Google+ on Chromecast

The latest update to Google+ caught a few people by surprise today when it enabled a small Chromecast button in the interface, letting you toss your Google+ stream up to your TV. Though the Google Play changelog doesn't indicate the change, we're seeing a Chromecast button on our own devices and many other people are too.

The functionality is pretty simple, though — you can connect to a Chromecast and have it automatically loop through recent Google+ posts from your circles, only giving you the option to pause the auto looping or seek through posts one at a time. We'd expect this to expand over time.

It's likely more useful as a casual screensaver to have on your TV than an active way to view content — the phone or tablet itself will still be better for that — but we'll never turn down more Chromecast functionality in our apps. The latest Google+ update is rolling out in the Play Store right now, so be sure to check if you have the latest update from the link at the top of this post.


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Google+ now lets you display your stream on the TV via Chromecast


If I were running a beer hall or something, I would put up a screen showing the beer hall g+ feed, to show the tap rotation.

Serious again: does anyone use this? WebOS had a similar feature for Facebook, where you could make the feed be your screensaver. After 5 minutes of watching the same 10 stories get cycled around, I went back to my photography slideshow.

Given that developers keep writing this functionality, it would seem like *someone* uses it, but I've personally never seen it.

Anyone a fan of this sort of thing?

Great addition, another reason to love my Chromecasts. Just need Amazon Prime Instant Video on there now and I'll be very happy.

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I've used it this morning. Kinda interesting. Would like to see a rolling news headline app (something like an rss newsreader that could cast news on screen. (Never know there might be one on the play store somewhere)

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Still waiting for the News & Weather app (which has just been updated, so perhaps I should check...) to add Chromecasting ability. I really really really want my Chromecast to greet me with weather and/or traffic info as I'm heading out in the morning. Google, ya listenin'?