Google TV update

Word on the street (and in the Android Central Forums) is that the Logitech Revue is in the midst of another update to Google TV. Sounds like nothing too major as far as the UI is concerned, but the build is dated Dec. 15, if that's any indication. If you see something different, be sure to sound off in the source link. [Android Central Forums] Submitted via the Android Central app

Update: It's for security fixes.

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Cloudscout says:

Here's something interesting... there's no way to get any information on the Logitech Revue from Logitech's homepage.

If you do a Google search, you can get to the product page on Logitech's site but it seems like they've removed any mention of it anywhere else.

On the product page, the "Products" menu at the top of the screen shows a "Smart TV" category which is where you find the Revue... except on the main Logitech page, the "Smart TV" category is absent from the Products menu.


jonv04 says:

briankurtz79 says:

Dude I see the commercial everyday.

Hasn't hit mine yet. My theory is that the next big update will bring Honeycomb to it. Seeing has how that OS is geared towards media consumption. Just a thought. Then there will be a big media push. Keep on keeping on.

jediman says:

q for users of the does it stack up against say an htpc as an alternative?

myalover says:

Nothing can beat a good HTPC. But GTV certainly improves regular TV watching.

Much easier to use than HTPC. With the Revue the multi function remote is awesome. Browser can be a bit slow. But as far as finding out what is on TV at the moment, nothing beats it. Beats having my laptop in my lap as I watch TV. Biggest thing for me is that you don't have to change inputs to the TV.