Steve Kondik

Steve "Cyanogen" Kondik has been hired by tech giant Samsung, and the Internet (at least the Android-centric portions of it) are ablaze with the news.  Steve is one of the biggest names in the Android hacking scene, and if you don't use CyanogenMod on your phone, chances are you know someone who does.  Of course news like this gets everyone all fluttered, and a race to blog about it was on.  We got the news last night, too. 

We also realized that Steve isn't interested in making a big fuss over this.  He said his work with Samsung will have nothing to do with CyanogenMod, and that should be that, right? But the hype machine is not to be stopped, apparently. Congrats on your new job, Steve.  Samsung is a great company to work for, we think you'll fit in well.

That said, it should not go unmentioned that one person does not a software team make (just as CM comprises a number of talented coders). For every "amateur" developer who gets hired or promoted (or just changes jobs), there are a whole lot of people just as talented who aren't in the spotlight.  If any of you see one of us from the AC team out and about, give us a yell so we can buy you a beer or two.

As for CyanogenMod, work will continue, even if Steve doesn't have as much time to dedicate to it. Again, it's a community project, which a big reason why we like it, and why it's as good as it is.



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CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik hired by Samsung


Considering Samsung themselves tweeted the following:

There’s a new face at Samsung, AND HE IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST ANDROID DEVs IN THE WORLD! Learn about @cyanogen:

I don't think they want him to separate his activities and plan on caching on his dev reputation as much as they can.

Congrats to Steve.

Congrats to Steve and his new found job.

I really hope Samsung will at least offer people to download and install Cyanogen w/o voiding the warranty. However i know that will most likely never happen but one can dream.

Exciting news. Happy for Steve! I've only used Cyanogen RC7 on my rooted device so I can't compare it to other roms. I absolutely love it and feel like I have unlocked the potential of my device.

However, I hope that the developers and supporting cast at Cyanogen continue with the great work. I know its business, but please don't get assimilated by Samsung in a manner which Cyanogen becomes exclusive to their devices.

Why is everyone congratulating Steve? It's Samsung that should be congratulated.. after all, they did just land Steve Kondik.

I am congratulating him because its nice to see a hard working developer land a job with a big company. As you can see by the comments, Steve is highly regarded and Cyanogen is extremely popular.

I am congratulating him because its nice to see a hard working developer land a job with a big company. As you can see by the comments, Steve is highly regarded and Cyanogen is extremely popular.

Why would it mean that? A different developer, "CVPCS", is the one porting CM7 over to the Droid X.

Did you read the article & not just the headline? LOL.

You mean CVPCS WAS porting it to the DX. There hasn't been a DX related fix in weeks. I know he tweeted real life got in the way, but facts are facts. There really is no more support for the DX CM7 port. Hope he gets back to it to finish it off, but I doubt it. At least we have a working version, even if battery life is god awful.

Is this in spite? I swear, it seems this story was posted by every single blog out there, and it's one where the guy asked blogs to not post about it, and if he could have some privacy.

Congratulations to Steve & I hope that this job is goood for him

In the other hand , I see Samsung went Apple style , you know Hire an independed Programmers ...
Very good , I hope he can helps them to change touchwiz so it won't look like a fake iPhone

Congrats to Steve. IT is well deserved. I just hope he signed a contract that would still allow him to work on CM. (I dont use the roms myself but know one or 2 that do) Main worry would be conflict of interest. Cant use anything Samsung gives him for his CM projects. So no new drivers or anything like that. I am sure he is on top of it though.