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No iPhone or iPad behind doesn't mean you can't still AirPlay content to your Apple TV

It isn't inconceivable that you own both an Android phone or tablet and an Apple TV. Sure, we're fans of Chromecast in these parts, but the Apple TV still has a lot to offer, especially if you're heavily involved in the iTunes content ecosystem.

One party piece that the Apple TV offers to iPhone and iPad owners is AirPlay. Wirelessly streaming music and video, mirroring the display on your iOS device or Mac, it's a tremendously handy thing to have. But just because you've got an Android phone or tablet doesn't mean you can't join in with some of the AirPlay action. Head on past the break to see a couple of ways to AirPlay your locally stored music and video from your Android device to your Apple TV.

Using DoubleTwist


We've covered DoubleTwist many times before, including as a pretty slick method of getting your iTunes music library onto your Android device. But it can also be used to AirPlay music you've got stored on your phone or tablet to your Apple TV – or a set of AirPlay and Wifi enabled speakers for that matter. The basic app doesn't have the functionality built in, you need the AirSync plug in to do it.

AirSync is the same thing you use to wirelessly sync your music from your iTunes library to your Android device. Built into it is AirTwist, which is what DoubleTwist uses to send your music to your Apple TV. Once you enable it in the main DoubleTwist settings menu putting it to work is extremely easy.

All you need to ensure is that your Apple TV is turned on and connected to the same Wifi network as your Android device. If that's all OK, with AirTwist enabled you'll see a Wifi symbol above the music controls in the Now Playing view for music, and to the right for video. Tapping on that will give you the option to select your Apple TV and presto!

DoubleTwist mimics perfectly Apple's own AirPlay for music, in so much as it lets you continue to browse through other apps on the Apple TV while the track keeps playing in the background. You also get all track/album information and album art presented, too.

So, dropping a little bit of money on DoubleTwist is one of, if not the best way to AirPlay your music and video from your Android phone or tablet to your Apple TV.

Using Allcast


There is another popular way to do this, too. Clockworkmod's Allcast is a newer app than DoubleTwist, but it will do the same job. Again, so long as your Apple TV is on the same Wifi network as your Android device, Allcast will do the rest.

You first choose your preferred streaming device, the specific Apple TV – or in Allcast's case, other devices – you wish to broadcast to. From there all you need to do is choose the music or video you want to play on the big screen and you're done.

The biggest difference between Allcast and DoubleTwist is that Allcast doesn't let you keep music playing in the background on your Apple TV while you navigate through other apps and menus. You also don't get the album art or track information, just a blank screen with the music playing. If you hit back on the Apple TV remote, the track will stop playing.

Allcast is a free download, but to remove ads and unlock the full featureset you'll need to upgrade to the premium version.

Your tips

So, those are a couple of our preferred ways to get our music and video from Android to an Apple TV. If you've got any alternatives, or any other tips and tricks, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!


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How to AirPlay music and video from Android to your Apple TV


On that I use and have a lot of success with is twonky beam. Not only allows me to stream content from almost any app my Nexus 4 to my apple TV, I can also stream to my smart TV too without the aid of any additional devices. Oh also if I receive a call or want to use another app while streaming I can without interruption.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah I use AirAudio and its bomb. Well worth the price for the pro license. I think it was like 1.33 or something.

I'm really liking Allcast. It pushes to my Chromecast and controls DLNA fantastically. According to Koush, it performs even better with AirPlay than with anything else. Easily worth the five bucks, and Koush has done enough for the Android platform in general that I feel good about supporting his work.

Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy

Amen to that last part. A lot of people who are not really into the root or custom ROM scene might not recognize his name, but this guy (Koush) has been responsible for a *lot* of cool stuff in the Android community over the years.

I could never get all cast to work. I use bubbleupnp. Works well with my chromecast and Apple tvs.

Posted via Android Central App

BubbleUPnP is really magic as it support all the file formats AllCast/DLNA usually dont: MKVs, AVIs.. everything, without requiring a server app on PC side;

Bubbleupnp does this and much more. Too much for listing here.

If you install the server (I installed it in my NAS), you can do lot more, like streaming music from your media server through public Internet.

Great article, thank you!

Quick question: is there a way that will allow music from any music player app on the Android phone to play on speakers hooked up to an Airport Express device?

Hi there, check out the app "AirAudio - AirPlay for Android" which will exactly do this job. But you need to be rooted as there's no way to obtain the audio of other apps without this.

Cheapcast, I have a new android, and an old one, old one is like chromecast in this setup, new one is as normal, phone to cast from. Needs HDMI/MHL on tethered older device.

So how about videos in my Twitter feed,any of these apps play it on airplay,Roku from the app itself? From ios, you get the option to airplay.

Posted via Android Central App

Is there any way to stream my Google Play Music library to an Apple TV without rooting my Nexus 5?

Unfortunately, the answer to that one is no. But, you could always pick up a Chromecast for $35 (assuming you live in a country where they are being sold). Google Play Music will stream to that just fine. Unfortunately, Apple TV isn't really designed (read: intended) to work with anything except an iOS device.

Ok guys - I can't seem to make this work. I have DoubleTwist and AirSync on my droid tablet. iTunes shows Airplay to be on, the AppleTV device is on. I use MX player to view movies from my SD card. They shaow as playing on the device, but don't jump to the Apple TV. The device show as linked?

Any idea onhow to make this happen? I spent the money today on AirSync.

Unfortunately, EVERY app i tried to use (including allcast) to stream content from my Samsung to an sole tv FAILED. both were on the same network but allcast kept forgetting to find the apple tv but if it found it, would simply say "media content is not streaming".

Clearly, the technology simply isn't ready yet. Chromecast is more open to different devices and thus the better choice.