Server sync struggles

Not a whole lot we can do here, folks. Everybody sit tight, and we'll ride this out together.

Or, you can start mashing the "Check for update" button like we know you want to. KitKat's a'comin' ... eventually.

For what it's worth, the Google+ app on iOS is out-and-out crashing on launch. Something's up.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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It's not just you — Google's servers seeing sync struggles


Hmm... Just updated my Verizon Moto X. I know no update its coming my way for sometime.

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If this has anything to do with the Play event today, people will be pissed. Knocking out your customer's phone's ability to sync back to servers is the wrong way to do an update.

I think it's the FAULT OF THIS ARTICLE!!, maybe if we remove the article then all things will be fine in the infinite Universe!, not that I'm superstitious, but if we participate to get funding $ for a Voo Doo Doctor to get rid of all the evil spirits of the Internet it might help? LOL!

Was just experiencing this and launched the AC app in hopes to see something about it... I am really liking AC, you guys are on point, thanks!

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Yea AC is on it when it comes to outages. I was freaking out for like 1 sec and then I was like let me check AC... Yep not just me!!!!

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That's it! I am going to BlackBerry. They never have this issue

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I have my lucky Palm i705 on standby for situations just like this!!, now if I can only get the YouTube upload to work?

Oh btw Phil your bbm icon reminded me that a small update for BBM just hit play store. Seem like it's an compatibility update for more phones.

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The G+ app is working fine here, but my Hangouts messages aren't sending. I'm receiving them just fine, though. Weird.

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Thank you, AC! I was looking all over to see if this is widespread and you guys have me covered! I was sorta panicking...

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My goodness! Its popping up like crazy whenever I'm doing something with the phone. I wonder what caused this. . .

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I saw the notice same as everyone else but don't see anything not working. I'm still waiting for 4.2. Maybe atlas shrugged?

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I am having the issue. Some of the Google apps seem to be fine, definitely having syncing issues though.... My phone is a VZW Droid RAZR MAXX HD, so doubt it has anything to do w/ getting an OS update....

"Woe to you O earth and sea, for the Google sends the Beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the Number of the Beast, for it is a human number. Its number is four-hundred and forty."

Trying to login with the Google account to comment here in Android central gave me a 502 error. It seems like the issue is all over Google Services

Hmmm, I first noticed GNow stating no connection and YouTube not loading. Thought I messed something up on my end, but at least I'm not alone in misery here!

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Keep your panties clean Nancy

Especially since they already said it wasn't any hardware
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Google didn't. An obscure tech blog said Google said that. Take things with a grain of salt.

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It depends on your sync settings. Go to settings>accounts> Google and you should see a message at the bottom that says sync is experiencing problems.

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Okay I thought my friend messed up my nexus 10 and I was getting mad. Hopefully this passes quickly

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Now I have to listen to my wife say "that's why I left android, because of all this crap. I wish I still had my iPhone".

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Violence towards women is never the.. What she went to iPhone?

Carry on

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I just flashed a new ROM this afternoon, so I was kinda freaking out until I saw this. Thanks for the relieving heads up.

GNow said "no connection" a few mins ago, otherwise fine. GNow is now working fine as well. Hoping Google surprises us in a about an hour!!!

Just installed Drive on my Nook HD+ and thought it was a problem with the download. But it's not loading on my phone either. Then I look at Newsblur on my laptop and lo and behold, you're already addressing it! Full of Awesome!

Ha, I was looking for the play store update 2 days ago and got a sync error. I was connected to my wifi and everything. I tried it again and it worked but I was wondering what was up with that

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Weird, I tried syncing just to see if it was still an issue (because it's been so long :p)

G+, Keep, People Details and Sound Search failed to sync. Everything else apparently syncs fine. (There are a couple things I don't have installed though; books, tv...)

Google Voice messages on Android aren't working I can receive but not send and of course Grooveip is out since it needs a sign-in. Unfortunately I can't switch Grooveip off to use my normal non-gv number because I can't log in. So basically I can't use my phone as a phone.

I think I have too many eggs in one basket.

Thank you Android Central. Something told me to check here to see if my issue was exclusive to me.

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Google goes down and BBM is left working..... Someone should go check on Crackberry Kevin.

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Google must've hired a few defecting Blackberry folks and....bam, everything stops working. Seems about right to me....

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This was happening to me in Chrome. I went into the App Info sections of the Android settings and cleared the cache and data, restarted the app, and was able to sync in fine.

They're adding more servers! Nexus 5 and 10, and watches will rise tonight!

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My Chromebook is acting wonky on my login, but it's all good. I'll wait for it to sort itself out.

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I bet it has something to do with the press release today. Apple does this with their Mac Store whenever they have a press release. I'm betting we will see updated Google Apps and maybe (hopefully) the launch of 4.4 and N5/N10.

Looks like i'm back up! Everything is sending in hangouts and youtube is refreshing etc. Only G+ seems to be slow to update.

I just installed BBM then this happened. It must be a sign as I promptly uninstalled BBM.

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It was a random sync issue for me and now I can't even update Facebook.

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chrome was doing this to me (no other apps) a few hours ago, and it only lasted a few minutes. i said WTF, blamed it on school's shitty wifi, rebooted, and it was gone. :P

My calendar hasn't been syncing for weeks now. Hopefully once this gets resolved my calendar will start working again.

Everything seems to be working for me except the news & weather app which just crashes. That's been happening all afternoon for me. I'm not even seeing this sign in error.

I'm getting License Check errors on some apps.. I was wondering why, now I know! Thanks! Hope Google gets this fixed soon!

I have a Verizon galaxy nexus. I have been waiting forever for 4.3 let alone KitKat. Not fair.

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Quick everyone sell off google stock!
The company is done. Give me free app credits for the play store. Then watch the stock Drop to $10 and the media call them dead....... Oh wait that only happens to blackberry when they have an outage.........

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At least we know those people BlackBerry laid off found new jobs

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I know it's a little late, as the issue is probably resolved by now, but I just followed the following steps, and it worked right away:

Select Google Play Services, then "Uninstall updates"
Once it is done, it should prompt you to re-install updates
When the update was installed again, everything worked fine

Is there any new information on this?

On my Motorola Atrix HD, 3 out my 4 Google accounts keep saying sync error and every time I look at them, different sync items are spontaneously unchecking themselves. I am however still receiving emails.

Everything on my Google Nexus 7, however, seems fine.

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Nice having to scroll to the bottom of the page, after all the comments. Kitkat does not solve Google sync problems. I upgraded to Kitkat, and still lose internet due to Google sync. I wouldn't mind if it just happened occasionally. But, it occurs pretty often.