New Voice commands

As promised, the monthly Glass updates continue with today's XE8 update

The monthly update for Google Glass has pushed out, and the XE8 update brings a slew of new Google Now cards, new voice commands, and a more finely tuned video player app. The update is pushing today and should be available for all devices in the next few days.

The new voice actions — "post an update" and "take a note" — tie into the popular applications Path and Evernote, and will allow users to use these services more effectively. the actions are available for all developers, and we expect more to come on board in the near future. Also included are more contextual voice commands for navigation.

The new Google now cards; Reservations and events, Movies and Public alerts join the other useful Google Now additions like Weather, Sports and Traffic. These cards and services will show to the left of your timeline, and should become available as needed after updating.

Other small additions, like a new Volume card in the settings, hashtags in captions and a new "send a birthday message" card round out the update. 

Anyone out there using Glass and get the update yet? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Google

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hichris123 says:

Yeah, I got the update. It's really nice.

Bruh-Man says:

Tap..tap...tap... oh... it's a DUD!!

I don't have one...

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So how are you liking Google Glass Mr Hildebrand?

Posted via Android Central App and my Nexus 4 or 7

Sorry. Heldenbrand. Long day at work. Followed with beer and tequila.

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sepffuzzball says:

Got my update about an hour ago! =D

M3wThr33 says:

I'm still waiting for one... I feel disappointed they skipped over me. (My last name is Glass, so I find all these updates hilarious)

a2Squard says:

I don't use Evernote, Path or the CNN glassware - regardless, the new update is welcome!

rlhammon says:

I didn't have my Glass plugged in last night, so it didn't update. I'll have to check it out tonight when I get home.