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Holo light, new spreadsheet and scan options introduced

Word from a few days ago tipped that a Google Drive update began rolling out to devices with several new features, and now it seems that the update is hitting a wide number of devices. Although at first glance the update's changelog of "Bug fixes and other improvements" may throw you off, there are actually quite a few changes in the latest version.

First and most noticeable is the move to a "holo light" theme from "holo dark," which will make the app extremely familiar to those who use the latest versions of Gmail. Next on the main screen you'll notice a new bottom action bar with options to upload, create and scan, where the "create" option gives you a familiar menu to make new folders, documents and spreadsheets. This new bottom bar replaces the old plus button in the top action bar, and hides when you scroll down your documents list.

You'll also find a good grouping of new features in the spreadsheet editor for merging and locking cells, and new options to improve your new scans. There are small tweaks and improvements across the entire app, leading to what seems like an improved experience all-around for us. You can grab the latest version from the Play Store link above.

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mcgowan398 says:

Google has done an awesome job with improving Android by updating the apps it already has. I'm really digging the simple look and feel of their applications now. Now where's that Nexus SmartWatch?


planoman says:

Nice update. Easy to scan something in. Pretty cool!

avoidtheecho says:

Mine looks the same and I just updated it..

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planoman says:

Do you have the new three functions at the bottom? If not it my not have updated.

Looking at that photo made me realize how attractive even the front of the Moto X is...

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sublimaze says:

Nice, but it could be even better with an optional black/dark theme. I'll wait for an inverted version.

FortTech101 says:

Invert your colors on the phone. Teehee!

StealthDroid - Working in the Nexus Lab

I don't like how the app makes you choose specific people who can view a shared document when on the Web you can choose anyone with a link. Drop box let's you upload and share. Easy

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itmccb says:

Technically it wasn't Holo Dark before, but Holo light with dark action bar and strangely, despite having received two updates I still don't have the create bar.


FortTech101 says:

They still need to add many more features you their document editor. For instance, I can't do word count. That's something simple. Unfortunately, I haven't really seen the good of this update since mostly in Google Drive I use documents and presentations.

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