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Google Currents has received its first update, with no new features to report but a couple of important fixes. 

In the changelog we get stability improvements, and performance improvements in data sync. The second of these in particular will be welcome, with sync initially proving to be quite slow in some cases. 

Download link below, although remember folks officially the app is still only available in the US. And if you haven't already, why not subscribe to the Android Central Edition on Google Currents while you're at it. 


Reader comments

Google Currents update hitting the Market, improving data sync performance


I still haven't figured out what purpose this app serves. It's like an RSS reader, but doesn't allow me to read whole articles or even see the ends of headlines.

WHat's up with Syncing every 6 HOURS? lmao . . .what the hell? Doesn't even make sense. 6hours, 12hours, and 24hours. I want syncing every 15 - 30minutes as a minimum

Also... Google. Android users need to be able to see their notification bar when an app is open... Unless specified otherwise with an OPTION in the app. I have to get out of the app to pull down the notification tray... Silly.

can someone recommend something better that offers -

1. offline reading.
2. full articles.
3. pictures.
4. full screen for articles (no large ugly buttons obstructing content).
5. vertical scrolling (up and down).
6. fast syncing.
7. flexible settings including sync interval.
8. huge choice of content.
9. reliable and relatively battery/resource friendly.

i want something for the plane.

maybe this animal doesn't exist? maybe someone should write it then?


I quite like the app, but I agree that it could use some improvements. Not showing the full article is annoying. Google News did that on the Playbook as well and I hated it then. At least the GNex loads the rest of the article quickly when you click on it...

Obviously the sources that have been explicitly configured for the app look better than say a random RSS feed. For example, add the Android Central RSS feed and then again add the specific Android Central Google Current feed, you can find both when you search for AC. Regardless there are still issues, but I like the concept and I'm hoping that they improve upon it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an equivalent/better app? I am also curious as to why it is not officially available in Canada?