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Last January, Snapseed made its debut on Android, and though it never made its way into Play, we will likely see the photo editing suite bundled in very tightly into the core Android experience. The developer, Nik Software, has announced that they have been acquired by Google. 

Beyond the usual batch of artsy photograph filters, Snapseed includes selective adjustments, auto-correction tools, creative blurring add-ons, and lots of others. The UI is very finger-friendly, which has earned the app an excellent reputation. 

It's great to see Google picking up talented developers to keep Android fresh. Which app devs would you like to see Google acquire next? Now one can only imagine how long it will take before Snapseed disappears from the iOS App Store... 

Source: Nik Software

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dgwood12 says:

I would love Google to acquire Waze and integrate its features in google maps and navigation.

I'd love to see Trapster bought and incorporated!


Small_law says:

I wonder how upset the iCommunity is going to be. Sparrow acquisition upset or Instagram on Android upset?

Lol who cares about them. I'm mostly Android now but I want Snapseed to remain an independent app and not be integrated into some Google+ or Picasa frankenstein concoction. And hopefully the rest of Nik Sofware's stuff like Aperture and Photoshop plugins remains in place.

vansmack says:

Only really useful if there's a better sensor in the Nexus line. Fingers crossed...

Grahaman27 says:

isnt this app only available for tegra3 devices right now?

voiceonly says:

If they took in Nik, why not just gobble up Adobe while they're at it?

greyopaque says:

One of my all-time favorite iPad apps. Can't wait to get this on my Nexus 7. It's one of the last remaining reasons I've had to keep my iPad 2 around.

Firespyer says:

Should have really titled this that they acquired Nik Software. This is huge news for photographers that use, HDR, Color, Silver efex

Dan29466 says:

I don't care who owns it, I'm just tired of waiting for it to show up. WANT! Quit futzing around already.

stbxxl says:

I'm not sure I like this news outright as there's now uncertainty as to what happens to NIK's fantastic standalone plugins (Silver Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, ...) for tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

gligor_kot says:

I'd like Google to acquire the guy who made Mizuu and then integrate a media solution like that in the core Android system. Google TV would be rockin' if they did!