Google acquires BlindType in a pure win for the accuracy-challenged

In what can only be described as an epic win for all Android-kind, Google has purchased the company behind the Blind Type keyboard. Still no word on a release date, but Now that they have Google behind them, perhaps this will be integrated with the Android keyboard at the OS level, becoming more than just another keyboard on the Market. [BlindType via Engadget]


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Google acquires BlindType in a pure win for the accuracy-challenged


Nice! Been waiting for BlindType to come out. Hopefully this will accelerate the process. BTW, First! Now do I get a free copy of BlindType?

Can't wait to see blind type in some form come to android. But for real moderators can you please kill the spam in the comments. My vote is to just ban jorerc51. This is not the first time that he or she has spamed up the comments.

it's a spam bot, not a user, after registration there is no screen captcha to ensure that the post originates from a human being.

There is if you post a link.

It's an army of cut and paste monkeys that any competent web master could block in a heartbeat.

The spam is kind of annoying. But I hope this accelerates the development of BlindType. Anxious to try this out.

Sorry, guys. We catch and kill the spam that gets through as quickly as we can. (You should see the stuff that's squelched automatically.)

Android owners at AC seem to be a really tough crowd to please (in terms of the site) in my 3 months of lurking around here. I come from Crackberry where everyone just seems more..I don't know..friendly to the moderators/site admins like Kevin (although B1aze gets a ton of heat from his constant grammar mistakes). Some of the comments I read here regarding how the site "should" be run and whatnot almost make me think that Phil, Jerry and the others must receive boatloads of hate mail every week. Now, I'm not talking about this post in particular, because nothing posted at the time of my writing this is really too outlandish or harsh here, but there have been much worse before.

Anyway, just me thinking outloud.

Hey, we love our editors and moderators around here.

You should see the outright disrespect and open badmouthing that Rene Richie gets over on

Nice job Phil I likes me comments full of useless banter and the occasional apple bash not spam. Way to keep it clean.

This is the first time I've heard of BlindType. It looks real neat if it can be done in a way that will not will not impede typing by making false button presses when attempting to type (for example accidentally entering into the date/time field when trying to enter the title of an appointment you're adding into your calendar). If this can be done without making data entry more difficult BlindType will be amazing. However I still don't think I would use it... on the other hand, if they built a 'BlindSwipe' ability into it I would use it in a heartbeat.

hopefully this makes the android keyboard closer to the iphone keyboard. on iPhone, it has intelligent correction for situations when you enter an 'R', and then barely hit a 'q' afterwards, that you probably meant to hit an 'a' or whatever letter you were closer to.

i wonder how much overhead this will have over the standard keyboard. sounds like some added stuff going on in the background, though with android phones getting ever more powerful specs by the time it releases i'd say it'd be a non issue. i'm sure they could optimize it a bit as well.

I thought google was going to start rolling out feature updates like this as installable apps rather than full OS versions. Like the new gmail that came out a couple weeks ago.

It's a little early to call this a win for Android users. After all none of us have even used it yet. It's vapor ware as far as I'm concerned.

If they'd purchased swift key that would have been brilliant. I've found nothing that can replace the accuracy and speed of Swiftkey, after trying every keyboard available for Android.

The short hype videos for blind type look cool. But who can attest to its accuracy?

How can blind type know if I meant to type the word " now " vs " bow"? Or something like "far" vs "car". For many words I can see blind type working, for others, not so much.