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After a brief exclusive period on the Amazon Appstore, Jetpack Joyride is now available for all on Google Play. You can get a full look at the game over at our review, but the tl;dr version goes a little something like this: use one-touch controls to lift a disgruntled office drone into the air with his minigun jetpack, dodge security systems, collect coins, buy cool new gadgets. Rince, repeat.

Jetpack Joyride is a classic, and it sure has taken its sweet time finding its way to Android. Who's interested in giving it a shot? Does the gameplay feel dated at all, or has it still retained its charm from a year ago? Are in-app purchases a major turn-off, regardless of gameplay quality?


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Jetpack Joyride now available on Google Play


I first played the game on my son's iPad.

It's a fun and, for me, an addictive game. The only problem I've had is some pauses during game play.

I really like this game. It's pretty addicting and if you play enough, you earn coins plenty fast enough to avoid having to spend real money. Now that it's in the Play store, I'll definitely be updating it from there. Any time I can free myself from Amazon's store is welcome.

I got this from Amazon a while back.. IAP's are definitely not necessary to have a good time - you will earn enough coins through normal gameplay and trying to beat your best score to purchase upgrades. Definitely a fun, and addicitve game. A great little time killer for sure.

In free apps, IAP's are okay by me as long as they don't go the route of Pay-to-Win. Not a fan of IAP's in paid apps, however.