Google Play Books

Google Play now allows you to preorder books from its "New and coming soon" section. That, uh, allows you to order books before they go on sale. Can't tell if there's any sort of discount for doing so, but at least the mechanism is in place, allowing for a smooth and orderly transaction. Smooth and orderly, Google. That's how we like it.

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Google Play Books gets preorders, allowing you to preorder books


There would be no point to preordering an electronic book unless there is a discount. It's not like they are going to run out of digital copies.

Digital copies of books have ID codes, which often issued to the reseller like Play Store per-book basis. So the whole point of pre-order may be used by Google to decide how many IDs to buy from the publisher.

In addition, some publishers are now placing limitation on how many digital copies can be sold online by a reseller as opposed to directly buying from them. Pre-order will give the customer choice to get ahead of the line.

The reason why I know this? Well, in Canada digital copies of university textbooks are limited and since they go for about 50% of the cost of the physical textbook often I end up buying the physical version.

I'm not saying I don't believe you but that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

Running out of a digital copy...

Well, if they want to limit how many copies can be purchased digitally such that I can't get one, then I'll vote with my wallet and purchase from torrents :P

A lot of reviews come out prior to the book release date. Someone might read a review, go preorder the book, and then it's delivered and they don't have to remember to buy it on the release date. It's a convenience thing.