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Now you see it, now you don't

Google realizes that Glass Explorers come in all shapes and sizes — even the shape and size of an iPhone user. Today they have released the My Glass companion application for Google Glass to Apple's appstore, at least for a little while. 

The application is very much like the Android version (we got it installed while it was available) and allows you to setup your Glass, manage data networks and applications, and add or remove contacts. The app was of course, free — as any app to manage a $1500 item should be.

There's some speculation about why it was pulled, and we think we have a clue. The screenshots in the Appstore show the XE12 firmware installed, and on the current version (XE11) the application will not actually connect to Glass. We think users are going to need the latest monthly update for Glass before they can use the app. Hopefully, we get that update soon and can know for sure.

All we can do now is wait. Here's the link where the app should be when it reappears, and a couple screenshots are after the break.

My Glass  My Glass

Appstore screenshot on the left showing XE12, my iPhone on the right showing XE11

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How are you guys always in the right place at the right time?

Approximately, how long was the app available for iOS users, before being pulled?

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1. Magic and a network of spies :P

2. About 15 minutes


Haha, thanks Jerry.

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Junior chuxx says:

This is what they do, big ups android central!!

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Spot on!!

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Zig261 says:

Does that mean we finally get to use the Glass navigation features on iOS that iPhone users with Glass couldn't enjoy prior?

Yes :)

saltyzip says:

I thought I was reading articles on Android Central, oh I am. Therefore can the moderator move this article to a different forum, preferably just delete it?

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You're reading an article about a product (Google Glass) that runs Android 4.0.4. 

squiddy20 says:

I didn't realize this was a forum. -__-

s2weden2000 says:

nice one faPple...

mwara244 says:

If this was available on ios it would hit mainstream very fast and get way more media attention than what it has received so far. I have only seen cnn report about this twice in the past year and a half.

It really sucks that android is in use with 80% of the world and the mainstream media still only reports on apple products, when android is so far ahead of the game. No matter how innovative something is it gets no notoriety unless associated with crapple for some reason.