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Google's Calendar app update makes those important dates easier to add and keep track of

Google has updated the "stock" Android Calendar app in Google Play this afternoon, bringing two minor, but very relevant changes. We'll start with the one most users will instantly appreciate -- setting a custom color for a calendar or event. If you subscribe to multiple shared calendars, or have several of your own, you know just how this will help. You can take the calendar your boss shares with you, and make the event labels a certain color so they stand out, or make your calendar one color and you significant other's a different color. In addition, you can mark any single calendar event with it's own custom color to help keep track of important events. 

The other change is equally as important, and it shows Google is really pushing forward with the new app design language they've been showing us as of late. The new time and date picker windows look better, but also have more functionality built in. You can set up recurring events easier, and even select the time zone right from the add event window.

You can grab the update from the Google Play link above.


Reader comments

Google Calendar app updated with custom color labels and new date and time pickers


Also, prior to the updates, my contacts birthday weren't showing. Now it does. Hurray to hidden bug fixes.

Not available for my N7 yet either. Looking forward to these changes. These have been a few things that always bugged me about it.

Installed but quickly uninstalled. I don't like it. The month view doesn't show any information other than colors approximately where the time the appointment is. S Calendar is much better, it shows start of the appointment name.

BUG!! Can't change the color of my Outlook Exchange calendar (work email). After clicking and clicking and clicking it finally pulled up the color options. When I selected my choice, it force closed the app.

Maybe it's just my sad old Nexus S :(

Also, for all of you wanting the update, just follow the link above and tell it to install to your device, you don't have to get it from your device directly :)

I downloaded it from the link in this story. Now I have two calendar apps on my phone that are the exact same thing, for all intents and purposes. One is the stock, the other is the one I downloaded. Their app icons are different looking, too. I figured downloading it would update the app on my phone, but apparently not.

Not seeing any of these updates. Tried uninstalling and updating and still got old version, but now widgets don't work.

I unintalled the app, but it looks like the old version. I check for updates before unintalling, but had no updates.