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Google TV also now moves on to the latest version Chrome, jumps onto the six-week regular Chrome update cycle

Despite being omitted from the 3-hour Google I/O keynote completely, there is some good news coming out of San Francisco for Google TV. Google already pushed out the update to their YouTube app for the platform, but also announced today is the bump up to Android 4.2.2. And, with the jump to the latest version of Android, the latest version of Google Chrome is also on board, with Google TV joining the regular six-week update cycle for Chrome. 

Chrome for Google TV also gets support for hardware based content protection. Simply put, this means that developers have the ability to include premium high definition TV content within web apps for Google TV. 

The good news doesn't end there either. Alongside the software updates Google is also announcing that they have refactored Google TV so that OEM partners can update to future versions of Android in "a matter of weeks rather than months." 

The update to 4.2.2 is expected to roll out to current Google TV devices "in the coming months" with new devices expected to be seen later this year. Great news for the Google TV fans out there that Google continues to push the platform forwards.

Source: Google TV Developers

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bgruber17 says:

Even the Logitec?

S_C_B says:

I'm pretty sure Logitech won't be updating the Revue anymore.

Almost two weekes ago I pulled up anchor from Revue and siled to the Co-star.right way I ws greeted with the update and Jelly bean.Though I do miss the keyboard.a pairing receiver is coming soon yay...then I can used my revue kb again

Exactly! the Revue,was considered first gen (Non ARM) so I don't think they will be getting Jelly Bean..if they did,that would be a total surprise.wouldn't be the first time..they said no 3.1 for Revue..look what happened..and it got 3.1..then they said,no 3.2..and so it goes,you never know what Logitech will do,but I'm not banking on them to go Jelly Bean or Key Lime and beyond

eahinrichsen says:

God, if that were the case, I might actually plug the thing in again.

drhere says:

LOL, I was thinking the same thing. Mine is in a box.

what is the current version of revue?

scaots says:

Sad... ...and slow... it doesn't even pass through surround sound. I had to take it out of the loop with my cable box to get surround, so now I don't touch it except for occasionally using it for remote from my phone.

CAPcadetJC says:

Wow is the Revue really that bad? I have the Sony Internet Player and I love it.

No, it isn't that bad. It had issues, but mine's still running fine in the spare room.

blazr2k says:

Anything is possible however unlikely it may be. No one expected the last update that the Revue got so...yeah not holding my breath.

dswatson83 says:

I have the Revue, tried out the new Netgear GTV, and went back to the Revue. It's not that I love the Revue, but it was still better than the new models. At least the remote can control my other devices, it has optical out (I have a receiver with HDMI passthrough), an extra USB port, and the dual sided remote drove me crazy. The revue to me was still worth the $100 I paid for it though I feel bad for those who paid $300. It sometimes crashes and it is slow, but it allows me to do things I otherwise couldn't do so I still use it. GoogleTV still has a way to go and this change, though welcome, is a signal that nothing big is on though way.

Joe H. says:

What about Flash support??? The current browser can run websites like HBOgo, etc. perfectly. Are we going to lose that support?

Nima Jafari says:

You can always install the flash apk!

Deolarte says:

Lol, the logitech revue, is amazing in my opinion. I have two installed for the past 2 or 3 years now and I have not regretted buying them. I did wish that google would come out with a new box, and get a free upgrade, but I am so happy with my pixel.

credo says:

Will this include the Sony TV NSX-40GT1 or is that hardware to old school for 4.2.2?

Usman Mughal says:

I think there would not be any change. I think google should start another service like Live TV Channels , so that the user could be able to watch the live streaming of different news and media channels online..

EPJS says:

And yet it still says 3.2 is the latest version on my Sony box.

In my earlier post,I said I had the Jelly bean..actually what I meant was it updated with the 5.3..still waiting for the Jelly bean update..stay tuned