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Samsung Galaxy S4 was most stable device, while the iPad 2 was the least stable

It's probably no surprise, but Android 2.3 Gingerbread was the least stable version of Android when it comes to causing app crashes. That's all improved since, however — according to a report from Crittercism, which monitors app usage on over a billion Android and iOS devices, the stability of Android apps surpasses that of iOS across the board in all software versions.

Android apps crashed an average of 1.7 percent of the time on Gingerbread, but the combination of Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat crash just 0.7 percent of the time according to the report. By comparison, iOS 6 crashed a much higher 2.5 percent of the time, with iOS 7 cutting that down to 2.1 percent and iOS 7.1 to 1.6 percent. Even with those improvements that's still over double that of modern versions of Android, and not something your average person would actually think if they were asked which platform crashes more.

On the device side, the report finds that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the most stable device they have data on with a 0.9 percent crash rate, while the highest was the iPad 2 at 2.6 percent. For different kinds of apps, graphically-intensive games naturally crashed the most, while e-commerce apps crashed the least.

Source: Crittercism


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Apps crashed most on Gingerbread, but Android is consistently more stable than iOS according to report


My google services are unfortunately stopped, I want to resolve this problem.kindly help.

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Factory restore your phone. Had happened to me for use of an app not approved by Google LOL. Got my phone fixed though. At first I was freaking out cause I just got three phone. All is good now though.

Also make sure that you have your sync option on. I turned off my sync option accidentally and none of my notifications were being sent except for text.


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My question would be, "do Android and iPhone users use their phones in the same way?" Since gaming apps tended to crash the most, it's possible iPhone users spend more time gaming on their phones for instance.

It's possible but highly unlikely that the average gaming (ios and android) user are much different from one another. We're talking about the average of billions of these devices.

Actually the only thing that crashes on my iOS devices is the browser... But it does it almost every day ever since iOS7 updates. And that rarely happens on my Android devices (perhaps because they have more RAM and can manage it better).

I have an iPhone 5 and it was not plagued by crashes. I hear the 5s and the iPads had a serious problem pre iOS 7.1. My nexus 7 doesn't crash per say, but sometimes it just sticks and becomes unresponsive. That annoys me greatly. Chrome is a terrible browser on it.
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I don't think this is a factor. You can argue that ios users play more games. The difference is though that we have more options. Android crashes less having widgets, floating icons and we'll other things I can't think of at this time. IOS has very little to report as to the reason to the crash yet reported to crash more often.

The only factor I have to agree with is the ram.

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I highly doubt iphone users spend more time playing graphically intensive games if only for the fact that they have that tiny screen who would want to play a game on it. Coupled with the fact they have inferior hardware. I would bet Android users spend way more time gaming.

But... but... but... Samsung...
I can only agree with these stats. I love the buttery smooth and almost flawless experience on my GS4 with Kit Kat. Now Google just have to fix those SD card limitations.

Google did fix SD cards. Developers just need to update their apps to conform to the new rules.

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You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

But what if it goes Diagonal? Then it would take on a whole new direction in the space time continuum :)

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Yeah OK go with that

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Glaring security flaw? If Google decides to put system files on my SD card, Google are officially stupid. Look at how any computer works. "external" drives are not crippled like it is in Android, because the the "solution" Google has made up is outright brain dead. The only reason Google cripples SD cards like they do is to sell cloud storage.

Then force the app devs to conform to common sense standards, or leave well enough alone. Google already does this with the app store on other issues. Taking control of hardware, and how it is used, away from the user is asinine. Apple already does this and it drives many to Android. If Google gets all fruity, where will users go?

Then why secure them? A little counterproductive. You'd think they would have explained the security flaws in the old implementation and let the paranoia set in from there...

Google removed support for SD cards in Honeycomb and Jellybean. OEMs hacked if back on in the same insecure way. So now Google put it back in but in a more secure way. The choice they made has its pros and cons and hopefully they will tweak the implementation over time but they had to do something. Its bad when you have a whole file system that is universally writable and executable.

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Then add support for EXT or NTFS file systems on SD cards, instead of only offering support for FAT. Problem solved.

Completely agree! I know that everyone doesn't want or need that amount of storage. But, how awesome would it be for 64GB to be the MINIMUM amount of onboard storage!?

Agreed, my 32gb SD is almost filled. Mostly music, but I wouldn't mind 64 in board and an SD slot. I'm a believer of more is better.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Actually I think 32GB should be the industry minimum 16 gig is already the new 8 gigs 32 gig needs to be the minimum what 64 GB in the second option because in reality 32 gig phone is just enough for the average user couple pictures here a couple pictures there a couple mp3 files no maybe a video with you to watch

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Yeah, I'm spoiled with the 32GB available on the Note 3.

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Don't mistake the people on forums like this with "average" users . My wife will never fill up her 16 GB phone, and I suspect she's a lot more "average" than you or I.

If you sell cloud services, then this is counterproductive to your business model. I happen to agree with you, and think it should go even farther - phones have become not only phones, but the new media devices, making storage more critical. I don't necessarily want my stuff on someone else's server, except in very specific scenarios, and I want my music and movies even when I DON'T have a LTE/3G or WiFi connection! There are lots of areas that still have little or no coverage, and dammit if I want to listen to my music in those areas, I don't want to have to carry another gadget when my existing one is quite capable.

I like the ease of transferability with sd cards, remove from old phone, insert in new phone, all set. No need for a usb cable and the use of a PC. I like to be as independent of a PC as possible.

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And, I'm not against having an SD card slot, especially for those that want it.

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It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

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The only thing more ironic would have been if they said Verizon updates were less buggy. Oh man heads would have exploded.

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They will probably state that the crashes on iOS 6 - 7.1 were caused by older iDevices such as iPhone 3G.

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We have an iPad air and its kind of a crashey little bastard. It really hates in app purchases, and locks up the app store all the time.

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Um...The iPhone 3G topped out at iOS 4.2. I know this because I owned one until a couple months ago.

Wow. Congrats. I'm curious how many spare batteries you have to carry around to get through a day. One of the nice things about upgrading is significantly improved battery life.

For me, it's a toss up. On my Note 3, Swiftkey has been crashing the most; with the Android Central app coming in second place.

On my iPad Mini, Chrome and YouTube have crashed a few times.

But, for the most part, both perform solidly, with regards to apps.

Same here this app is the worst on my note 3 thought it was my phone also my iPhone 5 and I pad mini hardly if all crashes

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It may be an issue with Kitkat, truth be told. I've had a few issues with random things, since the update. Oh, and FYI, a factory reset did NOT fix things, lol. But, the Note 3 still provides a great experience.

As for the iPad Mini, it's had a few issues, here and there. For the most part, though, it's been a very solid device.

I have problems with YouTube on my Note 2. Facebook is my biggest offender.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

I'd burn the Facebook app with fire, if I could. I HATE that app with a passion. I re-downloaded it about a week ago. I figured I'd give it another chance. That didn't last long, lol. Went right back to using the browser. I don't use Facebook enough to warrant torturing myself with that app, lmao.

As for YouTube, I can't say I've had that many problems. It force closes, here and there. But, for the most part, for me, it's as stable as it's ever been.

Lol at your username.

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Sums don't add up. Whole of android 4.x averages at 0.7% yet the best android phone (GS4) can only manage 0.9%. There has to be more stable phones bringing down that average.

I think app crashes and phone crashes are different. I don't think it's how often do apps crash on each device, but could be wrong.

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I was thinking the same things, and the whole article was about app crashes not os.

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Thank post this on wpcentral so they can stop bitching about what they don't know. Android is stable and smooth now! (I know they have nothing to do with this stat but still lol)
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Amen, brother. Android has come a LONG way. I remember the Froyo and Gingerbread days. That's when flashing ROMs was more out of necessity, lol.

Having to run cm and repartition the internal memory so you had more than 50mb of storage? Those were the days.

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Same here..I mean I wont root and ROM my moto X there is literally no need to. Even the new sense 6 I would be ok with.

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Yeah, I briefly thought about rooting and ROMing my Note 3. But, it was honestly a fleeting thought. The need just isn't there anymore. And, that's a good thing, if you ask me.

No doubt that the factory supplied (and/or carrier supplied) firmwares have gotten better. SO much better. And the overall design (storage partitioning, memory allocation, etc ) has gotten worlds better, too.

But I still run custom stuff, and have a hard time imagining a day where I won't. The are still countless features that you can have (really really great stuff out there these days, and it keeps getting better too), that'll never be possible on a stock firmwares. So today, it's a lot less about fixing horrible factory stock firmwares, and instead it's about adding amazing new features and capabilities.

But then I am nerd. I still do not consider a "smartphone" to be a phone at all. A "smartphone" is actually a "pocket computer" (that can also handle traditional cellular voice communications). A phone is just an appliance. A computer is a computational device (with all the glorious complexity and capability that is inherent in a computer). For some people an appliance is all they want or need (a consumer product, that requires no computer skills or knowledge to use fully).

I am a computer person. So what is not "needed" by you, will always be "needed" by some others.

Fair enough, brother.

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Windows phone fanboys will just bash android even more. They are literally some of the worst fanboys.

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100% agree! They are like pissed off chihuahuas its just sad lol

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"But but but...Google is actively trying to kill WP by not allowing us to have a proper YouTube app!". LOL.

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The say that all the time about the YouTube app. They think if Samsung or htc would make a phone equivalent to the s5 or m8, that would turn everything around. The truth is Windows mobile killed Windows phone. Look up the treo 800w or their other phones from back then. That thing crashed everyday. They gave me 8 phones and 10 batteries. They can't out run their past.

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No shit! I see IOS and Android fanboys getting along way more often nowadays but those windows fanboys act like true noobs and huge assholes most of the time.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

I will say this: there are quite a few people over at Windows Phone Central that I get along great with, especially in the forums. But, in the comments section, I seem to get blasted over the silliest things. The very last time I "imparted wisdom" on the comments section there, I got utterly destroyed because of my Windows Phone Central app signature, lol.

The forums on any of the mobile nations sites are a completely different beast. I posted 3 posts on AC, iMore, and WPC getting people's input on the best drawing tablet. It was the most unbiased responses I have ever experienced. Android people suggesting iPad. iMore people suggesting Surface pro etc etc. But then you go to the comment section and show the slightest dismay for a product or service and suddenly your rectum is a size 5 when it used to be a size 2.


Haha yeah. Exactly this. Nailed it, Joe.

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I remember seeing that lol!!! It made them so angry to see that signature at the bottom XD

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Yeah, lol. I was completely caught off guard. The best part is that I was discussing the article. And, I didn't say anything bad about Windows Phone in my comments. But, whatever, lol.

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You can never have too many devices!

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Cause they are noobs. They have to use WP because they don't know how to use an actual modern mobile OS.

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I've been a long time tech user (ever since the age of seven, sure there will be folks around here that were born with it XD ). So I've used MS DOS, Win 3.11, Win95, Win98 (SE as well and it was one of my all time windows favorites) , WinME (was also a favorite of mine, if only MS would of had the brains to iron out all the garbage and make it a rock stable release I would still be using it today, same goes for Win98 SE XD), Win 2000, WinXP, Win VISTA, Win 7 and I'm not even thinking of getting on that pile of trash called 8.

I've had my share of OSX (10.4 and 10.6) and Linux Mint, Arch linux too (enjoyed the experiance, but because I game, I use Win 7 machine).

I've had my first Gingerbread phone in 2011 (yet again, behind everyone else *-_-, just didn't have the money for anything fancy), I rooted it, flashed it and loved it vanyla falivored (with only the bare minimum installed apps)... That phone still holds the battery for days (literally, with data disabled, brightness to low and the rest of bells and whistles disabled), I moved only recently to an ICE cream sandwich phone (and I love it, but I'm not head over hills, unrooted Snapdragon single core with 768 ram is kind of a pain to work with, if I only I could root it and add SetCPU to it, plus a few other good utilities and voila, problem solved), got my self a Tablet also with Jelly Been (4.3) and Intel Atom dual core cpu (boy did I not expect such performance from an x86 CPU, I was blown away).

I guess my next step would be either the N1 or the arm and a leg expensive Jollafish based finish phone (I loved the way they've made the user interface, comes pretty darn close to what BB is offering on their devices, which I find very easy to master and simple).

I got a Samsung ATIV S for my sister (a Windows Phone 8). I have to say that the user interface is very well laid, simplistic, fast (and responsive) and quiet stable (after two weeks of intense usage she reported no crashes of what's or ever). She know's how to read instructions carefully and understand them, bite the bullet and take the risk (as she rooted her Galaxy Gio) and she's very happy with that phone (so far, she's only been complaining about the user interface that it's un-customizable (but not irritating).

So I can clearly say, that every system has it's pros and cons.

Android - Customizable as a lego game.
iOS - Can't say much from the few times I laid my hands on it (but I won't bash it, it has it's own magic).
BB QNX based OS - Super easy to navigate and none frustrating to master.
WP 8 - Very easy to master, simple, smooth and eye catching (till you get tired of it).

Anyone supporting only one OS platform, needs a boot in tha face, 'cause those are the same people that if given a different introduction (introduced from early age to a different, but always the same OS environment) would praise it just as much as they're praising the one that they've grown with all their life.

These are the people that will stuff on TV, most of the times and get it. Better yet, they think that they're of a different class (yeah right, more like a SPECIAL SPECIAL kind XD ).

Be open minded, try out and then judge.

having been an iPhone user I can attest to this because crashes on iOS weren't constant but they were on occasion. I have a GPE GS4 I can't even think of one time it has crashed since I got it in July.

I am not lying maybe if I upgrade to kit kat it might stop but it happens every friggen day
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No, if you update to Kitkat, it'll probably happen more often, lol. There's no escape! You can't escape from the power of the FORCE CLOSE!!

Yeah, it probably is just a Samsung issue. It worked flawlessly on my Nexus 5.

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This app never crashes on my G2. I can't think of one instance it has and I'm on it all day long...

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Well, that's good =)

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The title ought to have been more accurate. It initially comes across as though android crashes a lot. Most other sites are saying it how it is. That Android is more stable than iOS according to this new report.

Gingerbread crashed a lot, now android crashes less than ios. That is how it reads, and would be accurate.

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If it states "currently andoid more stable than iOS" then the title should also say "but in the past Android was less stable THAN iOS", (which isn't true anyway). The title makes no sense. The report isn't even really about GB.

I agree that it could have been worded much better. Almost skipped over this one because of it.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

The only crashes I experienced on iOS were when my phone got really low on memory. This happens to every iOS device a year or so into the lifespan because Apple has been skimping on RAM. It's not hard.

I have an iPad 2 64 gig and believe me it crashed apps on iOS 6 less than half the time but by iOS 7 ( even now at 7.1) when task switching it crashes for example the stocks app if you click on an article it opens safari for a split second then crashes also in settings occasionally I just find it unstable with standard apple apps like notes, calendars, stocks,etc that's why I got a nexus 7 in the 1st place and despite a few hiccups its been a fantastic experience

My two bits

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coz you hold it wrong, jk. yeap my friend keep asking to fix his crashing mania ipad 2, uninstalled most of apps and reflash firmware (6.3.1) didn't help much :D

agree, my 2012 N7 is the most stable tablet i ever use. On stock JB rom + kernel, or even on CM/AOSPA with matrix kernel, fast, no wake up lag. no slowdown It just works :p

And the iPhone fan boys and girls will scream bias but as a developer working on both I have to say iOS has far far more random crashes that we can not figure out why and for no reason at all.

8 months strong on the S4 and no crashes! So much for touchwiz being laggy.. or maybe that's just hater talk...

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+99999999999999999 on the TW lag comment. I think since I've gotten the 4.3 update on my S III the only lag I see is on Facebook.

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It's definitely mostly haters. My sis had the S4 and has had no issues, she loves how fast and powerful it is.

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Google copied app crashes from Apple! Apple is going to sue Google and insist they make Android crash-free.

You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Just because you don't like the data doesn't make it wrong.

I'd vouch for that. Apps crash frequently even on my new iPad Air. I've almost never experienced annoying app crashes on Android.

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In all seriousness, KitKat is beyond stable. iOS 7 simply is not as stable (have a work issued iPhone and iPad).

They'll say it's a feature, then write a 2000 word article about why iOS isn't as stable, ultimately painting it as a positive.

Not according to my wife who thinks her iPhone is better because Verizon sold her on that pos incredible 2 so now she thinks all Android phones are bad. Yet her iPhone freezes more than my note 2 ever has.

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When Apple apps crashes, it just close and say nothing, they make tricks to make you think it's more stable.
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+1 to this.

As you said, iOS doesn't tell the user a lot of times when an app crashes, giving the illusion that everything's fine. At least Android is honest about it.

Got Nexus?

It's pretty obvious it crashed if you pressed a button that was supposed to do something and then it disappeared.

I thought Apple is synonymous with no viruses or cases? How can Android of all systems have less crashes?

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Because Apple likes to say a lot of stuff that they hope people will never realize is false. Especially the whole "Macs are immune to viruses" bs.

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I thought iOS 6 was stable as hell, iOS 7 made my 4s the most frustrating phone I ever owned. I never had a problem with GB on my SG1 or GS2.. I

What about OS crashes?

I can see iOS apps being more crashy. I've dabbled in developing for both and iOS is much harder to develop for.

Except it isn't cheap plastic. :P we don't jest, you just don't know what you're talking about.

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Only app to really crash on my GS4 is the Google music app and recently CNET

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It's the frequency of apps crashing on each software version on each device, so how well do the apps mix with the firmware on each device and OS version. Apps crashing isn't always (or maybe usually?) due to something wrong with the app, it can be something triggered a loop in a system bug, or left a called task going when it should have toggled, the basic zigged when it should have zagged stuff.

So it's saying something that's very confusing without a lot of context - essentially, it's somewhere on a spectrum between iOS 7.1 integrates less fluidly with apps from the App Store much less fluidly than Kit Kat averages on all the devices it is on to a converse statement which would look more like iOS app developers have a less fluid integration with the OS than Android developers have on all modern versions of Android, especially Kit Kat. So it can be commentary on the skill of the devs, the ease of use of the design tools, the raw power and quality of the design tools, the quality of the OS, the quality of whatever runtime they're using and/or quite a few other variables - and it can also be a combination of many or all of them.

The bottom line is, whatever random task you're about to do on an iPhone is going to "just work" approximately 984 out of every 1000 times you do something and on Kit Kat it's going to "just work" about 993 times out of every 1000 things you do. That difference of 9/1000 random things being done is probably not noticeable to most users. This is also over billions and billions of data points - so YMMV still applies strongly, depending on what you do to your OS and which apps you download, the frequency and timing of how you use them, etc, etc.

^^^This. Very well put, brother.^^^

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The funny thing is, on my iPad 3, Safari (and even Chrome) crashes when I open certain links.

Opened the same link on my HTC One, and it handled it perfectly fine.

Not sure if it was RAM bottleneck, or KitKat is more stable than iOS 7.1. :P

My first device ran 2.2.1 now on 4.4.2 & 4.2.1 I don't run games but find most Apps I do use quite stable now.

Awesome AC.

Gingerbread would NOT work on my OG EVO AT ALL! I had to have it replaced twice at the Sprint store and stay on Froyo until I got a new phone! Smh..

That's because you were allowed to and did move selected apps to ext storage. I know, unnecessarily exchanged 2 under Sprint's TEP.

Tech reps and others including XDA, didn't know the fix for the FC issue was simply NOT moving Apps to external storage.

Terrible lack of understanding and waste of resources and customer satisfaction.
I'm pleased Google is now doing their best to put an end to this debacle with Kitkat 4.4.

We were always curious about why iOS is regarded as being more stable than Android. Yes, Gingerbread was the black sheep but things were being rectified for the last few versions of Android and it's time for some justice! Geekalogy covered it as well on our site:

Leave us a comment!

I'm just waiting for Wikipedia to update their app, so it won't force close on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2012).

My old Evo 4G crashed a lot (so did my iPad). I'm glad those days are over. Android Central and most apps work well now, though; no crashing yet. However, since updating to KitKat I've noticed a few apps will crash when I'm not even using them. For example, when I'm browsing the web, I'll get a pop-up notification that COSMOS has stopped working.

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Sad to see that apps crash still even on newer iOS devices. Here I thought it was just my creaky old original iPad one. It's really unacceptable to have such issues still even on the newer devices. There needs to be better error trapping.

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I love it. When an app crashes on iOS, it just closed and you get no prompt, message, nothing. Android tells you it has crashed and you can send an error report. This makes people aware there was a problem where iOS neatly covers that part up. This is why Android is perceived as crashing more, even though its not true. My Tab 3 has actually never crashed, and it far from a powerhouse.

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