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If you were one of the many that jumped right into the Google Play Store to place your pre-order for the Nexus 7 upon announcement, you will be happy to know that the devices have finally started shipping. The first wave is expected to be fully shipped within the next business day or two, and then more to follow after that. We have seen some folks getting theirs in store already, but no need to worry to those who placed their pre-orders direct from Google, they are on the way and you should have them soon!

While you wait, be sure to check out our full Nexus 7 review, and hop into the forums and check out what is happening in there.

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Google now shipping first wave of Nexus 7 pre-orders


your device (at the latest) will ship by Wednesday. The recording said next three business days (friday, monday, tuesday) with two day shipping that means every pre-order will be in the owners hand by thursday/friday.

I ordered mine on the 27th, found out that my shipping address was wrong, had to cancel, then re-ordered the 29th. While I'm fine with having to wait, I feel pretty stupid for getting it from the play store and having to pay shipping. For some stupid reason I thought we'd be getting it first. Oh well.

You know what, it was rather stupid for us to think that since we ordered directly from the designer/manufacturer/distributer that we'd get our Nexus 7's first. I can't believe I was ever deluded enough to think that! Seriously though, that was the whole point of ordering from the Play Store: it made perfect sense that we *should* get it first. They sure showed us huh?

Haha, I guess it could be that retailers started selling stock sooner than they should of, but we'll never know because Google never announced an actual release date. I would have been fine receiving it on the day retailers started selling. No worries there. I have a busy day, to know it was waiting for me at home would have been nice. With Gamestop and Ebuyer moving ahead of GP, kinda burns.

Really? Cry a freaking river why don't you, I'm sure getting it a day or three after anyone else is really going to destroy your life.

Did I come off as crying? I clearly stated that I don't mind waiting in my previous post. I'm cool with it, seriously. I feel burned for not knowing better, waiting it out and just buying it at a retail outlet because of Google's 2 day shipping fee on top of taxes. At the time, I figured "well, it's not so bad since we'll probably get it first".
My life is far from destroyed but that $14 could have gone to a 12pk of Hoegaarden. For that, I won't be buying devices from Google ever again. It's my right as a consumer, just as it's my right to post my thoughts on it here.

Its not crying but he hit a very VERY hard point, Google essentially fucked this launch completely up. Apple is 100% always on point and i've never ordered a product from them only to have it come a week after i could have picked it up in a store. The day any product drops you are guaranteed to have it if you preorder it before times slip. Retailers would dare not sell early unless they would rather face the wrath of Cupertino, this is how its supposed to be.

Google needs to take a page from Apple and Amazon, this launch was a complete debacle and honestly an embarrassment Google should be ashamed of. Whatever future Nexus device they launch they need to put a solid date out when announced so people understand that there is a date they should be getting their product if they ordered it quickly, and if not they find retailers to buy it from (Gamestop, Ebuyer, etc).

For all the amazing things Google does, its pathetically sad they could screw up truthfully such a simple thing. C'est la vie

He's not being an Apple Fanboy (at least with this comment). Apple knows how to launch a device. Period. Apple wouldn't put up with companies selling the device early, and certainly wouldn't leave those who preordered out to dry.

Google is learning, and personally I think they could use some help on the retail end of their business (Play Store support is SEVERELY lacking). But there is no arguing over the fact that this wouldn't have happened with a new Apple device.

What? He wasn't being a fanboy at all. I'm an Android user but he's pretty much correct about Apple getting it spot on.

lolwut? Did you seriously just go there with the fanboy...My daily driver is an Atrix 4G and i ordered the Nexus 7 as well, but I have bought preorder products from Apple online that were at my doorstep ON LAUNCH DAY. I have not had anywhere near as terrible an experience with preordering products from any other vendor as i have had with Google over this tablet.

I actually ordered when it was being unveiled, which i JUST got an email from Google Play at 7pm today with a tracking number, even though my debit card had been charged since 11 this morning. The only thing my tracking number says is a shipping label has been created, the 9th of July which i find ironic, and yet its not here at my doorstep. Meanwhile some folks who waltzed into Gamestop and other places have gotten theirs before the main OEM gets them to their own customers, idgaf what you say, thats not how you handle a launch in any way shape or form.

I've pre-ordered numerous products from numerous places (360/PS3/Games from stores/Amazon products), and i have gotten them day 1, every time. For the price i paid for the 8GB i could have sprung an extra 35 bucks and gotten a 16GB from Gamestop and had it today.

Tell me, whats the point of pre-ordering something to ensure you have it when it comes out...only to find out you dont? I feel bad for people who "pre-ordered" late, they could be waiting until August most likely before they get theirs.

In my eyes and from all the shopping i've done over my lifetime, this has been the worst launch for any product i have ever had. The lack of clear communication falls squarely on Google, from coordinating with 3rd party re-sellers to have a set launch date to the people who ordered directly from them, the only answer they were given was "we dont know when they're shipping".

A complete debacle is probably an understatement to the piss poor job Google has done.

Yea, wont be preordering any google products ever again. Getting it later than people who bought them from 3rd party vendors and they also didnt get gouged in shipping.

I couldnt agree more. People think that all of us are complaining, but in reality were not. Its the impression that Google has left us with that is making everyone unhappy. The customer service is beyond lacking, the pre-recorded message is vague at best and to top things off we end up paying more for the device by being "loyal" to Google as opposed to just walking into Game Stop of all places. Im not going to say I wont use the Play Store again, but this doesnt make me too confident that Google can handle this sort of business model themselves.

I agree 100% - the primary reason I bought my Nexus 7 via the Play Store is because I like Google and I wanted to support the Play Store concept. I want to see the Play Store succeed and I'd love to see Google selling a number of new Nexus phones from the major OEMs in the near future.

That said, the launch of the Nexus 7 has been a cluster.

In fairness to Google, my bet is this mess is a greater reflection on Asus than it is on Google. Asus is the OEM and they're the ones who must be coordinating the shipping and distribution of the Nexus 7 to the various retail outlets.

The irony is, Google is alienating some of their most loyal customers - people who actually paid more money because they either thought they'd get the Nexus 7 first or they wanted to support Google. To further the irony, it would cost Google an insignificant amount of money to fix this mess - just send a simple apology to the people who "pre-ordered" via the Play Store and give them a voucher for $50 off another Nexus 7.

What's $50 to Google? Even if there were one million pre-orders, that's only $50 million - that's chump change to company that measures profits in the Billions.

I still like Google and I'm sure I'll like my Nexus 7 when it arrives, but I'm thinking about getting another one (for my mom) and an extra $50 from Google would certainly make me forget about the fact that the Nexus launch was a bit of a cluster.

At the very least I won't be pre-ordering Google Products direct from the Play Store is for certain. Wish I would have known up front that Google was treating the retail stores with greater regard than their own storefront.

I ordered when the play store first listed them before it was taken down prior to the official launch before io even started and I have not even had my card charged yet. I do wonder what they consider to be the first wave.

Same situation - got my order in before the link went down initially - I have no changes to my Google Wallet status, no charges on card, etc....

Update - the order on my Google play history moved to the top of all "orders", but still has no change inside the Google Wallet receipt.

I called Google earlier today. I ordered on the 27th and I couldn't cancel my order because my device has already shipped. I have not received an email yet with a tracking number or anything. There might be an issue with getting the shipping emails out.

Call me cynical, but I'm pretty sure you were lied to. They just weren't letting people cancel preorders after people found out it was a raw deal with the shipping.

I ordered before the play store link was even live for good - the 27th at about 9am PST. Nothing has changed on my Google Wallet yet...

Does this "Google Play Store shipping now" include those that bought from the Google Play Store in the UK or is this just aimed at US pre-orders?

I just ordered my 16g last night. I haven't seen anything change on Google Wallet, but my card has been charged, so I assume it must be shipping.

I ordered an 8 gb on the 29th and my order status hasnt changed at all. I feel like more people ordered the 16gb though..... IDK

I suggest that anybody unhappy with the pre-order situation tweet their displeasure @Google.

I think it's utterly ridiculous that I paid full shipping and Gamestop customers will get the $25 credit and get their devices early. What's the point of giving Google Play my business?

I'm straight up hoping that some public embarrasment will force Google to at least partially refund shipping costs or up Play store credits for those who bought through Google Play.

You're right, Google doesn't have to give any compensation to those who pre-ordered before Gamestop announced they were accepting pre-orders, just like Gamestop doesn't owe anything to Google for jumping the gun. But a little goodwill goes a long way. Sure, Google isn't responsible for Gamestop's decision, but don't they have lawyers to draft up contracts that impose heavy penalties to prevent this sort of thing? For some reason, I can't imagine Google skimping out on quality lawyers.

Be assured though, that this episode will make people think twice before pre-ordering from Google again.

As a loyal customer who paid up early, I expect to be treated fairly.

I'm not suggesting that I deserved a discount. I want some semblance of fairness though.

During I/O they said that the Nexus 7 would be sold "initially" through Google Play and later through retailers. They also said that the $25 Play store credit was a limited time offer. Any reasonable person would take those statements and conclude that ordering through Google Play would get you the credit and the device sooner.

But now I know that Google is actually willing to accept lower margins from its retail partners than it is willing to let me pay the same price as retail. I could stomach the $21.47 I paid for shipping (with tax on shipping), if the device was arriving any earlier than retail. But what's the point when I can stop at a Gamestop on my way home and pick it up at no additional cost and still get the $25 credit.

Google made a fool out of anyone who pre-ordered early through Play. They have demonstrated that customer loyalty means nothing to them. And that pre-ordering will actually earn you negative value as compared to going through a retailer for the same device. Lesson learned.

Can you articulate in what way exactly that Google misled or slighted you that might be just cause for indemnification? If it has anything to do with risking your chance at being 'first' with a new 'shiny', please cancel your order and go buy an ipad.

The whole purpose behind a pre-order is to get the product as soon as it's available to anyone. Not days after other people get them. If Gamestop was giving them out days before they were told to, that would be one thing, I wouldn't be upset. But they were told to give them out today, the same day some of the pre-orders are SHIPPING. That totally defeats the purpose of pre-orders.

We don't know that GameStop was told to give them out today, they might have just cheated like they usually do. It's a store pickup, it happens sometimes, and anyone who knows GameStop had the opportunity. The down side is, they usually get limited quantity, and if you aren't lucky GameStop will also leave you hanging for a month. It's a chance you take. But again, why is it a race? It's not some rush for early access in a game, it's a tablet. Google said it would ship in 2-3 weeks, and started shipping at the 2 week mark. They did what they said they would. The didn't make any guarantees of arrival ahead of brick and mortar release.

I want mine yesterday, just like everyone else, but it's really not shaking up my life to wait a few more days. I just don't understand why everyone can't take a deep breath and put this in perspective.

Not just GameStop. Ebuyer in the UK. And some Staples/NCIX here in Canada. Sam's Club in the US too.

How do you explain all those stores?

Google just didn't give a rat's ass about pre-orders or the fact that we paid more. Next time, I'll buy at retail knowing that I'll pay less in total and get it sooner. Google can eat the shipping costs and lower margins.

I understand the whole we should of got it first thing and even the charged for shipping but Google is sticking to what they said and shipping out the middle of the month, its pretty much that. My card has been charged today, I am sure mine is coming.

And still no word on employee orders that we placed on the 25th. At least customers are getting theres, still doesnt make me feel any better lol

I bought from the Play Store believing the £15 credit was an exclusive. And that I would receive the device a few days before retail outlets would be selling. But we have had no information at all. In the UK that still may be the case, but I'm annoyed for the people in the US, and will be myself if the same thing happens here. I know it's not the end of the world and all that, but ultimately everything is relative and it's just bad manners.

I tried to cancel my order on 7/7 and was told I could not because they were already with the shipper.

It is amazing that a company that is so tech savvy can't get a handle on logistics.

Guys, calm down! You have to understand that Google is not set up for such a wide distribution of product to consumers. They are not (dare I say it...) Apple. They have some things to iron out and I am sure they are the type that learn from their mistakes. Just enjoy your weekend and dont let materialistic "drama" run your life! ----(says the guy hitting *refresh* every 20 seconds....)

Sorry. I love Android but there's no way I'm going to let Google slide when they F up. That would just make me an unquestioning fanboy. Google screwed me out of $21.47 (shipping cost + tax). Simple as that.

"Google screwed me out of $21.47 (shipping cost + tax). Simple as that."
This is exactly what the Google defenders are simply not understanding. We're not pissed because we didn't get it early, that's stupid. The fact that I could have shopped at any retailer and bought the tablet for the same amount, minus shipping, received the $25 play store credit and had it before any of the the Google Play pre-orders is what is upsetting. Basically Google screwed over early adopters of their Play Store.

I pre-ordered late (on July 11). Google has already charged me, so it may be shipping soon. I have not gotten a shipping e-mail yet.

Doubtful. You just ordered and the "charge" you see is just the pre auth. It's not charged until the second pull.

I pre ordered mine with the understanding it would be shipped within 3-4 weeks. I do it online for the convenience not so that I can have it before everyone else. If I get it within the 3-4 week window then I will be totally happy. I don't have this need to have it before everyone else has it just because I pre ordered online.

The only problem I have is the shipping charge. Would I have minded the $14 if I had received it on launch day? Maybe a little, should have waited on other retailer availability. I only expected Play Store availability, my mistake.

But do I mind that I preordered direct from Google, paid $14 shipping, and will receive it 3-5 days after people who didn't have to pay shipping from a third party? Yeah, that kinda sucks.

How would you feel if you paid $20 more than everybody else to get it a week later?

It's not even about getting it first. I don't care about that. It's the fact that I paid more to get it later.

I believe the sat delivery is an additional charge and service. But if would ship today, it will be delivered on day 2 = Tuesday.

Just checked the Play store and my credit card and my Nexus 7 has shipped and is on it's way!! I can't wait for Monday or Tuesday to get here. This is like Christmas in July!!!

I don't really understand the complaint of paying for shipping when ordering online. Because some other retailers do it for free?

Also, we still dont know if Gamestop was supposed to give out the tablets today or if they decided to on their own, knowing they weren't.

There was absolutely no point in pre-ordering. Other than to pay a sucker's fee (shipping costs). Google will eat lower margins from their retail partners but screw over customers who buy directly. Remember this lesson.

well i havent gotten any notification for the n7 i ordered on 6/29 BUT i just got the shipping notice a few minutes ago for the galaxy nexus i ordered on 7/8. interestingly enough, the delivery date is today. lol

i can't say for sure if i'll order from the play store again unless of course if they offer an unlocked GSM compatible phone again (nexus 4).

For crying out loud, don't some of you have real problems to deal with? Sick spouses, children in school, problems at work, elderly parents, crime in your community etc. etc.

I'd swear that some of you have nothing better to do than hang out at AC and bitch every time something you felt you deserved didn't show up a weak earlier than it was promised to you.

Or, maybe you're all just high school kids. Yea, that would pretty much explain it.

Pre ordered mine the 29th. Let's just say I am very unhappy with the way Google has handled this so far. Pre-orders should have been shipped at least one day before retailers even received shipments! Well at least my card has been charged!

I think it should be mentioned more that Asus are the manufacturer for the Nexus 7.
It's well known that the Nexus phone line is made by Samsung but Asus are getting no love at all, never mentioned.

I came to post this thinking that I'd read that Motorola made the Nex7 somewhere, but I double check and find Asus, so la de dah.

I pre-ordered mine on the 27th but then had to cancel the order due to an incorrect shipping address so I wasn't able to redo the order until the 29th. Just checked and my bank account has been charged! :) Can't wait.

Now if only they would start building some accessories! By the time i reodered on the 29th, the grey hard cover was sold out.

I agree that this pre-order was not handled well at all. The only reason that I paid the $14 for shipping was to be sure that I got the device before you could buy it in stores. Now it turns out that I could have saved myself some money and probably gotten it just as quickly. I called earlier this week to cancel my order for the case and was told that I couldn't due to the fact that the orders were shipping soon, yet I still don't have any tracking information and my credit card has not been charged. My order was placed at 2:16pm EST on June 27th so it's not as though I should be terribly far down the line. I can almost positively say that i will never pre-order another item directly from Google after this experience.