You guys keep asking, and here's the official answer: Android 2.2 -- Froyo -- is trickling out in the SDK now, but it's going to be a few weeks before we see it on phones en masse. That doesn't mean we won't see it anywhere, just that you don't need to be checking for updates (and e-mailing us) every day, m'kay? [Twitter]


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No Froyo just yet, Google says


Fudge you Google. Give it to us NOW! I'll take buggy FroYo over yesterday's Eclair any day!

Okay just hurry up.

Dear Google,

I'm craving FrozenYogurt and the only flavor to satisfy is 2.2. I look forward to this very much so on my Nexus One.

Thank You <3

well i guess this answers my question about the nexus one update talked about on phonescoop. no worries,whats a few more weeks. its months ahead of the curve anyways

Whats funny is that this is talking about OEM and open source, this says nothing about the google owned and run Nexus One, as it doesn't fall into OEM or open source. So Google could possible push the update OTA at any moment.

Everyone is asking about OEM phones IE, HTC, Moto, Sony.... Google Nexus one is not an OEM phone, so what is Google saying about the Nexus One? Anyone at Google IO please ask specifically about that phone :-) j/k about that last part.

I cannot believe they are jerking us around this way

they could have announced long ago that froyo would not be released at i/O yet they let us think it might...and on top of that they just leave us hanging with no release announcement at all

last time I get excited about a Google event

I wonder, could this be a carrier related issue?

The Nexus One is carrier independent, with the tethering capability and no easy way for a GSM carrier to prevent it, I can see some of their partners (read carriers) not being too happy about the loss of revenue.

I think that Google realized that they need their partners more than their partners need them and are trying to make nice (after going it alone) with their partners, by closing the web-store and no longer trying to circumvent them.

Much to my displeasure, the Google Phone store and the DTC model are going away, I liked being able to stick it to the man(in this the my mobile phone carrier), but with this potential realization, it could explain the FroYo delay.


I have reason to believe that Froyo will launch on June 4th to coincide with the launch of the HTC Evo 4G and EA's Need for Speed Shift. Need for Speed was built with SD storage in mind as demonstrated on stage and the Evo has an early version of WiFi hot spot sharing taken from 2.2 already in the device powering that service.

The Evo 4G and Nexus One will both get the update on June 4th. The Evo will either have the update in the box or be offered an OTA update as soon as you connect it.

Once the Evo 4G is out, updated and issue free HTC will move onto the Incredible, Desire and Triumph. The Triumph (was said to be a re-branded Desire, but after seeing it at Google IO it looks more like an Incredible) is scheduled to arrive in Canada via Telus in July or August. I suspect that HTC will have the 2.2 update for these devices by the time the Triumph launches.

You heard it here first folks.