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Sundar Pichai just showed us an absolutely awesome picture. A giant, chocolaty, delicious Kit Kat bar Android statue has joined the rest of the bunch on the lawn at Google HQ in Mountain View.

Does this mean what we think it means? Apparently it does, as it has been announced that Android Kit Kat is the next name for Android. We've got a live page already, and the folks who make the candy bars are getting in on the action and offering Android limited-edition versions that may contain coupons for a Nexus 7 or Google Play credit. Major props for pulling off the licensing on this one, Google.  (Update: Turns out no money changed hands in this deal, it's just mutual goodwill. Kit Kat's already got the Android branding out in force.)

Now who's ready for Android 4.4 KitKat?

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Kit Kat statue joins the crew at Google HQ


Well, looks like Hershey and Nestle is getting HUGE advertisement for KitKat. I wonder what this will do to Hershey and Nestle's stock. And I would also like to see if Android/Google and Nestle/Hershey will be having promotions or product placements in eachother's advertisements.

I believe this is the very first time a name brand type of dessert/confection is being used for an Android code name or any software for that matter. I also wonder who was on the paying end of this deal; if I had to guess, I would say it was Nestle/Hershey who paid for the name placement. Millions and millions of electronics running a software version named after your (completely unrelated) product (from a completely different industry).

Gold, pure gold...

That's awesome!

Hershey distributes KitKat here in the US so I wonder if we'll be seeing the same type of promotional wrapper.

For something like 3 or 4 years (or longer, until 4.4 goes end-of-life) hundreds of millions of android owners, tech bloggers, and salespeople will be using the word Kit Kat constantly in conversation. Android is in my opinion the most prolific tech device being used right now worldwide, as far as pure availability. I mean, a potential of hundreds of millions on consumers? You literally cannot buy marketing like that.

Agreed. Key lime pie was so bad it could have hurt the brand. Even Kandy Kane would have been better.

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+1 The problem with Key Lime Pie for me was it felt too much like it was their only option and a not very good one.

Maybe some Android edition KitKat bars will be released to celebrate? I know I'd buy some of those.

No I mean the unloved hot girl wearing a pony tail and glasses version of the candy that comes in that Hershey's assorted bag


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the JB statue went up a day before 4.1 was announced
ICS statue went up oct 13th, 4.0 released the 19th
GB statue went up Oct 22nd, 2.3 hit Dec 6th.

so it seems there isn't a correlation like we hope. but i think this means its closer than we think

Further to this, we also just witnessed an inventory purge of the N4. Still early, I think, but we're getting closer.

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(flagg902 said: Still early, I think, but we're getting closer)

I'd hope so, if we were getting further I'd be very concerned. :)

wow, didn't see this coming. i wasn't so sure on the KeyLimePie name, but KitKat? awesome job of keeping this so quiet.

so no restocking the N4, Price drop on the N4.....i have a feeling the new android version is closer than we think. i was thinking we were still a month and a half out....but not so sure any more.....hmmmm

It's more likely a fat cross marketing campaign. Putting Android on candy wrappers is going get Android more attention, and Google sponsoring a contest tied to the wrappers gives Hersheys some extra curb appeal at checkout too.

more like marketing agreement where both party benefits. I am taking a guess that Kit kat approached Google for the naming

Well, surely there are restrictions on how Google can use the name. Whether they had to pay for the name or now, hmmm... interesting question. I mean, maybe Google was able to show how much the 'ad revenue' would be worth off the deal, and that was enough.
But, lawyers being lawyers, surely there's a license involved.

In terms of the significance of the upgrade, it likely won't matter. Look at how big an improvement JB was over ICS, and it only went from 4.0 to 4.1.

So KLP was never the official name of the new OS, just what fans were guessing at? I hope Google doesn't get themselves sued by Nestle or Hershey.

IO was in may and this deal was made in February (source:BBC). At IO there were many hints to KLP, meaning they tried to trick us into this. That or the android department thought it was April 1st

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kitkat with Android logo give you a chance to win nexus 7 or Google play gift. so i am sure there is a deal.

Wow I wonder how much Kit Kat paid for this... Everything to this point has been a generic name for a candy...

Yup, and the worst part is it works. I now want a kit kat... Chunky... Peanut butter...

Having said that, I ALWAYS want a kit kat chunky peanut butter so maybe it's not the ad.

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Wow, that's surprising. But, if it's a joint venture, then it's not too surprising, seeing as both companies get exposure and benefit from each other's popularity.

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When I left work, I stopped by Foodlion and one of the things I purchased was a Kit Kat. I have not had a Kit Kat since last Halloween.

As I was eating it after dinner, I was hoping that Android 4.4 will be just as sweet on my Nexus 7. I also have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I don't see ever have Android 4.4 on this device.

I need to go back to my job's cafeteria and get a kit Kat bar to celebrate.

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The pie is a lie...

Bet those special edition kit kat bars are us only, grumble grumble I want to eat the statue.

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"To promote the alliance, Nestle now plans to deliver more than 50 million chocolate bars featuring the Android mascot to shops in 19 markets, including the UK, US, Brazil, India, Japan and Russia."

what are the chances itll be done by moto?

not a problem though, i could always sell the X and get the N5 if its announced.

That's a fake account, no official notice yet

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agreed. my strategy is to buy every other Nexus phone. i bought the G-Nex, skipped the Nexus 4, so i am due for the Nexus 5!

I'll be doing the same but since I got the n4 this year I'll be getting the n7 then 9 if they get that far

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1. i'm very surprised at the commercial tie in with Nestle. i wonder what the licensing deal is? who pays who?
2. i'm surprised it's 4.4 and not 5.0.
3. i avoid all chocolate and refined sugars but damn that statue looks good enough to eat!

1. My guess would be no cash changed hands, just cross promotional.
2. I'm not. 5.0 would indicate a very significant change to the OS, and there hasn't been anything to indicate this will be a significant update.
3. I just cut out refined foods and it's seriously distracting.

Read. It's 4.4 and no money changed hands. How hard is it to read the article and links before posting?

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To be fair, the article has been edited and updated a couple times. The original article made no reference to money (or lack thereof) changing hands.

The link about no money changing hands was added as an update. People asking about $$$ probably posted before the update.

this is awesome advertising for kit kat and google...what a great marketing strategy. lets hope it doesnt leave a bad taste in anyones mouth...maybe google intentionally didnt want to do KLP so that they can use Lemon Meringue next year

Holy Schnickeys!!! That came out of nowhere. Anyone remember the "confirmation" that it was Key Lime Pie based on the Android evolution drawing?

Android Central is losing its grip. This story slipped right by you guys. Google kicked you right in the cookies..

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(Which is what we've been replying to all the posts "sure" it was going to be Key lime Pie across social media for the last month or two).

We can't and don't post everything (we have reasons), but it's rare when something just slips by us :)

Before you get too excited..... This version is only for smart watches like Honeycomb was only for tablets.

I am curious where you read/heard that. I side with The Verge that this version will be unifying across smart watches, gaming consoles, smartphones, etc. That's where Google wants to head. By the way, Honeycomb was a flop and Google knows that. Unless 5.0 is not too far off in the future...That's the only way I see your assertion being plausible.

What are you talking about? Honeycomb wasn't a flop; it was a tablet-only stop-gap measure to get something on tablets ASAP while they finished ICS to have a unified phone/tablet OS.

Also, Honeycomb was only around for 8 months in 2011 and the source was never released precisely because they didn't want ROMs getting crammed onto phones with a unoptimized OS.

Android has been unified since 4.0 and that was two years ago. You clearly know nothing about Android and its history. If only there was some sort of search engine website where you could find information. Someone should invent that.

my co-workers who are Indian-Americans are offended...

they say the color of the Kit Kat statue symbolizes all the
low-wage Indian engineers that Google hire to replace
American workers. (yes, even Indian-Americans are offended)

Some people just need to stay away from the Internet.

Neither her nor her coworkers get any sympathy from me.

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I am offended those same Indians get shoehorned into colleges just because of their race even though I may have better qualifications.

Yes, Christians everywhere are offended as well because of the brown chocolate of the candy bar is similar to the brown chocolate of easter candy which everyone knows represents the cross that Jesus was nailed to.

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Kit Kat.... 4.4.... interesting news from Google today

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The business graduate in me says "Marketing Genius"

This is awesome! I just want to know what new features will be in it.

Key lime pie (or any other pie) would never work. It would be too easy to keep showing "pie" charts graphing the fragmentation (which is only a problem in the eyes of journalists and iSheep) of android.

Some one should check if the dates of Nexus price drops correlate to the release dates of new Nexus devices (not sure if there is a big enough sample size).

No it hasn't. Someone wrote the dates of the android statue and the announcement/release of the new version of android.

Google is not going to let apple steal the show on its upcoming product releases and os7 relrase. I'll just bet Google is planning on something for this around Apple's releases, but I could be completely wrong...

Whatever the case i am curious about what kitkat will bring in new features.

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I'm thinking the same thing. Google likely has a pretty good idea what's in iOS 7 and has included that and more in KitKat. They'll drop it a day or two before iOS 7 and make the iOS announcement seem pale in comparison.

At least that's what I'd do.

But note that most of iOS 7's "new" features are borrowed straight from Android, webOS, and the like. If more KitKat details are announced around September 10, I'm hoping it drops iOS to its knees.

You know I love Kit Kat! Smoked everybody! Way to go Google! Let that be a lesson to ALL the bloggers out there. LOL, LOL, LOL.

I'm beginning to mash my Nexus 7 (2013) update to new software button!

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Oh crap, does that mean that if LG makes the next nexus, it will be called the LG Chocolate? Kidding.

Me too, I had that phone for about 4 years, as it was my first phone. It sucked, but it did its job. :-)

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Good! Key Lime Pie was about as stupid a name as they could have come up with. And boy does this open up the naming possibilities going forward.

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Because Kit Kat just sounds so much better? People who don't understand the naming conventions at all think naming the O/S after a dessert at all is just stupid. Me? I couldn't give a fuck less about it.

Wow. Android 4.4., not Android 5.0 though. I hope the changes coming are bigger than a .1 increase in version number indicates. Im all for refinement of the OS (Heck, iOS is just one big refinement and after years they brought their visual change) but I'd like to see some key important updates here. Hangouts as the new stock messenger for one.

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Don't care what they call it I just know my Nexus 4 getting it #sideloadlinks #wheretheyat

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Hmmm, Android KitKat.... sounds sweet and exciting!

Or.... iOS... 7....sounds plain boring and more of the same....

Which would you choose?

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Interesting deal they have set up. I wonder if Hersey is going to be supplying specially branded Kitkats in the USA as well.

Don't you mean how much did Hershey pay Google to put its advertising on 1,000,000,000 Android devices main screen you cannot remove? $20 says there will also be an immovable KitKat app you can't get rid of staring you in the face from your app screens. It's too obvious!

But, alas, NO FLASH and I'll stick to 4.0.3 that works.

Unlikely IMO, I think they went with kit kat because it's international. Klondike, krackerjack and some of the others I've seen are US only, as are "nutter butter" and "laffytaffy (wtf?)" We don't get them in the UK so I'm guessing other countries don't either.

Shoulda been kinder egg (does America have kinder eggs?)

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"Now, the excellent German scientists have discovered a way to keep us safe, so yay!"

So they came up with a 'kinder, gentler egg'?

+1 on the Laffy Taffy, I was about to say that!! But I don't think NutterButter is really a "dessert". If anything, Nutty Bars, or Nutella, or Nilla Wafers! I can't even think of anything besides candy and snacks right now... OREOOO!

So, if we get a golden ticket in the Kit Kat bar wrapper do we get to see the Google Factory and hopefully not die from a deranged company owner's dangerous inventions? :-)

If Kitkat doesn't come out with an Android Kitkat bar, it'd be a crime against advertising...(c;]

So much for the logo obfuscation. Will it play FLASH? Will it tell every site my 10" widescreen tablet is a little narrow sellphone that only plays WAPcrap? Can I touch ONE button on it to tell the world my tablet wants FULL SIZED WEBSITES not sellphone uselessness?

Wrappers with golden tickets...

It'll be interesting to see how many of the wrappers have prizes. I like Kit Kat, so I may have to buy a few of them. :)

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I would have loved the first phone call from Google to KitKit.

"we want to name our next version of our OS in our alphabetical naming scheme after your candy bar"


No key lime was better but I'm not gonna turn down someone trying to break me off a piece of that kit kat bar. Can't wait to get a new phone running kit kat out the box

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Considering the last two upgrades (4.2 and 4.3) kept the Jellybean name but 4.4 is getting a new name that would suggest more then just minor changes...

I think Google have considered both Kandy Kane and klp, the JB 4.2 update had candy canes randomly appear on the secret daydream and there were many klp references at I/O

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Kinda sounds like from the blurb on the link that it is going to be more ux centric of a release. Something that is really needed in at least the camera department

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I thought Key Lime Pie would have been the next iteration of Android, nice to see that KitKat there though.

Sorry if I've missed something, but why is KitKat going to be 4.4 and not 5.0?

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Would them naming it 5.0 make you feel any better? If yes, I've got a version of 7.0 already that I'll sell you and anybody else who wants to buy it...

1) Don't care if it's 4.4 or 5.0. Numbers don't mean anything.
2) Still not convinced there's a Nexus 5. (I think it'll be a Nexus 4 refresh).
3) I don't care if it's called KitKat or Key Lime Pie. Names don't mean anything.

What I care about is that with each newer version that I've 'personally' been able to use, it feels smoother and more polished. YMMV (and I don't care about your M or your V), I can only speak about mine.

Your self portrait is amazing, did you draw that with the Note?

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Still can't quite believe this isn't a joke LOL :)

The numbering seems a little weird and since 4.3 was only released a coupla months back I'm guessing this is purely a marketing release with just a few updates.

That said, it is a great marketing idea- this will bring the Android name into the mainstream and it will drive interest in the products.

Even though it appears that no money has exchanged hands, I wouldn't be surprised that, if it is proved to be a success, the next iteration could attract a large sponsorship from one of Nestle's competitors (e.g. Kraft/Cadburys) and could turn into a future revenue stream for Google.

We're used to having corporate logos all over our sports teams, how about our phones? Can I get a 50% discount if I let Adidas put 3 stripes on my phone? :)

Haha, love the candy bar (especially served cold). But for some reason Kit Kat also kind of sounds like a stripper's name. :O

I wonder if they will actually sell the android shaped version. Kit Kat seems pretty gun ho about the publicity so it really wouldn't surprise me

So no one else see the irony of naming an OS that historically been plagued by fragmentation issues after a candy known for being frozen and broken up into pieces?

Nice to see the Nexus 5 in the Kit Kat announcement, Looks like LG will be the OEM for it. One of the Google employees was filming with it.

And suddenly all those bloggers who have been writing articles about Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie as if it were fact suddenly have egg on their collective fades .... Touché Google!

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They've been naming their OS after desserts, so it's logical to name it after a marketed candy. Key Lime Pie sounds lame anyway