Android Central ContestWe're a week into of our a monthly contest in which we're giving away a $10 Google Play Gift Card every day this month. That's 31 winners in 31 days, with an easy $10 to spend on apps, books, music -- whatever you want!

What's more is that each of the 31 winners will automatically be entered to win a free Nexus 4, which we'll choose and announce the first week of January.

We're going to change things up each week to keep it fresh. Here's the breakdown:

  • Dec. 1-8: Leave a post in the appropriate thread in the Android Central Forums.
  • Dec. 9-15: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. (You can subscribe now if you want, but only subscriptions during that time frame will count as an entry.)
  • Dec. 16-22: Comment on that day's giveaway blog post. (Look for our hatted friend you see here.)
  • Dec. 23-31: To be announced. It'll be fun one way or another.
There are 13 comments

15israellai says:

YouTube subscriptions - not necessarily new ones right? Just to confirm

return_0 says:

I guess you didn't read the entire article…

mr.holtz says:

Nope, only "new" the subscriptions between the 9th and the 15th... If you've already subscribed, just undo it and subscribe again on the 9th.

bigdav1178 says:

I see the reminder for the contest posted this morning, but I don't see a new thread for today???

VDub2174 says:

I noticed the same thing.

commonplace says:

As other commenters have pointed out, the only thing missing is the actual thread for today's contest!

Whoops. Someone forgot to hit "Submit." :)

mxmarcus says:

Time to try again!

LinuxKnight says:

Am I the only one here

Who when seeing the Stocking Stuffer Girl above,
thought of

Overly Attached Girlfriend?

miller7796 says:

Ha! I see a slight resemblance now.

cboyer says:

can i be a winner

ladams1221 says:

Woohoo! Thanks for the chance.

qinelve says:

really great