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Google is ramping up their promotions of Google Wallet with some help from the man, the legend and a person who is certainly their target audience with his wallet busting at the seams -- George Costanza. Though, after watching the video -- I'm stuck wondering what phone George would be using in order to make use of Google Wallet. It would have to be a Samsung Nexus S right? Or maybe he is holding out for the Nexus Prime.


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George Costanza discovers Google Wallet


It doesn't apply to Newman. That was an actual Seinfeld episode. All Google did was make the ad he ripped off for Google wallet. In the actual episode, The ad was for guitar lessons.

Ok. So now I'm interested in google wallet. I'm a receipt keeper. I use them to validate that my finances in microsoft money (yeah I still use it) matches what my bank says. And yes I know it's a little anal. So? This is not your life! :)

If there's a way that I can get my phone to keep all my receipts, I count that as a win. Even better, if there's a way I can get my wife to use her phone to keep her receipts, that's a double win!

Why not just snap a picture of your receipts and then sync them to your PC with Dropbox? Then you can safely toss them. You could even convert them to searchable PDFs where the image is used as the front layer of the PDF (since normal OCR would just make a mess of the layout) but whatever text is recognized by OCR will be searchable, most scanners these days come with software to do this on the fly. Even if you don't go that far, the metadata on the file will tell you the exact day and time the photo was taken (and thus a close approximation of when the purchase was made), plus if you have it set to geolocate your pics it'll even tell you exactly where you made the transaction.

A couple of high school friends actually built an app/service that's made exactly for this purpose, it includes sync services and OCR, cloud storage, etc... But it's geared a lil more for businesses than individual users and the pricing/sub reflects that.

Google Wallet is a really good way to make shady companies that over price, or say that they don't have any record of your transaction, lose in court.

More NFC devices please...

Yeah, just what I want to do after giving Google access to my contacts, my phone calls, my applications, my location, and all my searching.... give them access to my purchasing and purchasing records.

No thanks.

And no, I don't have a Google checkout account (one reason I use Amazon App Market) and don't use Gmail (I have a Gmail account ONLY because it is mandated for Android, I don't actually use it), and don't use Google talk or chat or Picasa or Plus. For all of these, I intentionally use different services/carriers.

I am amazed that most people see no danger in turning over more and more and more and more personal information to a single, giant company. Especially one that makes all its money not on customers but from other companies. And one that doesn't even have a way to contact a human when something goes horribly wrong.

I believe that's just the way of the future. You'll probably have to live under a rock to avoid trusting personal info to the cloud. I don't mind putting that info up there, such as credit card info. The vulnerability and small chace of that info being compromised is a small price to pay for the convenience..but that's just me

That is not the only price you are paying. You are allowing Google to now track all your purchasing and combine that with all other information they collect.

Being a huge fan of both Google and Seinfeld, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

This is from " The Reverse Peephole", Season 9, Episode 12 btw