We've been discussing the possibility of a WiFi only Motorola XOOM showing up for quite some time now and although Motorola gave us a partial confirmation, that was seemingly only for Latin America. We're still looking for the North American branch of Motorola to come out and say one exists and will be sold here. Although, we may not necessarily need them to considering what is now showing up at the FCC. As described in the documents, Motorola submitted the following:

This equipment operates in the 2.4 GHz band functioning as Bluetooth and WiFi (part 15.247) as well as in the 5GHz UNII sub-bands I & IV non-DFS WiFi (part 15.407). The unit may also be connected to a computer via a USB connection. (Part 15B Computing Device Peripheral).

That sure sounds like a XOOM to us. Couple it with the fact the SARS report is in-line with that of the originally posted XOOM and we're drawing a blank as to what else it could be. There is actually two reports showing the same ID, the other shows it as a tablet. Hit the break for that image. Share your thoughts in the comments folks. [via FCC] Thanks, Tom!


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Did a WiFi only Motorola XOOM just appear at the FCC?


They had better release a wifi only version. At the same time, leave it to Motorola not to do the right thing. Will find out soon enough.

this would be awesome, waiting for something wifi only, Nook color with honeycomb doesnt do it for me, i want the real thing and video chat capabilities of course

If Moto and Google want to gain some significant traction in the tablet market, they need to get this WiFi only device out ASAP; that's how the ipad did it and at a lower pricepoint. When you're prices are higher than Apple, you are doing it wrong. The Xoom looks like a killer device, but they simply can't charge such an exorbitant price and only have one model out there.

Thanks for fixing the comments Phil!

forget about moto, i will take their advice and go else where.
I was thinking about the adam, it went on sale today again, but I cant decide. I am sure it will get honeycomb but I am worried about build quality, and how long it will last me.

If I may say 3 words plus 17 more,"Freaking Hope So, don't slap a $750 price tag on it or something majorly lame like that."

I am buying this tablet regardless of a wifi only version or not...but I would much prefer to spend less and get the wifi only version as I have no need for 3G or 4G service. I hope we get some release details soon so we know if and when the wifi-only version will be on sale.

So much of the Xoom's potential restson the price point. Being first Apple set the price target for an entry level tablet at $500. The $800 Xoom is specked well above the entry level ipad but it doesn't really matter. Motorola really needs a wifi only model at that price. Even if it only had. 8gigs internal and a micro SD slot with no card included it would be okay. I hope OEMs can get over being the carriers pawns and offer these types of options.

Moto has this out by first week in April, and doesn't have this encrypted boot loader crap. I will give my first born child to them even if I have to give birth to it myself, and since I'm a guy that would be one hell of an accomplishment.

Don't get too excited. It is my observation that even a WiFi-only device will *still* be overpriced if there is a version/model of that same device that is tied to a carrier. I don't know if it is because of a non-compete clause or just marketing or what.

Anything over $500 is still way too high. $400 is reasonable.

First of all I still think that the $800 price everyone is going crazy about is an off contract price. It'll probably be 6 on contract with vz. Probably 650 or 7 wifi only.

The other thing is that this is not a "big phone". Its much closer to a fully functional computer. That being said, my dell LT with 250gb HD, DVD burner and web can was $529.

ummm... What's a "web can"? Just curious... BTW, if the WiFi version comes in anywhere under 600, I think it will be scooped up by a LOT of folks, me included! I could care less about the 3G version.

"web can" was a simple mistake that you had to get douchey about. So in that vein, when you say "I could care less about the 3G version", that means you care some now. Should read "couldn't care less about the 3G version."

The Atrix laptop DOCK is $500 off contract. You really think this tablet is going to be cheaper than $500?

Move on folks. This is not the tablet for you.

Why do you assume the rest of us aren't willing to pay more than $500?

Keep your problems to yourself.

They really need to check their pricing strategy. They are going up against an already established albiet small ecosystem with the iPad. Their prices should be slightly smaller, not slightly higher than Apples. If only for the fact that there will be a very small amount of apps written specifically for this OS. Granted most of the apps on the iPad are crap, they do have them. Moto, step back and think about it. Don't get too big for your britches.

A couple of us in my family want the Xoom, but only if it's Wifi. We're not paying another $30/month to Verizon - hell no.

So, Moto, if you want our money, you'd better release a Wifi Xoom in the U.S. :)

Doesn't anybody see the plan????? Release the 3G/4G version first, get as many Verizon subscribers as they can get (probably due to some kind of deal). Then release the WiFi version so the hold outs will also, finally, be able to get a Xoom tablet. Motorola wants to sell tablets, but they are probably going to help Verizon a bit first, maybe Verizon put up some money to help with the development or something, I dunno.

But I do know that it will serve Motorola NO GOOD to ONLY have a version tied to a data plan.