

I agree. That's is how I use Hotmail.

Mike from the Hotmail team here. We definitely encourage users to access Hotmail via the native mail client (and put up instructions on our site: But set-up can be difficult depending on the device / OS version and HTML doesn't render properly on a lot of devices.

xarophti says:

I don't have much of a problem with the native email client. The only problem I had was an Android one. I had to turn off notifications, because after a re-initialization of the phone, even very old emails were being re-flagged as new and I was receiving new mail notifications constantly when there wasn't actually new mail. Now I just manually check when I want to. Yes, folks, I still use MSN mail.

galfert says:

I changed my mind. I'm now using the Hotmail app. It is the only way I found to get both HTML emails to display and to have Push Exchange ActiveSync. With the native email client you can't have both. So the Hotmail app wins for me.
Cons: No ability to tag SPAM like in Gmail, No ability to flag or star messages.

offline999 says:

I've been using that setup for awhile too. The functionality that this new app has (that I have been sorely missing) is the ability to check off multiple messages and delete them all at once. Having to do them one at a time in the native Android app has been tedious.

ghost010 says:

i had hotmail sins i was 8 years old.
and sins never ever had let me down for any thing.

it was always reliable.
and the spam filter is way better than gmail.

its due to android and youtube,that i had to make an gmail account.

mbentley3 says:

so your a sinner?

tronthedon says:

Ah, the irony...

(hint: you're)

flacoff says:

cool, can't wait for the AOL app next.

galfert says:

FAIL: It doesn't let you flag Spam like Gmail can.

xarophti says:

um, that's what the junk mail button is for.

galfert says:

I'm not seeing a "junk" mail button in the Hotmail app.

nathy321 says:

Is there a way to sync messages older than a month?

You can only sync back one month. But we've definitely heard the feedback from people who want to be able to sync further back.

joebogey says:

Well, I was happy to finally see a Hotmail app since I have a DINC with the native email app (didn't really like k9), and have dealt with having to delete email from my phone and web separately. Finally, but only 30 days? You can sync all of your folders, except I use my folders to organize emails I want to keep, so they're mostly empty now since most are older than 30 days. This app will be taken off my phone until that limit is removed.

Cyrilmak says:

That's how it is with the native Gmail client on Android as well. Farthest you can sync in 30 says.

YaY! Finally!

likwidsoul says:

Won't let me log in :'(

bjmilla04 says:

Love the ability to lock the app and you have to put a passcode in every time to access it...i always have nosey people that want to play with my SGSIIE4GT and then browse through my apps....i have some wild emails and im glad i dont have to worry about people easily accessing them!! plus 1 for Microsoft!!

shahid99 says:

Where's the official windows live messenger app??

scottbeamer says:

People still use Hotmail? Strange......

Cyrilmak says:

My hotmail account is nearly 10 years old. And it's every bit if not better than Gmail. Every since they updated it and integrated it with the Live service.

scottbeamer says:

I have a Hotmail account. I find it vastly inferior to Gmail. I'm surprised anyone reading this now would use it.

8balls1970 says:

It's about damn time! I've had Hotmail for years before getting Gmail & Yahoo mail accounts. Love the functionality of this app & it looks great. I was using the stock version on my Dinc 2 for a while & it just stopped working. Thank you Microsoft.

scottbeamer says:

I've had a Hotmail account before Hotmail was a Microsoft product. I've had several since. And Hotmail has never (now or in the past) been anywhere nearly as good as Gmail.