We would please like to buy a Nexus 4. 

Sincerely, Android Central.


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Dear Google ...


Google fails at understanding economics: Supply & Demand, and how pricing affects both. Also selling HW is not as easy as selling software. Finally how about a simple, take customer's money, put on wait list.

1) Add the phone to your play store shopping cart.
2) Set the quantity (1 or 2).
3) Press the "tab" button on your keyboard until the "proceed" button is highlighted.
4) Press and hold "enter". After a few seconds you'll be brought to the checkout screen.

You're welcome.

I also got that email yesterday, but (and not trying to gloat) I did get my tracking email this morning.

I received an email last week stating it was scheduled to deliver last week and then nothing all week. Yesterday I emailed them and got an email last night stating that it was scheduled to ship this week and I haven't gotten any tracking info.

pi$$ poor job by google....

aaaah i hate this experience. driving me crazy. put the phone on amazon, watch and learn how this is done. :((((

I was hoping the bumpers would be available again too...... let down :( I know I'm gonna break this fragile little dream machine

I feel bad for all the people who have to deal with this. I guess it's a good thing I am on verizon and don't have to deal with this.

This seriously is a disaster. You'd think they would have learned at least a little bit. I wonder if they're going to keep us at this hold screen until everyone gives up.

lets get something straight, Hurricane Sandy was a disaster, this is just a screw up by Google, you seem to have rich people problems. stop crying

Agreed. Dear God, people will bitch and moan about anything. Grab a straw suck it up and order the damn phone when it's available. Not a single part of this is a disaster.


As a Verizon customer you may not have to deal with this, but you have to deal with timely updates either.

Just saying....

Damn what a pain in the ass but I was able to get a 16GB after smashing the "proceed" button about 50 times in a row. I had it in my cart about 10 times but my frustration got me through. This is so sad though. Google should be able to do better than this. I cannot believe the bumper is still out of stock! Lets go Google! *UPDATE It has been working for alot of people as I originally posted in the thread. Don't leave the cart. Just hit proceed a bunch of times. Keep clicking. It will finally go through! Good luck!

I had a Nexus 7 in my cart as a gift and was able to add a 16GB Nexus 4 without hassle at 11:59 PST. Don't know if that information will help others. Could have been a fluke with dumb luck for me, but I have a confirmation email and 1-2 week shipping time frame on the phone, 2-3 days on the Tablet.

I'm also a regular Google Wallet user so I didn't waste time adding any info.

I feel awful for the rest of you - I hope you all get one soon!

It says that but they're not. I'm still waiting on mine from launch day and I'm told that it'll be shipped by the end of the first week in December

I think there is some law of physics that states and a Nexus Phone and it's bumper cannot exist on the same online store at the same time.

It's certainly great hardware.
However, your wireless contract will probably make it look worse and worse over time.
$30 a month for unlimited text + ~10-18Mbps unlimited internet? Yes please.

I wonder how many people have said, "Screw it, I'm getting the iPhone5" over this bullsh!t that Google is pullin'? The staff at Google or at least the clowns that run the Play Store site must not have read a single comment in the past two weeks on these blogs/forums to see the utter frustration their patrons are experiencing. What a fucking joke.

Having iPhones for 4 years, the "screw it" thought crossed my mind. Still hanging in there, but that unexciting iPhone5 comes to mind every time I see that "opps" bubble message lol.

Again, had the nexus in my cart no less than 4 times, failed each and every time. GOOGLE FAIL. This is crazy and stupid. Google should know how to do this better, it is ridiculous that a company as big as google can't handle something so simple as selling things. Figure it out, or hire some people from Amazon.

I finally got mine ordered at 12:23 that was the worst buying experience of my life! Took 24 minutes, about 500 page refreshes and about 50 false attempts of adding the phone to the cart. Google should be ashamed of themselves...but then again I still gave them $400 of my money so maybe I should be ashamed of myself...ugh...

>_< I should've bought one in the first run when I had the chance and not even bothered trying to ugprade through T-Mobile. LESSON LEARNED.

I was able to get one 16 did nexus 4
clicking through the menus for 35 minutes!
eventually I realized like another poster here
just keep clicking on the proceed button
I mashed on it 50 times, didn't go back to another screen or try to add a bumper to my cart
finally went through
I will be amazed if it ships in 2 weeks though
very disappointed, who else can get the servers to handle something?
can't they do a pre-order? if apple can figure that out why not google?

Dear Android Central.

Get the hell over it. At least you had a chance at this new round of stock. Didn't even launch anywhere else on Earth.

So suck it up.
The rest of the world.

Uhhhhh huh. Judging by ALL OF THE OTHER COMMENTS IN THIS POST, it's really just Android Central having the problem.


Dear World.

You just didn't want it enough.

Ordered the 13th. I got a tracking number from the US store to my US forwarding service, out for delivery right now.


(yesyes, being an ass, sorry)

Alternative version:

Dear Continental Europe etc.

A lot of tech savvy countries have to wait until our normal tech stores get stock. like. 2014.
We're trying to get over it.

King of the North.

The problem too is that when you try to add an item to the cart ane that fails it still adds the item to the cart. By the time I was able to view my cart I had two 16GB models in my cart. Adjusted for one then went to proceed to checkout and BOOM FAIL.

Good thing I have a GNex to hold me over.


no i am getting sold out on both. if the optimus g had an unlocked bootloader i would go for it right now.

Looks like no matter what you try to order its having issues even chromebooks
called google customer service they comfirmed traffic is causing issues shock right, how can GOOGLE not be able to handle the traffic.

Keeps popping in and out of stock!! Shows Sold Out one second and Add to Cart the next. I got it in the cart about 10 times, still no luck with processing the order. i wish they would just let us back-order and forget about it, this is frustrating to say the least!!

When you have it in cart don't leave. Keep hitting proceed. Yellow banners will show saying it is not going through but keep hitting it. Then you will see a payment window pop up eventually

That is what I did, and just kept clicking proceed. Eventually after alot of rapid fire clicking, I got a Captcha window to verify I was a human. Then it took me back to my cart and I rapid fired clicked until it proceeded to the next page for me to choose Google Wallet and submit my payment info.

I think it's quite clear that Google has managed to arrive at an intersection of storefront incompetence and arrogance. It's not just that the process is broken, it's that they have no apparent concern that it is broken. This is a continuation of the failed Nexus 7 launch over the summer where pre-orders didn't ship until at a week after the product was in B&M storefronts. No statements from Google admitting a problem, no apparent progress towards fixing the situation, in fact they seem to have gotten worse. I kind of wonder after this if Google will just drop the Nexus line of devices and simply decide they don't have the stomach to sell the devices directly to the customer.

i am convinced that google play with devices selling is a prelude to an all out competition to amazon, sellling all kind of junk. But right now i feel like they are a decade behind i technology.

Just awful, 40 minutes of wasted time, had it in my cart at least 10 times and then disappeared. Google is lost in this experience and so am I, will try one more time in a few hours.

I loved my Nexus One and after a 2yr hiatus, I want back in. Having a terrible reunion however. Seems like they still half ass everything commercial. Not sure which is worse, the Apple teet or Google's abandonment.

I got mine...

Trick I used was open 3 browsers (they gotta be 3 different ones (IE, FF and Chrome) so the sessions are not the same) then just keep trying...took 13 min.

Don't worry i dropped the others outa my cart for yall after i got through.

+1 on that one. I was so excited to see the email this morning saying it would be available at noon PST, then the little part that said US only. I'm surprised Canada sold out so fast the first time, must have been very limited stock.

You're lucky you got an email. Hopefully, it's coming to Canada in a few days since I missed out on the first batch of the 30 minute early launch. 12:00 they say. liars. ugh.

45 minutes of trying, got to click to add to my cart 6 times, saw the cart twice, got server errors every time I tried to check out. And now it looks like they're gone.
I should send Google a bill for my time they wasted.

If you are going to not allow preorder in blocks (so *not* first in best dressed) and therefore require people to wait around pressing F5 (already loading the server up) and then open the store the SYNCRONISED orders will kill it for sure. Don't know why anyone is surprised, could easily be predicted by Google...

Of course by not allowing preorder Google don't know if they have enough ready either.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so far had it in my cart 9 times, and I can't proceed with the checkout!!!!!! Totally ridiculous!!!

I finally got one after 50 minutes of headache. I have multiple computers and browsers working on smashing that button. Surprisingly the one that went through was a Chrome window that I neglected for a while. I came back to it to give it another try, refreshed the page, device was still there, hit proceed, went through right away.

Finally got mine ordered. As a couple of others have said, if you can manage to get it in your cart, just keep clicking proceed until it actually does so. Don't leave or try to refresh the cart or it just deletes it and you'll have to start over.

Although we are still waiting in the UK, I purchased a Nexus 7 (or completed an order to be precise) and decided to include my order for a bumper at the same time as the tablet.

If my first experience was anything to go by, when I next attempt to purchase this phone I do not have any intentions of trying to add anything else to the basket to hinder any possible success in completing my order.

Finally got it!!! My mouse finger is going to fall off! I have no idea how many times I clicked proceed. It was funny, once the next screen came up I actually froze for a couple of seconds in disbelief.

The other message is:

"Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We're working on fixing the issue. Please try again later."

Or, invalid request. Or, the item has been removed from your cart because it is out of stock... And then you see it's back in stock. What the hell is this?

Oh and I forgot one more: "We're sorry, there was an error. Please try again later."

Do the thing where you keep hitting process, even though it's grayed out. I had to hit it about 2.5 million times (rough estimate) but it finally put me through so i could enter payment info. I got confirmation and the whole 9. purchased a 16 gig :) Happy to be trying android out after being on WebOS and WP7 :)

This is a pretty poor showing on Google's part as this should have been resolved before the second launch was allowed to go ahead. Have one in my shopping cart and just going to keep on hitting proceed. Fingers crossed....!

more than 1hour of clicking now and still nothing. now all i get is sold out on both models. I am beyond upset right now.

just got off the phone with google, they said it was sold out in the first 5 minutes and that is why everyone is having these issues

one hour trying to place my order and gives me the errors, my cart gets empty. this is the worst online experience i have ever experienced. this is not acceptable from a company like google. they need a sales team with experience. I'm thinking on buying a f**** blackberry now!!!!! or jump off brooklyn bridge might be better.

How to purchase a Nexus 4 phone during high traffic:

1. Refresh page in any browser until you can successfully add to cart. There is no trick to this.

2. Once you see the phone in your cart, do NOT click on anything. TAB over to the Proceed button and HOLD down the Enter button for several minutes (however long it takes) until the purchase goes through. In Firefox I saw the different "error" messages changing and popping up during this time. Just HOLD down enter until it goes through. Took me about 3 full minutes.

3. Enjoy knowing that you were able to purchase the phone.

Hey Google needs to understand its user-base, Android it HOT and people want it! I'm ditching stale ios to go back. Please fix this Google.

shows in stock, just added to cart, it said it would ship when available. I am happy with my gnex though, so I removed it. Keep pounding F5 guys!

I got two, but the second was accidental. After trying for 45 minutes, I wasn't about to try and fix it. Don't imagine I'll have any trouble getting rid of the second one. :)

I will buy your second one if you want. This whole experience has been a nightmare! I have probably hit the refresh button over 1000 times and only made it to the checkout once before the site crashed. So frustrating!

I kept clicking the "Proceed" button for 60 seconds straight and it let me through! I was able to order the 16GB model. I really hope Google doesn't deny these order requests now that they've made it through.

YAYYYY!!! YEAAAHHHHH!!! they took my money!!!! Finally, yup, just clicked proceed a thousand times. got the confirmation email. Now running around the house screaming that i got one. YAYYYY!!!!! good luck to everyone else.
Edit: got the 16gb and "1-2 weeks" for me too

No money is taken until the order has been shipped. Read your receipt. I really hope these orders actually made it through :(


Does not make sense that they wouldnt just take peoples money and put them in line. GET WITH IT GOOGLE!

The worlds largest search engine. You would think they could keep up with the demand. Im so pissed!!! Im almost ready to just spend my money somewhere else. I would be fine with them at least being able to take my order but no they cant even do that.

Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Just got this message...

Hey a new error message. I was getting tired of the other three. Gotta love variety.

And now I'm also getting a google wallet error pop-up on occasion.

i'll take it as progress. :)

google is pretty shit.
multi billion dollars and can't even SELL SHIT on their site?
are you fkn kidding me???????

I just got this message. "Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience."

what a ridiculous buying experience. for anyone other than hardcore android adopters Google will lose the average Joe who has heard about this phone and then tries to purchase one. which is a shame since this is such a nice phone.

Says high traffic and N4 are not sold out....hope it doesn't mean that by the time the traffic is fine, they'll be sold out by then lol.

As much as I wanted this. I'm so glad I have my GSM Gnex now. I'll be back in May after IO and get this then.:-)

So does this mean that the 8gb version will be delivered this year or is it still 4-5weeks out? That's the only reason why i have the 16gb in my cart right now.

Holy shit, I finally got my order placed. Used Firefox and tabbed over to the proceed button. Held down enter for about 10 minutes. Wallet took forever to load, but it eventually went through and I have an order number. Now to wait...

I was afraid they'd temporarily ignore my requests for Dos attacking them if I did this, but it actually worked. Thanks so much.

Now to get a beer and forget this disaster, two hours of clicking a button to buy a phone grr.

If you go back to Google Play now, there is a disclaimer at the top which says that the Nexus 4 is not sold out and that Google Play is just seeing a lot of site traffic. Most of you need to just relax with all of the dramatic #FAIL comments. Whether you buy it today or not, Google will still sell tons of these phones.

I managed to order an 8GB, I wanted the 16 but this is better than nothing. I now have very sore fingers and a worn out clicker.

OMG! GOT MINE! I had 1 chrome window, 1 incognito window, 1 IE window, 1 in-private window and held the enter button on the "Proceed" button for 2 minutes on each page and rotated around. FINALLY got my order in after 2 HOURS!

FINALLY, I have it. Decided to keep trying after the latest message saying they weren't sold out. I had done the "Spam Proceed!" method for the past hour and half with no results (even went so far as to use my laptop and home desktop, no luck). I was going to let it go, but of course I had to try again. Spammed Proceed and... BAM. Just waiting on the confirmation email. Good luck to everyone else (and me, 'cause it still might not go through, smh)

After trying for nearly an hour and a 45 and feeling hopeless, I was able to order one. Keep at it guys...keep on clicking (or entering) that proceed button!! Fingers crossed for everybody!!!

"Due to high demand"? they're kidding right? How about "Due to our ineptitude,..."

Have been trying for a couple of hours now, still no luck!

Well, there's three "I got one!" comments back-to-back. I think a lot of people gave up, so if you want one, now is the time to try!

Yeah, fair enough. I'm still trying of course. I'm outside and forgot my USB mouse at home though, clicking a trackpad mercilessly is hard!

I was just getting off work as the phone was back in stock. I tried to order it from the Play Store on my Kyocera Hydro on my way home... smh. I know how you feel lol

I tried since before noon PST and had two in my cart several times, kept hitting the proceed button, etc., etc. My wife did the same, and we have been at it the whole time. We decided to change tactics and only put one in each cart. Within a few minutes we each had one.

Can't believe everyone is putting themselves through this. Give it a month and there will be plenty to go around.

Better this than listening to people bitch all month long about theirs getting put on backorder because Google sold too many.

2 hours later... purchase! Success!

I am glad I don't to the black Friday thing... this was close enough. My wife is gonna be excited with her new phone!

it's looking like they're finally starting to get a handle on the traffic, it's not slowing down at all for me anymore. Now they just need to bring the bumper back and start selling that awesome orb!! for such a highly touted feature you'd think they would have those for sale by now too...

I was able to get through by doing the hold-down-enter-key trick. I didn't even remember about the sale until 40 minutes after it started.

Latest message on the web site

Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.

wtfffff, still cant get an order through.

still showing:
Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.

Holey Crickey! I just tried that hold down enter key trick and it worked! I got a payment method box!!! Let's hope I really got a phone!!!

If it is staying in the cart that's a good need to go absolutely wild on the Proceed button. Google seems to have gotten a handle on the whole thing - only a matter of time...keep at it!

ROFLMAO finally got through at 5:26!

BTW, so the order page says "1-2 weeks." But the little message on the website said, "Nexus 4 is still in stock, but play store is just experiencing heavy traffic. Keep trying."

What's the truth? Is it in stock currently? Or will it be in stock in 1-2 weeks?

and i ordered from india using my friend z comng here ds christmas nd i wanted nexus really ordered from here using his card

Another success with holding down enter while the proceed button is selected. After numerous attempts I held the button down for a minute or so, got tired and checked another tab, then when I switched back I had the google wallet prompt. Confirmation email received.

Never again...until the nexus 5.

Are you still suppose to see "Due to high demand, your order could not be processed" when you hold down the enter key? When I hold down the enter key I don't see any messages.

You should see the error message, make sure proceed is highlighted when you're holding down enter. You'll have to hit tab a bunch of times to cycle through different elements of the page until it's highlighted.

Thanks a lot guys. Hold down the Enter key worked like charm. I got a email receipt from Google wallet.

I ordered 6 in the first batch. I've received five. For the other I received the email. My cuz ordered four this morning with no issues.

Once you're on the cart page hit tab and different elements of the page will be highlighted. Hit tab until proceed is highlighted and then hold down enter. You'll get the yellow error message at the top but just keep holding.

When Nexus shows in cart with "Proceed" button instead of clicking it, press 'TAB' key and move the focus keyboard focus to the "Proceed" button. Press and hold your "Enter" key for some time and let it go. After a few minutes, a pop-up appears and you can purchase your order.

I was able to order 2 16gb models seperately within 2 minutes.

Put it in your cart then keep clicking proceed every second. Ignore the yellow message just keep clicking. Eventually it sent me to an order screen.

I dont think it took more than 90 seconds of I went back to the playstore and did it again. I have 2 coming. If my wife doesnt like hers its up for grabs at same price.

NOTE: as I was typing, Capital One fraud dept called me to be sure the 2 orders of $380 each (with tax and shipping) were not fraud, so I know the Play Store charged my visa!

Now, off to run thru the neighborhood with Bob (my Golden Retriever) with the theme to "Rocky" blaring thru my imagination.

PS I ordered using Google Chrome

Finally, a 16GB purchased! I was very persistent with the "proceed" key and it mysteriously went through. That was a PITA.

YEA!!! Ok so the enter key is definitely the trick. For the newbie like me, you need to hit the tab key until the PROCEED button is highlighted. Hold down the enter and I was able to check out in 45 seconds.

In case your order takes longer, I was clicking on the mouse for 2 hours...

Most likely, Google spent the last two weeks building a custom analytics suite from the ground up, to measure how many orders are failing this time around, rather than fixing the fact that the orders are failing. Because information is POWER!!!

this looks like a US only release for now, i'm still getting the "out of stock" message in AU

My gf just got our order for 2 16gb's through with the "tab to submit and hold enter" aka "Die in a waterfall of submits you Google bastards" method.

does google wallet work with IE7? i am stuck at work and thats the only browser i have access to?

Enter trick worked for me in Internet Explorer. Tried Chrome and Firefox with no success, but loaded up IE, tabbed over to Proceed and held enter for about 30 seconds before the screen gray'd out a bit and the Google Wallet window slowly loaded up.

Ditto on the Enter trick working. Just got my 16GB version ordered after 3 hours and 20 minutes. Only took about 5 minutes after I read about the Enter trick on here. It was using Chrome on Linux FWIW.

Amazingly the "Enter" trick worked for me too (though for me took an hour)... Found something heavy to hold down the key for me, and moved on to other things.

How the company that knows more about what people are searching for than any other could so badly misjudge demand, and then spend the two weeks between launch day and today and still make no improvements to the Google Play buying experience is quite amazing.

+1 for the 'enter' trick. Been messing around with refresh/proceed sporadically since 12:30 PT on 2 devices, this worked like a charm!

The "Enter" trick worked for me as well. I had to hold down the "Enter" key for about 1 minute then had to wait about 10 minutes and then I got the pop up to proceed. I was a little shocked and amazed that it actually worked! Thanks for the tip!!!! ^_^ Even though I will have to wait 2-3 weeks I know I will not have go through this stress again. I was using Chrome.

They've only got 17 units. They're being hand-made by fairies on a small island and then rowed to shore by leprechauns.

FWIW, the Enter trick worked in IE for me.

Does anyone else get a picture with a broken robot when trying to check out? It says they couldn't complete my purchase because of a technical issue.

I got that because my google wallet info had expired. Entered updated payment information on Google Wallet and I was good to go.

@chestont thanks so much for your advice! I updated my Google Wallet and I was able to finally buy one. What a process but I'm glad that I finally managed to order one. Now the wait for them to be delivered starts.

I got home from work and failing to get it with my phone. Constant high usage. Just fired up the laptop and got the phone in my cart and pulverized my right mouse button non stop. After 30 non stop clicks the order is placed and confirmed for 1.

kept pushing "proceed" for about 15 seconds and it actually worked (finally). confirmation email just received. will be my first android phone. i already have a nexus 7 and can't wait to ditch my iphone 4 on some poor soul.

Only took 3 hr and 50 minutes. I wore my finger out so just left the page open. The not sold out message had gone away, but the order didn't show that it had sold out so I figured it will just take to catch up. After doing nothing on the page for about a 1/2 hr, suddenly there was the checkout page.

I ordered 2, for both my wife and myself, a few minutes ago. I too had to smash the enter key on the "Proceed" button but it worked.

Well, got through by clicking proceed really fast. Called to tell the gf the good news and she informed me that I just ruined my Christmas gift. She was able to get one two weeks ago. :-(

Gave up a while ago. Checked the page and 1 magically now sitting in my cart. Hit proceed and went straight to the order page. 4:10PM PST order confirmed. Hopefully gets here before Xmas, really looking forward to trying AT&T and T-Mobile in comparison to my Sprint Gnex. Now to read that article Jerry posted on getting the Sim cards.

Thanks! The tab trick worked but now i got a 2-3 week delivery!!! Blaaa! O well still got my iphone 5... My first android phone!!

It's disappointing that Google hasn't learned anything yet. By the time people got their devices (8GB in particular) it will be time for CES 2013, and hardware wise at least this would be a much forgotten device. The mobile tech world moves too fast for some to wait around for 6-7 weeks.

I ordered mine on the original launch date and I just got an email today with a tracking number. Hope the device arrives tomorrow.

Google, for future reference, pre-order is the way to go. The whole idea of Nexus devices being the portal to Play Store contents would not work if: 1) the contents are poor or not as rich as your competition(think iTunes and Amazon); 2) people can't get their hands on your devices in the first place. -_-

Was just able to get the 16GB version. Only had to wait five hours before the site would let me (first world problems!).

^ditto. I was considering getting two, (one for myself and one to sell), but I think that by the time we get ours, the profit bubble would have burst, no?

Finally got through! Crap was more frustrating than being in line at the DMV. Ugh Google get your crap together!

I managed to finally get one. Still stuck with the 2-3 week delivery though. But this was definitely frustrating. I was debating on getting two, but I can only afford one 16GB (for myself) and an additional 8GB to sell for profit, but I feel like I won't get it until after the "bubble". Thoughts?

If it's any help, I had been trying to get my cart to checkout all afternoon (wish I had read about the enter key trick) using Chrome, but no go. Just now, I loaded up the Play Store in Firefox and went right through the order process. Strange.

Tab trick doesn't seem to work in Chrome. I ended up clicking for over an 1.5 hours, and finally got the 16GB. My finger hurts now.

I just got "your order has been shipped email, with tracking number!

Joy to the world, my nexus is near!!!