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Google tonight announced that the Android Market is getting a significant upgrade over the next couple of weeks. All devices on Android 1.6 and  up -- and that's about 94 percent of all Android devices -- will get the update.

First and foremost, you'll see a carousel of promoted apps on the home and category screens. Widgets and Live wallpapers will get their own categories. The aforementioned app content ratings will go live on devices, and you'll get all of an app's information on a single page, instead of on several tabs.

Also: There will be better filtering for devices -- if your phone can't handle the app, it won't see it, basically.

Now here's the biggy: Currently, you have 24 hours to uninstall a paid app and get your money back. But Google says most apps are refunded within 15 minutes, and so that's what the new window will be. Repeat: You have 15 minutes to try an app and uninstall it for a refund, instead of 24 hours.

So fair warning, folks. You can still purchase an app on a trial basis, it's just that you've got a quarter-hour to check out the goods. Look for the Market update soon. And in the meantime, reader Adam somehow got it on his Droid X as it updated to Android 2.2.1. More pics of the new Market are after the break. [Android Developers Blog]

Android Market updateAndroid Market update

Android Market updateAndroid Market update

Android Market updateAndroid Market update

Android Market update


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Android Market update shrinks app refund window to 15 minutes


That sounds reasonable to me. In all fairness you dont need one hour to decide on whether you want/need an application.

I disagree with you. The nice thing was NOT being rushed into a decision. I often buy apps, but don't try them until a bit later in the day when things slow down for me.

This really, really sucks. Huge disappointment in Google's decision here.

Don't tell people not to complain about something you don't have. You made the choice to buy an iPhone.

I'd like an opportunity to run an application through its oaces, see if it conflicts with other applications and see what it does to battery life. I can't do that in 15 minutes.

I also disagree with you. Perhaps 24 hours was too long most of the time. But 15 *minutes*??? I would think an hour would be a reasonable compromise.

There are a couple games I've purchased from the market that were just the game's installer. The installer then downloaded a boatload of data to install the actual game. From purchase to actually starting the app was at least 20 minutes (pocket legends anyone?) So by the time you actually start the app, the refund policy has already expired.

24 hours may be a bit long, but 15 minutes is too short. A 1 or 2 hour window would be ideal.

I'm disappointed. I ponied up the $10 for Bee Jive because it was supposed to reduce the battery drain and yet it didn't. There's no way I would have figured that out within 15 minutes. It took me a couple of hours. Count me as one who is not happy with this change.

I'll take the 15 minutes if they have a filter for the "find the photo that best fits you" and "naked sexy models" crapware that is flooding the market. Anyone that posts 50+ of the same app with a different theme should be banned from the store permanently.

Agreed. 15 Minutes isn't enough to try an app out for purchase. Personally I can see myself disliking something trivial within the first 30 seconds and uninstalling straight away. If this is my modus operandi then I wont be buying as many apps as I have in the past.

I really think this is a mistake. I'm much more likely to purchase an app that lacks a demo/light/ad supported version knowing that I have 24 hours to try it out.

15 minutes is a drastic change. How am I supposed to know if the clock I just paid for properly updates itself in just 15 minutes? How do I know that the game I just bought actually has more than 5 working levels?

15 minutes is just ridiculous. 1 hour would be somewhat reasonable... I think 3 hours would be an acceptable timeframe.

15 mins seems like a tiny window. It's gonna be tough to test something thoroughly in such a small amount of time...

I can't believe that is really their intent. It's got to be a mistake.

It takes me much more than 15 minutes to check out some apps. The 24 hour feature was quite fair, and a real positive for Android, compared to the iTunes, lack of any refund capability.

15 minutes is fine if all you do is sit on your phone all day. What about the rest of us over 16 years old?

If it wasn't broken in the first place, why fu... fix it?

WOW! Fifteen minutes? That's nothing. What if I drank a lot of beer and had to pee immediately after the install, and then had to partake in an emergent game of fetch with my dog?

i agree i think there will be less app purchasing going on in the market because ppl will b scared to make the commitment, knowing they only have 15 mins.

It's worth pointing out that there are other ways to "demo" apps for an unspecified period. I don't advocate that, in fact, I'd rather support devs. But I'm also not willing to shell out for an app based only on 2 screen shots and a short description. I'll probably just skip a lot of paid apps entirely, but I'm sure many people will turn to alternate demo sources.

Why decrease it even if most people refund apps in 15 mins....who is it hurting to leave it at 24 hrs

Yeah, that's my main beef with this. Where was the harm in the 24 hr period? By doing this two things could happen - 1) nothing, no one cares, harms no one and benefits no one. 2) you piss off all your fans.

There's no pure "benefit" to this unless it's being kept underwraps?

We want our 24-hour refund window back, Google! The end users are not happy and you don't want to piss the end users off!

Exactly how does a user research and app thoroughly? What if it's a newish app that doesn't have many reviews yet because people are unwilling to lay out the cash because of the 15 minute guarantee?

Then you wait until there are more reviews. The app will be there in another week, it's not going anywhere...

You're kidding right? Research? Yah because I'm going to find a comprehensive review on a white noise generator or some other misc app. And of course the reviews on the market are so detailed and comprehensive...oh wait no they aren't.

wow, 15 minutes is just horrible. like others have said, thats not even close to enough time to fully test out a lot of apps. I'm really hoping that's a mistake and wont actually happen.

Y not just make me sync my phone to the computer for downloads over 10 MB then not offer a trial period at all! It works for apple!

Well, i wont ever purchase another app again. Ibdont male purchase decisions under the gun like that and i bet most people will feel much too pressured and under too tight of a clock

Yep good bye paid apps I will not buy anything with only 15 minutes to try it. I won't even by it with less then 24hrs. So when Google decide to compromise and say it will be 3hrs or something like that. Screw you don't try to appease me by thinking your doing me a favor. My money is what keeps you in business and you just lost it.

yeah 1/4 hour goes by too fast to truly try out an app. If it is crap you know right away, but if you are on the fence about whether you like the functions you may need a day to decide.

Google doesn't give a shit about customers or service. If you have a problem with a transaction using google checkout try to contact them.. You can't, just a form email that won't let you type anything just check boxes that talk about everyone else but them being the problem.

Looks like I'll be partaking in a lot more piracy of android apps just so I can have more than 15 minutes to decide if I want to purchase them it not. I'm sure this is exactly what you wanted for your developers Google.

this is exactly the reason the devs went for a shorter refund window...its harder to pirate an app in 15 minutes than it is to do so in 24 hours

Ummm no it isn't. And as if a pirate is going to care about a refund. They are going to buy it, rip it, and post it somewhere for others to download. Logic fail dude.

I can see why Google lowered the trial period. You can beat pretty much any game on the market(if it has an end) in less than 24 hours.

if that was their reasoning, then I agree, good move to lower it, but not to 15 minutes. Give me an hour at the very least. I'm not always testing out a game. 15 minutes is not enough time to test out some of these apps to see if they will even fully function with my phone correctly and if I enjoy them and want to keep them. It's not that they lowered it, for me, it's that it's only 15 minutes.

This is a poor decision by Google. I know that they perceive this as an issue which bothers some developers but my message to those who are seeing a high number of returns, is to improve their product and execute better. I have only returned one app that I realised simply did not function as intended and it took longer than 15 minutes to realise it.

I think there will be a couple of outcomes from this decision. People will be less likely to buy apps they are unsure of (particularly hitting smaller developers without a brand behind them) and that we are likely to see even more apps designed to rip users off, knowing that most people will not realise or act quick enough to meet the 15 minute window.

15 minutes!? Screw that, now I'm going to have to choose wisely when buying apps, 15 minutes isn't long enough for some apps.

As someone else said, this'll simply increase piracy.

Big mistake Google, Big! How bout a little foreplay before you screw us like that. Maybe drop from 24 to 12hrs but 15min!?! C'mon. You'll definitely see less of my money with terms like that.

That is total BS I purchased apps knowing I had 24hrs to refund if I didn't like it Google deserves as CNETs Apple Bit would say A BAD APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well despite all of the negative feedback I can't wait to get the new look and ui..I think it looks great

Well this just cured my addiction to scouring the market and buying apps. I have spent $105 in apps in 5 months. I won't be buying anything more. Thanks but no thanks Google. Free apps only for me from now on, and I'll skip add-supported apps too.

Funny that I would point out the 24 hour grace period as a great Android feature and it would always impress, but no more.

How many people you think bought one of those black Friday apps then installed it after they finished shopping? Here is a hint, A LOT! I think 15 minutes is probably very accurate. People download am app, try it out and install immediately if they don't like it.

If someone paid for a Black Friday app....then...well...I don't know what to think.

I downloaded a free one that, I believe, was talked about on here and it was quite excellent.

The 15 min. time frame is crazy. I do alot of my app downloads at work when it's slow, because of wireless. If it picks up, I could be busy for a couple of hours before I even get to glance at the app. 24hrs was very reasonable, 15 min. is not. I could see 12hrs. maybe.

This will just result in people trying out pirated apps first, and then decide if they really want to buy the app or not...

BIG MISTAKE! Most of us will no longer be buying paid apps. I don't mind paying for good apps once I tried it out and made sure it works well for me. I know I can't find out if a app works for me in 15 minutes. This will cause less app sales which will cause less interest in developing android apps.

I will be waiting for the backlash from consumers who don't read the likes of Android Central once they find they can't refund something substandard. Expect those sections of the media who like to spin against Android, to take maximum pleasure in turning the screw. This is a very negative, detrimental move on behalf of Google.

Wow. It looks like shit AND has a terrible refund time.

Say the app doesn't work properly? Reboot. Nope, still doesn't work properly, uninstall and reinstall. Nope. Shit. 16 minutes?!
Or, if anyone else is like me and had to take 20-30 minutes trying to uninstall programs so I could get Swype to work, whelp, sol.

I wonder how many users will be pirating programs to try out before they pay. And then forgetting to buy or deciding, well already on there, whatever.

Well, no, it is ONE reason why SOME people might pirate apps. Probably most just don't want to pay anything, period, ever. Let's be rational/realistic.

Best name idea ever... ok not ever but...

Someone should totally make a 3rd party android app market and name it "(Android) Black Market".

Epic failure update.... there's so much fail I can't even begin to explain.... P.S. I refunded 2 apps 5 days ago within an hr or so of purchasing and still have the charges on my bank acct!? Did they change the window already?? :P

Hey I have no issue with the 15 min refund limit...

The damn DEV needs to respond within 3 mins of being contacted if there is an issue with the application and then he has 10 mins to solve the issue. This goes for each and every user that buys their software. Otherwise give me my 24 hour refund back so I can play with the app and think if I like it or if there is an issue with the app and my phone.

But hey I think Steve Jobs maybe behind this update.

Ehh Its no big deal. It just forces the consumer to research the apps before purchasing them.Makes the ratings we give to apps even more important. Its not like 3,4,5 bucks is going to kill you. If it is then you probably shouldn't buy the app to begin with.

The ratings have to start somewhere. Yes, people will purchase it blind regardless, but the fact is that lots of people who might be willing to try out a new unrated app will be more wary now.

Not all apps are 3, 4, or 5 bucks. Most are, yes, but the same rules apply to something that's more money.

Actually I don't see why they don't leave the refund period up to the developer, on an app by app basis.

Google is just begging for more piracy, and thats what will happen. The customers definitely got screwed on this one. If people are returning a lot of apps then maybe the developers should make a better product instead of trying to lock the purchase in after 15 minutes.

i think they are doing it because of all the ppl ripping the apks out and having the file uploaded somewhere...

quick Q, how long does it take to rip a apk from something u download on market?

just a thought.

but yea, should be atleast a couple hours atleast right?

what does apple do?

I think you need more then 15 minutes to test some apps out. Some are time related. One hour is much more reasonable for both parties. I think the developers would be much better off with one hour so the consumer could in all fairness be happy with their purchase. This would lead to more sales for the developers. Usually I know in two minutes if I want the app or not. I just don't want to see the Market crashing, nothing worse then not being able to get your updates.

This is so stupid. So if I have less than full signal strength, such that I can't tell how long the app download is going to take, I have to stop all other activity and stare like a paranoid lunatic at my phone, waiting for the download to finish so that I don't lose half or all of my 15 minutes of tryout time? ESPECIALLY now that your download speed can be affected at any moment by automatically-updating Market downloads?

This is beyond stupid. It will go down in history as one of the biggest missteps in Android history. It's like "Logan's Run" for apps.

The refund thing is kinda dumb, but I'll live with it. What annoys me much more is that this market update looks less functional than the current market. Maybe it'll be better when I get hands on time with it, but from the pics, it looks like they're trying to fix a flat tire by giving the car a rattle can paint job. I hope it works better in person than it looks.

To hell with consumer rights then. This will only serve to increase pirating apps even more. Not all apps are equal. Some are big, some are small,some are cheap and some are expensive.

Like a gps navigation app that costs a lot could be tested in 15 minutes to compare it to another gps navigation app...I don't think so.

Google you're a bunch of idiots, first no microSD slot in Nexus S and now this 15min refund window down from 24 hours...ho ho ho and a bottle of rum

Oh yeah I forgot, any alternate app markets like the one that Amazon are planning, could do really well now if it gives better consumer rights than this. Where the hell is Paypal for android market? Not that I love paypal cause they give bad service and closed wikileaks' account, but it is necessary for ebay and other online shoping, so I use it.

Agreed. I have no love for PalPal, but I already HAVE a PayPal account. Google already has entirely too much information and power over my (and your) life and thus I refuse to set up a Google Checkout account. It is for that reason, alone, that I have never purchased any apps through Android Market.

(On Palm WebOS, I purchased numerous apps).

We need to find out a way to protest somehow. We should communicate with Google that we really don't like these changes.

While I'm all for the enhancements and such of the Market, which is basically impossible to browse through in an effective manner as is, I think the change for the refund window is a bad idea. If they're insistent upon doing so, they need to require developers of paid apps to make free demo versions available. That way people don't screwed over if they don't refund the app purchase quickly enough.

Yeah, you can't rough-test an app in 15 minutes; especially if you're working etc. I'm not 15 and can lay around all day testing apps. I work for a living. 15 minutes is ridiculous.

I have to agree with the majority of the folks here. While the improvements to the market are certainly welcome and that will tend to foster the review and purchase of apps, the new time limitation is a barrier to that very expansion that is sought. I certainly want everyone to benefit, but providing poor customer service with a refund window too small to bear notice is not the way. The Android experience has been thus far a superb one - this is a step backward.

Devs losing money on Android? Give me an effin break! Most make poorly coded apps, slap a pricetag on it, then sit back and collect. ONE 99 cent app, let’s just say 100,000 downloads in a few months. You just made more than a Doctor makes in a year. That’s one app, and at the lowest price, and with only 100,000 downloads. I think devs have it too easy. They’re making more than 99% of all professions. They should have to work for it. But, some think they should just be able to sit back and collect. Some users feel sorry for devs lol

Please tell me what "crap apps" have over 100k downloads in just a few months. Most paid apps only get a few thousand downloads, IF they're lucky. That's including quality ones. the big sellers are big because they're quality apps (like beautiful widgets). But that's right, you pirate apps, why should you care about quality?

100k downloads in a few months, for a paid app... mate, get some real data before posting here. How many cases like this are there on Android Market?

15 minutes is bull shit, not nearly enough time to test out some apps/games. I have no problem paying for apps that are worth the money. I guess I'll just use applanet to "test" out apps from now on. :(

15 Minutes?!?!?

That is not enough time to decide if I like an app or not. Also, where the pay with paypal option. Is google still going to bring this out?

**Breaking News***
Obama has reached a historic compromise on behalf of all Android users, it is a good deal. He stated that because developers took Android users hostage by demanding that the refund be removed, if not they would stop developing for Android. Because Obama and Google refuses to negotiate with hostage takers unless they threaten to harm their hostages. So Obama and Google reached a ground breaking compromise where everyone walked away from the table haven given up something. Google gets our money, developers don't need to develop stable or quality apps to get our money, Android users get 15 mins.

If 15 min is the new window, than I assume the developers will need to respond to emails and the like within 2 minutes? This will suck for them....

why not let the app maker decide the window? this is so communistic google. your turning into apple here. I always just go for free apps but now Ill never go for a paid with this restriction.

Because how the heck are people supost to know when that window closes. Its not as if it tells you when you buy the app. Its called a standard and a good thing, the problem is the window sucks butt. I LOVE it when people throw around the term communist. In the same vein as the folks screeching about right to free speech for things when it has NOTHING to do with the first amendment.

here's an idea. the app maker puts the expiration window on the apps main page. wow so difficult.

its a communist concept because your freedom is being suppressed.

I think the ui update looks nice but the refund period is crap. I think we all should start a twitter campaing to @GoogleMobile with the hash tag #15isNotEnough

Spam filtered yet again. Last post on this site as I have had enough of composing responses to have them repeatedly knocked back. Shame.

Yah I'm getting REALLY pissed at Android Central and their damn filters. I've posted two paragraph responses, well thought out and crafted and BAM. Filtered. This needs to be brought up on a podcast when someone calls in. This is getting insane.

Did you have any links to questionable sites? (app sharing, clickbait, with foreign domains like .cn, etc). using multiple punctuation marks will also set off the filter, as do using certain words or sentences frequently used by spammers. It's not a perfect system, but they're working on it. They said as much in the forums.

I don't know about them, but I had no questionable content in my comment whatsoever. I was commenting about the predicted battery life of a new phone coming out (the W899 in China). it was about 2 paragraphs long and, as the others said, was well-crafted and thought out.

It sucks typing up a good comment and it never getting posted. Not only this, but the FEEDBACK part where the site says "If we did this in error please let us know by going here" they never even look at. :( My battery comment STILL hasn't been posted, a whopping 4 days later! This really discourages anyone from ever bothering to comment on any articles they read here, unfortunately. Now watch this get stopped by the filter (AND IN FACT IT DID. JESUS CHRIST!!)

Okay, in order to get the comment posted I was forced to cut the comment in two. Phil/Jerry/ANYBODY AT AC, please do a post explaining what sets off the spam filter because otherwise no one will post here anymore; it's getting RIDICULOUS. Help us!

I emailed last night via the comment form. It was driving me nuts too. Phil's taken care of the spam filter issue.

That's bullcrap. It should be an hour. At least. Who the heck came up with that asinine number? 24 hours...OK maybe overkill. But 15 if that term exists I'm using it here. why not 1-2 hour Google. Pull your head out of your I/O port. Geesh

15 minutes? Are they kidding? How can I test how a new app will function the way I want it to? How can I compare apps?

The Apple lovers are going to love this.

Personally I would like a scaled time frame that is dependent on the cost of the app. The cheaper the app the shorter the window. 24 hours may have been a little long for some apps but for things like any of the document editing suites you definitely need more than 15 minutes.

Google, do not be like Apple. i always can go back to Apple if all the benefits of Market are compromised to 15' window. I think that 24 hours window makes MARKET attractive.

Here's food for thought......has ANYONE heard of a bank dispute?...Reason for dispute? I did NOT receive what I paid for etc....banks will get annoyed with the dispute process etc....

15 minutes is too soon - heck it can take that long to download and read the instructions.

I expect sales will drop and returns will increase due to customers not having enough time to evaluate the product.

1 or 2 hours seems more reasonable.

Hopefully this experiment in marketing will be a financial learning experience.

Do the limitation only for games, so gamers can not abuse it. Leave the 24 hours window for other apps i.e. navigation apps, you need to go boating or driving to determine if you want to spend money for the apps.
However 15 minutes for the game is not sufficient to makeup your mind....

You cannot return something outside of a merchant's return policy. They contact the merchant for a copy of the return policy, and proof that it is posted. So, If you are unhappy about the 15 minute policy, don't buy the apps. Do you really think the bank would continue to dispute the same types of transactions with the same merchant? Disputes cost banks money.

It's posted in the terms and conditions when you open the market. You have to accept to use it

I know this, because I used to do bank disputes. So sad that you can't post all of your thoughts in one message BECAUSE OF THE DAMN SPAM FILTER. AC, FIX YOUR SHIT. YOU ARE PISSING A LIT OF PEOPLE OFF.

You've told people in responses of this article where they can go download pirated applications. Your posts are the type the spam filter SHOULD be catching. Don't like the spam filter, don't tell people how to do things against this site's policy.

How can you possibly fully test an application in 15 mintes. That is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. I doubt google will make this mistake. This will be a big negative hit on their market.

This is ridiculous. It often takes me more than 15 minutes to tell if an app is worth keeping.

Recently I downloaded a paid app the would not run unless the latest update was loaded also. It was a large update, and it failed repeatedly to download completely. It was a couple of hours before I finally gave up and thankfully got a refund.

I posted a great well thought out comment or two, spam-ed... Bull, I prompt for no one. This was my first post and probably my last...Way to alienate users...Now on top of this article, I am dually irritated...THANKS

@Menno: With a return policy like this, people should pirate. I find it interesting that pointing people where to get free apps is against site policy, but step by step details by staff writers on how to root is ok. They advocate rooting, which voids warranties, makes it easier to pirate apps, and gives you tools to use apps that pirate services from carriers. Hypocrytes!

They are not advocating rooting to steal apps. In fact some of the best selling apps are root only Justifying stealing applications because you don't like the refund policy is idiotic. You're not hruting google, you're hurting devs. If you don't like the policy, don't download them period. There is NEVER a justified reason to pirate apps, period.

You don't need to root to pirate apps, so I don't see the connection there. You can argue that rooting allows you to do things like block ads and, as you allude, tether without paying the carriers anything extra. But as far as pirating apps, I don't think there's anything about rooting that makes that easier, at least as far as installing a pirated app.

Rooting is not equivalent to pirating. Rooting allows you to do a lot of things with the phone you HAVE paid for that you should be able to do without rooting, like backing up, installing themes to make it work the way you want, and tweak performance if that's your thing. Whether or not it makes it easier to do things you might take issue with is irrelevant. Rooting is about giving you control over something you did pay for.

Rooting enables people to back up the app to their SD, then refund. So, are you saying it's ok to steal from carriers, but not devs? Of course you are.

*enables* is a key word. I didn't say one way or another what I think about tethering, but it's not the point. Rooting doesn't force you to tether. I can't believe I (fairly liberal) am about to use the NRA's argument, but rooted devices don't pirate apps, people pirate apps.

That's so weak, sometimes you don't notice in 15, that the app blows. IMO 24hrs was perfect but 1-2 hours would be better if the change must be made.

I think 1-3 hours is reasonable. I can see the argument from 24 hours. It was actually game developers who complained to Google, and Google catered to them. This means we will likely be seeing more and better games.

But 15 minutes? Come on! Give us at least an hour! I'd be happy with 3.

15 min. is not enough time to see if an app is going to be useful or a game entertaining. I think 24 hours may have been excessive, too easy to do what you need to do and then request a refund. I like the 2-3 hour range; think it would be a good compromise.

Uh, I've bought 1 app. since I've had my phone.(I read somewhere on here it's actually better for devs if you use free version apps, true? So,that's what I do). I usually research the heck out of apps I download and read all comments before I commit. That's just me though, I'm one of those people that actually reads instructions before attempting things. My personality needs proof that it works. So I couldn't see ever utilizing the refund option anyhow. But 15 minutes to research the apps on here? Crazy, that gives no time for the average user to try it. The Market is starting to remind me of my job, take away all the things that make it fun little by little until eventually you may as well own an IPhone. What a shame, what a shame!

24 hours was a bit long but 15 minutes is way too short. Especially if the market goes through another one of its broken downloads fits or if credit card processing is messed up for a weekend.

I'm not sure if I like the 15 minute window. I've never had the opportunity to purhcase a paid app from the marketplace, but now that I have traded the HTC Hero for the Samsung Epic, I'm now going to need Beautiful Widgets or Fancy Widgets. I don't know that 15 minutes is enough time to test the application and be sure it works properly. I think for those applications, 24 hours would be nice so that I can adequately test it. The only concern I have is if those apps will be able to accurately detect my location and display the appropriate information, just as the HTC Hero clock/weather widget did.

Can't they just have a 15 minute window for games and 24 hours for everything else? An app is clearly designated as a game or otherwise, so that wouldn't be an issue on their end, but with a day obviously consisting of 24 hours, it was perfectly setup to see what affect an app would have on your phone throughout your regular day. That is completely gone now, entirely. Horrible decision.

Well, the thing is this:

It usually takes a few hours to receive a Force Close on an app. Just randomly Force Closes when writing a text, chatting on a chat app, etc.
Whoops, the trial period has ended, and you're at the mercy of the Dev & perhaps a future update.

I know the Devs want to get paid quicker for their hard work, but 15 mins is not the solution.

To answer a question asked prior, it takes mere minutes to backup a copy of an apk, as I have seen it on YouTube & posted on another forum site, so 15 mins doesn't stop that.

Perhaps this move was for the games & gaming apps. But their should be a different return period for that, perhaps that 15 mins should apply to games & gaming, and leave the 24 hours to the rest of us. B/c perhaps you could defeat the game in less than 24 hours then refund, but the 12-14 mins (depending on your connection) would defeat misuse of the game app.

15 minutes? Being able to refund your app after you tried it (which takes more than 15 minutes in some cases) made the App store for Android a thousand times better than Apple. I guess I won't being trying those expensive ones anymore, far to much risk of forgetting or getting side tracked - and if it is large, time to download and walk away.

Load of cr....

I'm thinking this will lead to price increases.

Well, I don't want to spend any more than a buck for something I can't test for a day.

Wow, this new look sucks. Too cluttered. The former was way more functional and easy on the eyes.

As for the 15 minutes, an hour would have been more useful. It took at least 30 mins for me to get my latest app set up and working properly.

Re: Tethering? If I'm within my cap limits, I don't see the big deal. I tether maybe once every two weeks with 4gb left at the end of the month. NO BIG DEAL and certainly not worth an inflated bill to do so.

Horrible idea, takes 15 minutes just to setup and get some apps working. I've had tons of problems getting remote desktop apps working, have to keep referring to help online and reading forums and faqs just to get some to work. Now I only have 15 minutes to do all that in? and then if i get a refund I can never try the app again after figuring out how it may work only to realize It doesn't meet my needs and get a refund? BS. I'm new to smart phones and all the setup stuff some apps require, I'm just not fast enough the get it done in 15 minutes sometimes when I need to find help to get it to work, and even if I manage it I'll have hardly any time to actually try the app and see if it is any good or explore its features and make sure it does what i need. Android market=FAIL On the upside though I only joined up here so I could complain about this crap if they were trying to get new signups by implementing this BS, then mission accomplished here.

As a developer, I decided to offer my own return policy! This just doesn't work, a one size fits all doesn't work for everyone and every app, a new system is needed.