Ok, we'll admit it's really not the most exciting news to post about, but it is cool. Google doodles, which have been in use since 1998 on the Google homepage, are now mobile. While a few have been made available in the past presumably to test them out, Google has now committed to making the majority of the doodles that are available to desktop users available to anyone running Android 2.0 and up on their mobile device. It's a finer detail but one that I'm sure some folks out there will enjoy. [@GoogleMobile]

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HTCSense says:

They should have more dynamic ones,

I really liked the PacMan one LOL

318sugarhill says:

I've been getting them for a while on my Dinc. If you set your internet settings to show full view instead of Mobile view, you'd be getting them already......unless you own a Moto. They block that feature. Stupid Moto.

crxssi says:

I just find it annoying. One of the major reasons for using Google vs. other search engines was because it was simple, fast, non-annoying.

tippmann says:

Yea I use the Desktop user agent on Dolphin Hd on my Dinc and get it.

derryj3 says:

What the hell is google doodles lol

NxTech3 says:

The artwork Google uses for their name in the website

TvTechGuru says:

They must not be delivering them to the mobile page yet because I haven't seen them on my Droid 1.