Google Body

Just a heads up that Google Body is back in the Android Market, and it's now available for download on Honeycomb tablets. Again, you'll need a tablet running Android 3.0, not a phone running anything other than Android 3.0. But with it you'll be able to explore the human body from a muscular, skeletal, vascular and nervous point of view, and it's pretty darn cool. Download links and our hands-on video are after the break. Thanks, Richie!

Google Body

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voiceonly says:

unfortunately, it force closes within a minute of starting it

stoneth99 says:

Is that the nook color in the first pic?

gpf2ez says:

Nope, not a Nook. See the Verizon branding.

Took anatomy in college. Appreciate this app very much. No where the heck is Google Voice? There is a shortcut for it on my Bluetooth keyboard. NOW. LOL

No force closes here. Took two times to successfully download and instal though.

mpaxeman says:

hmmm...I wonder if there is a way to get this on our phones....

Not on the Market anymore! :(

Will the galaxy tab be getting 3.0?