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Google Wallet has been updated with a pretty extensive (and detailed) change log. You can now use a PO box in the address and be able to top up your prepaid card, and that address can be longer (good news for those living in Winchester-on-the-Severn, Maryland), reward card syncing has been fixed, "improvements" have been made to support more handsets, and fixes to the core wallet system have been applied.

Google Wallet

One thing that hasn't been fixed is the prepaid cards. You can't add a new one, you can't retrieve your data for an existing one, and you'll get an error about system upgrades if you try. I know, because i tried both. I'm getting the feeling my $11.40 is gone forever.

All kidding aside, I'm sure some of you guys did drop a decent amount of cash in the prepaid card, have wiped your phone since, and can't get it back. I understand the need to change and fix a few things on the security side (Google Wallet is still very beta after all), but it would be nice to be able to access my fortune next time I wanna buy a cup of coffee. We can only hope Google gets it all figured out shortly.

There's a link after the break to the Market, but be warned -- it only will work if you've got a Sprint Nexus S 4G or an unlocked Galaxy Nexus with an AT&T SIM card in it. The rest of us will have to resort to hackery to get it installed. I'm sure the apk will be posted somewhere soon enough.



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Google Wallet updated with core fixes, prepaid cards still borked


Support the LTE Gnex and fix our damn security element from locking! THEN maybe you'll see some more use.

I was able to get Wallet on my completely stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus using the Market website trick, and this showed up as a normal update for me. No drama with updating it at all.

worked for me as well. stock CMDA Verizon GNex, never unlocked the bootloader or anything. I'll test it tomorrow to see if it still works, but I'm not worried. It's been flawless since I installed it.

The prepaid card works fine on my stock GSM Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile, as well. Got Google Wallet by sticking an AT&T SIM in it for a minute so I could pull the app from the Market.

followed these directions just fine and updated google wallet no problem and my prepaid card with funds are still there! not to mention it now shows up in my list of apps in the android market!

Just used this method so thanks.( Also thanks to the guy down there for the link) , unfortunately it still says google prepaid temporarily unavailable due to planned update. But it's nice to have official version not hacked 1 on Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Once this is up and running I'll start using it right away.

Hmmm....on my stock VZW GNex, I updated this app normally like all other apps in the market...and when I checked the default card of my pre-paid google card, it also still shows my User ID and I can add funds.

My prepaid card is gone, and it won't let me add another. I'm sort of PO'd, because there's no way for me to get to it.

I had a titanium back up made of my card plus the app+data..and I restored it.and works fine..after trying. To set up existing.account when it was not letting me with update..but all I did was restore and it worked fine

I've got the same error as Jerry in his post, Pre-paid unavailable. Google's response to me was to buy a new phone.

I'm glad I was only down to about $4 left on my card and didn't add money to it last night. I've pretty much written Wallet off as a failure especially when Google tells me to buy a new phone. We'll see what ISIS has in store later this year.

Many of you should know this already, but I just found this out myself and would like to share my finding -- the prepaid card's data is actually stored locally. So, if you have a habit to back up using Titanium Backup, you can get it back.

This is one of the huge issues that will hurt Google and Android in the long run. There lack of response to fix known issues. It seems that they use the "ignore it and it will go away" attitude for many things.

Get off your ass and fix the prepaid cards. You took it away due to a supposed security issue, then fixed the issue. Who the f cares about the fix when I can't even use my card now?

The update worked fine for me and also fixed the issue where i could add funds, but could not see my ID.

The issue is not with adding funds. The issue is with getting prepaid cards to register. It works with some people and does not with many.

I hope they get this fixed soon! I work at MasterCard and they don't take cash in the cafeteria and only MC cards/pay pass/wallet. I don't want another credit card so I've been using wallet. Hurry up Google!

Glad I got Wallet through the market using the browser loophole from a while back. Updated just like any other app.