Liveblog starts at 6 p.m. EDT / 3 p.m. PDT


You've seen our Samsung Continuum initial preview and video hands-on, and now it's time for the official stuff. We're in New York City for Sammy's official event, scheduled to begin around 6 p.m. or so. Join us for all the live coverage after the break.


Reader comments

Live from Samsung's Continuum event


I can't believe they had an event for just this phone. We've known exactly what they would be releasing for weeks now. Not to mention the ticker isn't that amazing.

wow! an event specifically for the continuum! wat's next? an event for the continuum stand? or wireless headset?

how disappointing!

ugly phone duel screen ticker thing ill pass my next phone will have to have a duel core processor not screen and a 4.3in screen

I think this was pure genius on Samsung's part. Yes it makes things difficult for the Tech and Android sites on the Web (Hi Dieter! lol),
and it makes everyone scratch their head and say "Why?", but if Steve can do it, so can Samsung.

Look around and you'll see just as many tech savvy users complain about Apple events as you see complain about any other company. But it works, because if it didn't, Steve wouldn't waste time doing it.

Samsung will keep doing it, people will say it's probably something ridiculous, fanboys on all sides will argue, but all eyes will watch.