Spotify on AndroidThose of us waiting for Spotify -- an online streaming music service that currently as available in Europe -- to arrive in the U.S. may get a pleasant surprise this week. Maybe.

Techcrunch patriarch Michael Arrington writes this morning that Spotify has reached deals with U.S. record labels -- as well as Google -- and could launch with the Nexus One.

Google wanted Spotify badly enough that they were willing to cover the label costs for every user of $3 – $4 per month. Spotify would add advertising on top of it, as they do with the free version in Europe, to make additional revenue. Without Google paying those label fees there was no way Spotify could handle the costs of the user flow that 2.1 would provide. Currently, European users must pay for Spotify Premium to use the mobile versions of the service.

Arrington later hedges his bets, saying he hasn't heard whether the deal actually was made, and that it "has likely gone cold." At which point the word "linkbait" starts floating through our un-caffeinated minds. But even if we don't see Spotify launch in the U.S. this week, we could well see it in the coming future. And that'll have to be good enough for now.


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Google rumored to be working on bringing Spotify to the Nexus One


This is bullshit. If Google don't make this available to the Android platform as a whole, they will start to piss a lot of people off, very, very quickly.

I wouldn't worrry to much about any sort of exclusivity from google coming to the nexus one. I have a feeling it will be apart of the 2.1 update.

Hey this is a great idea. Who knows if it is a rumor or not. The real problem of the Android platform is that so far it does not have the same profit model that the iphone is based on. I think if the Google folks really want to beat Apple they have to also offer an APPS store. I think that would be a great idea for them....