How to set up and start using the Mail app in Sense 6

Whether you're brand new to Sense 6 or you've upgraded your existing HTC phone, one thing you'll definitely want to be able to do is get email. Default Mail apps typically get a pretty bad rap, which is why we have alternatives like Gmail. However, the official Mail app in Sense 6 is more than decent and supports multiple account types all in one place. Here's how to set it up and start using it:

How to add an email account in the Mail app of Sense 6

  1. Launch the Mail app on your HTC phone running Sense 6.
  2. Choose the mail provider you use. If it isn't listed, select Other.
  3. Type in your credentials and then tap Next.
  4. If you chose Other you may be asked to input ingoing and outgoing server settings. If you don't know them, you'll need to look them up or ask your email provider for them. (Gmail's for example, live here.)
  5. Lastly, give your mailbox a name. This can be anything you want. It just helps you differentiate it from any other mail accounts you may set up. Once you've picked one, just tap on Finish Setup.
  6. Your email inbox should now appear in the Mail app of your phone.

If you have more Mail accounts to add, just tap on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the Mail app and then choose Add account. Simply follow the same process as above to add all of your accounts.

How to use and manage the Mail app in Sense 6

The Mail app in Sense 6 is fairly straightforward. Simply pull out the side menu to switch between accounts. From this menu you can also toggle your views and view any folders or other boxes linked to your accounts. The default view is the unified inbox but you can change it at any time in this menu.

You can also head into the Settings app on your HTC phone and edit sync settings as well as sync all accounts. Just tap on Accounts & sync and then find Mail in the Accounts list. From here you can change sync intervals and set file limits for individual accounts.

If you're using Sense 6, what do you think of the official Mail app? Are you willing to give it a try this time around or are you sticking with something else? And if so, let me know in the comments what Mail app you're using instead!


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How to set up and start using the Mail app in Sense 6


The screenshot look more like imore way of doing guides... oh wait its Allyson!!! good stuffs

I am confused to see your articles on AC. Have you switched to android or just checking it out?

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With the new Mobile Nations, writers from every platform are going to be spread around a bit more than before, they said.

I recently started using MAIL on my Droid DNA and I love it. Only thing I miss from GMAIL is the ability to delete an email from the notification drawer.

I don't see an easy way either. Only way i can find it to use the overflow menu inside a message and choose move. you can do that from the inbox menu too with many items checked, and then choose archive. not the most refined solution though :\

One of the reasons I Love Sense is the stock Mail app. If you have multiple exchange email addresses (ie. Work, union) it is unbeatable. You can also set up a task or calendar appointment directly from the contents of an email. Gmail may have some features, HTC mail has had them since the winmo days and it keeps getting better.

I've always used the Sense mail app. I don't use it for Gmail, but for my Yahoo and work emails, it's fantastic. One unified inbox and no need for a bunch of different apps for each address.

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Thanks for the post.
Did they add a way to change the font color. I see font but no other choices, I ask because text appears in the preview to be grey on white and hard to read for tired eyes.
Is this possible to do in the email app?