Google Goggles

Android 1.6+ We were there in February in Barcelona when Google first demonstrated the language translation power of Google Goggles. [Market link] Today, it's gotten even better. Version 1.1 brings translation for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, and that's just the start. There's also better bar code recognition, more artwork and logos are in the database, the app's user interface has been improved, and you can search using images already in your phone's gallery. [Google Mobile blog]


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Google Goggles updated, brings update language translation with it


Still can't scan barcodes off of my old CRT monitor.

...Yes, I use a CRT monitor. Got a problem with that? I place so much stuff on top of and underneath it, it's silly.

How does one contribute to the image database/search that Goggles use? In my area, a lot of buildings/statues, etc are unrecognized by Goggles, and I'd like to contribute to that...