No, it's not exactly Android related but it's too freaking cool not to post it! Soon, we shall be living in the world of Minority Report, and this "Smart Window" technology Samsung has at CES 2012 is going to help us get there. Ashley Esqueda checks out what's happening over at the Samsung booth and gives a little demo of the window.

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jastop says:

How long before this available on an automobile window? ...and then how long after that can we play GTA in an augmented reality mode?

tommydaniel says:

:O want!

Nice, now I can just realign the couch to face the windows instead.

McRoth says:

OK, I WANT one of those!!!!

solid_s_1117 says:

One step closer to this-->

arcadelion says:

Tony Stark built this

Roffles says:

But I don't want everyone outside to see that I'm watching porn :(

dratsablive says:

You weren't paying attention to Ashley, she said that people on the outside can't see what you are looking at.

MthII says:

No, but they will see a dude whackin it in front of a window. Far more disturbing

BRIVERS73 says:


Synycalwon says:

RFLMAO!!! Too funny! :P

smdxneon says:

This is incredibly funny when you read it... but when you imagine it, it becomes the funniest thing in the entire world.

Nate Rules says:

This comment is so f-ing funny, you should win an award or something.

ICU812 says:

I haven't laughed this much in years! Tears are everywhere!!

icepak says:

Actually its a one-way mirror. Only thing people will see is themselves. So you'll still be safe whackin in front of it. lol.

Timelessblur says:

I so want one of those. It would be a nice touch.

Taz89 says:

and people say samsung dont innovate lol

yujioh says:

They didn't. They copied Tony Stark :-D

Hand_O_Death says:

That is freaking crazy. I swear I thought that those were stickers until she pressed them. No idea where I would put/use this, but that changes nothing in the fact that I still want/NEED this.

iPwn says:

Super cool concept. But I'm guessing most people would have to make a new hole in their wall for this to work? Because I doubt many people already have windows the size of that display...

whippingboy says:

And Apple will claim they've had the patent pending on this in 3...2...1...

Joking aside, this tech was featured in a video from Corning Ware some time ago- so who really does hold the patent on this?

Is Samsung trying to sell window replacements vs. the ability to install a film with this tech on an existing window?

MedioGringo says:

The key thing with this will be software/ecosystem. If it runs android, imagine a phone to window app or an NFC chip that allows me to sync my to-do list with my smart window or send a recipe to it. I wanna be about to share my photos from my phone on the smart window or skype on it.

gsmalleus says:

The real question is, how long until the price drops to something I can afford?

racingbmwm3 says:

I think this was in Total Recall before that, so Fox must own it.

jaydee311 says:

Technology such as this makes me want to shoot my Android and any of today's technology with an AR15. Retarded.

Kronko says:

Shut, I cannot have one of those. The kids in my area all always playing baseball and the other day they broke one of my house windows.

opec says:

This wins, both CES, and the internet.

Jet300 says:

Forget the window. They need to incorporate this overlay onto mirrors. Imagine your dresser mirror or bathroom mirror / medicine cabinet with this on it.... Keep up to date with the latest doom and gloom in the news .. grab the weather and traffic updates.... check scores..... take a video call...

Real cool stuff coming ahead of us... exciting!

Ravaloft says:

I heard a dev already has it rooted.

ScottJ says:

I like how she's a "Mobile Nations Video Delegate". Translation: She's purty enough to show on camera. Most of the rest of the slobs, not so much.

pineypl says:

The real question is; will it be hurricane resistant for us in hurricane country?