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A whole bunch of good changes, and one bad one.

Just as the NFL preseason kicks off, the NFL Mobile app for Android has received a serious facelift and also an unexpected issue for rooted users. On the design front the app looks and seems to perform much better than previous iterations, which is a big deal for the hardcore fans out there. The app now also offers even more video content including game highlights right from the app.

The last item in the changelog is puzzling to us however: "NFL Mobile not supported on rooted devices." Now we can't say that we're surprised a content producer is "afraid" of rooted devices, but it's hard to be okay with a blanket blocking of root users. Just because a phone is rooted doesn't mean that its owner is trying to do anything wrong or illegal with your content — and while it may be a small market in the scheme of things it's still a group of customers that shouldn't be blocked.

In the end its your choice whether or not to support the NFL, and by the looks of some of the recent comments on the app after its update many people are choosing not to. Grab a download of the update and check it out for yourself at the Play Store link above.

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bworley50 says:

Can't you just disable superuser then try it?

pattavino says:

Bull poopie

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ubermanx says:

No problem. I'll just watch CFL games instead.

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Distrack says:

anything but the CFL

wolfkeeper says:

The NFL is the new CFL.

benhmadison says:

I installed it last night to check on the Cowboys game and it wouldn't work because I was rooted. No problem I can check scores other ways. Pretty sure I'm picking titanium backup, root call blocker and several others over the NFL app.

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mwara244 says:

I don't get it, there are file manager apps that can go into apps too. I have used file manager apps to take copies of photos from apps before, why don't they block people who use file managers too. I call shenanigans, I'm getting real sick of all the greed in corporations and their terrible ethics.

moosc says:

What about cm10 users

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wxrusss8 says:

If your running CM10, your rooted.

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NFL Mobile app or Root access? Of the 20K+ reviewed for the app, 25% of them gave it a 1 or 2 star rating. The Android Community has spoken.

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trwrt says:

The post right below yours shows why that stat doesn't mean anything.

GnosticYoyo says:

I'm not even a football fan, but I tired it out just so I can speak out in a review.

Johnny Z says:

Me too lol

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bygbyron3 says:

Thanks guys.

Lmao. I was just thinking i bet the number of rooted users who even like football is probably pretty low lol. Thats what i pay outta my ears for hi def and a big screen.

bygbyron3 says:

I pay a decent amount for NFL channels and NFL game coverage, I buy every Madden, I participate in fantasy leagues and the NFL receives a good chunk of change from me every year. The fact that the NFL won't let me use their app on my phone is enough for me to forget a lot of the money I would've spent on NFL products this year. I'm very disappointed in the NFL and hope they turnaround this decision or at least allow rooted devices to use the app with limited function, I could care less about the annoying replays that they don't want copied on rooted devices.


This shouldn't be surprising, to anyone. More and more companies are "afraid" of rooting and attribute pirated content to rooted devices. It's kinda silly, considering that a device doesn't have to be rooted, to pirate content any kind of content.

As if we needed another reason not to use the app. (you know, besides the Verizon exclusive)

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Raider Duck says:

Actually, the non-Verizon versions of the app have the same problem.

jwyche007 says:

I'm 100% Verizon has something to do with this

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My first thought exactly

Sent from my DROID Bionic

mitchlopez says:


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x2kjosh says:

I can't even install it

This is surprising? I'd like to point out that you can hardly mention the name of their biggest sporting event in an even vaguely commercial setting without having to worry about hearing from their lawyers.

BillJude56 says:

Maybe the NFL should consider using something other than the Wonderlic test when hiring IT personnel.


Just opened it on my rooted DNA running NOS and worked just fine, first time opening it on my DNA since I got it a few months ago. Don't pay the $5 for the monthly service but I was in running it.

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closers7 says:

Mine was the 2639th 1 star rating. Does anyone know how many 1 star ratings there were prior to this fiasco? Investigative journalism AC boys! Lets see it!

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serpico says:

I started reading the complaints over on google+ the other day. It's just the way things are headed especially with drm in 4.3 to satisfy copyright holders. Unfortunately for us it may mean no rooted phones if you care about these type of apps.

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Do you think this will ever be Chromecast ready? It would be sweet to get SNF, MNF, & TNF up on my TV!! Sorry Rooted folks. NFL is obviously uneducated about rooting..

Seeing how HDMI out had been treated in the past, my guess is no

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arjunamin says:

So who's got a modded apk that bypasses the root check?

Raider Duck says:

I just posted a request on XDA Developers.

midimench says:

I had a similar problem when I try to access Time Warner sports. The way around it was to alter the, and remove the test-keys line. I use the build properties utility to accomplish that. See if that helps. I'm using CM 10.1.2 ROM.

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J2B2 says:

They make enough money not to care about an app.

JRKegley says:

I hate this new design, on top of the blocking of root users. I'm not one to hate change just because it's different, but I find the new design so much uglier. I like the clean, even, boxed look before.

Now it's got a giant box up top with some of the old design in the middle with some 2x2 WP8 style squares underneath. It just doesn't flow.

The new scrolling article list that takes up space while reading an article drives me nuts. Alright... Rant over. Lol

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wyldemf says:

There's plenty of other apps out there ready to provide root users with football scores.

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jec11718 says:

Yay! I like my rooted DNA better without the Verizon NFL bloat anyway.

sent from my Nos M7 DNA

abdon_junbug says:

I paid to use the app last year. I'm happy to pay for the content this year. They won't allow me to because my device is rooted! I will not stand for this root-a-phobia!

bergeronjc says:

Google Play Movies does the same thing or at least they used to, I decided never to use them after I spent $5.00 on a movie I couldn't play because of my rooted device.

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Mikeric says:

Hopefully everyone with a rooted device leaves them a 1 star review

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BobR1908 says:

The NFL is trying to create a more global footprint most notably playing games in Canada and Europe yet the app is only available in the United States.

This app is a joke lol.

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noszero says:

We spoke out loud and clear and got Microsoft to stop their BS with the Xbox One so we can do it here too. Nobody thought the arrogant MS would pull a 180 but they did. This is the same but it will take a lot. NFL is so huge they don't care about a free app prolly but if we could get GOOGLE to step up and help...maybe? I know a console launch and a free app are worlds apart but what I mean is if the big company is worried about lost money from pissed customers they WILL listen.

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bworley50 says:

Disabling superuser works

Synycalwon says:

Had to do the same thing with SuperSU last year to get the Sunday Ticket app to work (otherwise it crashed trying to watch video).

To disable it, launch it (from your app drawer), under settings uncheck "Enable SuperUser" effectively disabling/hiding it. After you're done (with whatever app wasn't working right with it enabled), go back in and re-check it to re-enable.

Who needs this app anyway. Use Scoremobile or visit the league's webpage in the browser. Why are they so scared of a rooted device anyway?

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Cubfan says:

Simple solution. Use Chainfire's SuperSU. After installing and updating Superuser, use Root Explorer to delete Superuser.apk from /system/app and delete busybox from system/xbin. Reboot. You keep root and the app works fine.

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fechhelm says:

Does it work on jailbroken iPhones? Is Apple getting the same treatment?

Gearu says:

Disgraceful. NFL's internet licence should be revoked for misuse.

balthuszar says:

i'll just say, the nfl mobile app is a verizon product...and you're surprised it won't work on rooted phones?

balthuszar says:

although, i am on a rooted droid razr hd running cm10.2 and i can use the nfl mobile app

balthuszar says:

the original version, not this new upgraded version...when i installed it out of "my apps" in the playstore, it installed both versions for some reason

Ry says:

As someone who's been on the other side of the content game, I have absolutely no issues with companies that block their apps and games from rooted users.