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Forget Tegra 4 and its its 72 GPUs. Forget NVIDIA's Project Shield handheld gaming console. Hell, forget Sony's beautiful 4K televisions and its also-impressive new Xperia Z smarpthone. No, this is what everyone's buzzing about here at CES in beautiful Las Vegas, where dreams are made, fortunes are won and lost.

The Android oven.

Yes. It's an oven. That you cook food in. And it's running Android. Not for the heat, mind you. That's silly. It's a relatively normal (if stylish) convection oven, just like mom uses to make your banana bread. (I've had your mom's banana bread, and it's great.) Only, yeah. This one's got an Android brain inside it that, well, runs Android. It'll run Android apps, yeah, but the real purpose for all this is that it'll walk you through the cooking process, and send you alerts when it's time to baste the turkey. That's pretty much what connected devices have done for the past year, but this one's making all the noise this week here in Vegas. So there.

We've got some video after the break for you Android-oven-loving fans out there. Namaste.


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Mitts on with the almighty Android oven


I see facebook postings coming from ovens in the future. Now they just need an oven safe camera and pre-cooked food will be all over instagram.

It would be swell if it had an inside camera to check on the meal, and so you can post the finished product on Instagram. I also hope the oven doesn't make me register to Facebook or Openfeint to be able to use it.

Darn it, Apple is saying that this is a rip off of the iOven which even thou it doesn't steal the "look", it does steal the "feel" of the inside.

This needs a built in probe thermometer that gives the internal temp of your food and it would be awesome.

And a camera so you can watch your rack of lamb burn to a crisp.

Maybe a smoke detector so you know when diner is ready.

I would definitely over this to my wife. I wonder what key combination to access the recovery or download mode, lol.

It's an interesting idea, if it's useful.

A stove that monitors temperature, is remote-controllable (start the roast before you get home!) and monitorable (tells you when your roast reaches a safe internal temp), has a camera, etc. All that would be useful. It needn't even have a screen---heck, it shouldn't, since you have a phone or tablet already and simple knobs work best when you're right at the stove.

The Android fridge is stupid: it's a tablet in the door that doesn't help in any way. It doesn't tell you the internal temp, or if you're missing anything to make a meal. It could have had NFC or RFID tags so you could inventory it. It's just a redundant screen.

Appliancemakers should take their queues from, eg, NEST thermostats and try to think of the questions people are actually asking, rather than just trying to cram a screen in for value-add purposes.

OK... I am a geek but...

I have a pair of DACOR ovens and that function has been around for decades. My ovens are all electronic and I can start and stop them programatically - and they are year 2000 models. Where the idea falls short is simply from a food safety stand-point. It does not matter whether it's an ad-hoc request to start Pure Convection at 350 degrees NOW or programed before you leave for work... keeping a seasoned chicken in your oven for 7 hours is just a bad idea.

As for all the fancy schmancy stuff that can be linked to your phone, etc... well, the damned ovens work and work quite well. So, why should you care that your 350 degrees is actually 347 or 353 displayed on your phone? What are you going to do about it? Even if you could tweak it, all the other things like ambient temperature, altitude, and other food science concerns cannot be controlled. And with the internal probes that have been around in the DACOR line for years, your oven will turn off when the probe in the thigh of your turkey reaches your desired doneness... No APP necessary.

This is getting to the point of being silly. Now if DACOR wants to do something about the price-point of their parts, that's something I can get on-board with.

not interested in an android oven. I would like a connected refrigerator though. being able to have it tell me I need milk and ketchup makes that feature alone worthwhile. although if my kids would be able to keep me informed when things run low, that would save me a couple grand, lol.

I cant imagine a system that would work well without taking more effort than simply checking to see if you need milk or ketchup.

i need this in my life!!!! tells you how to cook. Would be awesome if you could download more cooking techniques so it never got old...

If only it could clean itself

If you think waiting on a Carrier for an Update is painful...

I can see the forum posts now...
"Damn you Dacor!!! I want Lollipop NOW!!!"
"No LTE Oven!!!... FAIL!"
"Hi, I'm new to Android. Does anyone know if Double Twist will sync my Oven to my Fridge?"
"This Android Fridge won't properly sync my Outlook contacts... Total Fail!"

Still - I was just thinking that my 15 year old oven is not holding temp like it used to...