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As you're no doubt aware, the Android Central Forums are the friendliest and most helpful Android community around. And now there's an even easier way to check up on the latest discussion, post threads and manage your private messages when you're out and about.

Introducing the new Android Central Forums app! Based on the Tapatalk mobile forum browsing standard, the AC Forums app is the easiest way to enjoy the full forum experience on your Android phone. In addition to being able to read and post messages, you can also tag your favorite forums to make them easier to find, and search threads and posts from within the app.

If you're an AC forum regular, you need this on your phone. And if you're not, then registration is easy and free. We've got Google Play Store links after the break. If you've tried the new app, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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icebike says:

Short of asking us to install this to see why we would want it, perhaps someone could explain why we would want this (apparently) single purpose app over Tapatalk itself which serves the same purpose for thousands of forums with a single app.

C'mon, now. You really can't think of a reason? Disappointing. I'll let you chew on it for another hour before I give any hints.

Green_Laser says:

This is awesome!
Always wanted easier forum access on my device. This will keep handling management of posts to be done much more comfortably.
AC is my only forum for android related info, though BAMF is on the map too, well you know why :-D

great job! (I just logged in and took a peek)

AtanRaca says:

Because there are people like me who only post/visit the AC forums. Plus AC is free and TapaTalk is not.

adzrules says:

My thoughts exactly...TapaTalk is not free

dwhall says:

If you use Tapatalk, there really is no reason. Some people don't go to multiple forums and this will serve their purpose quite well and it's free. I use Tapatalk so I have no need for this but I understand why others would. Choice is great!

Lomax says:

I like! Question. Will there soon be a way for us to read user comments in your editorials directly through the AC app without having a need to connect to AC through the web to read user comments?

Currently having big discussions on that. Pretty safe to say it doesn't yet work nearly as good as we'd like. Thanks for your patience, though. :)

adzrules says:

Phil, this is awesome. Thanks a lot!

Paul627g says:

Why wouldn't you want this? Its free and its got Lloyd on the splash screen !!!

hopefulfarm says:

Pretty nice!! I'd rather have the topics a bit easier to see versus seeing who started the topic but that's me. I'll get used to it.

Lomax says:

Ok, cool. Thanks! I can't wait to see the final product.

schrack3000 says:

Works great guys. Nicely done.

1jaxstate1 says:

You guys should contact Jay from WPC and get him to make an Android Central app for ya. I'd rather have a app so I comment on front page articles.

Redx says:

I agree I like to read these stories and can't in the I'll stick to mobile view

Prince_Basil says:

There's a typo. It says Androd... second paragraph second to last word on the first sentence. :-D

Great job with the app too! :-D

This is all fine and dandy.

However, can we PLEASE get an update to the Android Central app? It hasn't been updated in ages. It's ugly, slow, buggy, and poorly designed. Why do all the Android news sites (AC, Phandroid, etc.) have some of the worst apps on the Play Store? =(

moelsen says:

is lloyd drunk in that picture?

XavierMatt says:

Lloyd is a G

Nothing WRONG with SELECTION and CHOICE. I have used tapa talk too but Lolyd is BOSS and so is android central. I will use this just as much now heck I use both google plus and facebook on my GNex so why not this too...

trivor says:

This is a massive fail. It has ads!!!! Where's the paid version w/o Ads. We just had a recent news story that Apps with Ads use up to 3x as much battery power as Apps w/o ads. The app looked good except for the banner ads that were annoying me.

vinny jr says:

If you enjoy visiting forums on your phone then Tapatalk is a must have App. It is worth the $$. Tapatalk and DoggCatcher are two of my favorite Apps.

Hand_O_Death says:

It is a really good app, now if you could get the regular AC app to stop crashing on my stock GN.

dbareis says:

(1) No way to set a FAVOURITE forum, you have to SUBSCRIBE (without notification).

(2) When you do subscribe it doesn't show up as a favorite until you exit and reenter the app.

(3) Something else to do with favourites which I'll remember after I've posted this comment....

jean15paul says:

The AC Forum app is nice. And I LOVE the way you've described why every premission is needed. I will say that I regularly get Force Closes when I click on pictures that people post in the threads. I'm sure yall will get that worked out. (Evo 3D, fully stock)

tofucious says:

I like the app, but have one suggestion. What it be possible to add a tab that had quick links to your pod casts?

dbareis says:

PROBABLE BUG/FEATURE: I've never had this problem before installing the app, I'm browsing the forums on a PC and a lot of unread posts are marked read.

ChromeJob says:

(Moved to forum thread.)