comScore market share

HTC and Motorola both drop market share; LG holding down 5th place

Releasing its monthly report on the U.S. mobile industry, comScore shows Android with a slight decrease in market share as of September 2013. A three-month average ending in September shows Android with 51.8 percent of the U.S. market, down 0.2 percentage-points. Apple naturally holds the second spot at 40.6 percent, with BlackBerry and Microsoft taking up third and fourth place.

In terms of manufacturers (chart shown below), comScore shows Apple still on top with that same 40.6 percent of the market, up 0.7 percent, with Samsung holding second place strong with 24.9 percent of the market, up 1.2 percent. HTC holds onto third place just barely at 7.1 percent, down 1.4 percent between periods. Motorola drops to 6.8 percent market share, and LG 6.6 percent. If you're counting that also leaves 14 percent divvied up among various other small manufacturers.

Source: comScore

comScore market share


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Android U.S. market share dips slightly, Samsung improves its position


Pretty sire they're just sarcastically making fun of him.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period that has been proven for over three years now on the android platform.

Grown men making fun of me like the world has stopped or the day of the week has changed it means nothing it never will.

In the real world none of you clueless people on this site or the Web even matter with life. I laugh at the common stupidity that exist here on this site with a bunch of clowns.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

An original equipment manufacturer's Android market share doesn't equate to ranking best to worst in performance and usefulness .in defferance to atrociously annoying Samsung payroll trolls and their fanboy sheeple minions

As a different example, Apple's smartphone market share isn't an indication their smartphones are better performers or more useful than Samsung's.

As you so brilliantly elaborate. The world hasn't stopped and the day of the week does change and you, and the name Richard, rate at the pinnacle among the most absolutist and most annoying and mocked clowns infesting these forums as well as the entirety of the World Wide Web. Now live with it until the world stops because you will.

and what did you do exactly now? think a little..if you don't get it the first time..think a little harder the second time

"Grown men making fun of me" What you don't seem to realize (go figure) is that, if you weren't such an idiot and tool, we probably wouldn't make fun of you. Instead, you claim all Samsung devices are the end-all-be-all, no devices will ever compare, and it will always be this way. Meanwhile, in the real world, just 2.5 years ago you were saying the same crap of HTC, and then of stock Android 1.5 years ago. You claim the Note 3 is better than the HTC M8, a product we know virtually nothing concrete about as of now. You claimed to "know" the specs of the S4 weeks before it was announced, and turned out to be totally and completely wrong on all accounts. You claimed rooting was for "2plus year old devices", despite having an Evo 4G at the time, which had an absolutely huge root/modding community behind it. You then claimed while you had your Galaxy Nexus to be "looking into" rooting it for 2 whole months, while Nexus devices are literally the easiest devices to root. And you never accomplished it. You're an absolute whackjob who believes the BS coming out of your own mouth, despite it rarely ever having any basis in fact or truth. You make it so easy for us. Is it really all that surprising that we "make fun of you"? Also, if you didn't care about us making fun of you, you never would have stated that you don't. You're so easy to read.

"In the real world none of you clueless people on this site or the Web even matter with life. I laugh at the common stupidity that exist here on this site with a bunch of clowns." Like your "common stupidity" and cluelessness demonstrated here: phonesreview dot co/uk/2013/07/13/samsung-blamed-for-no-nokia-android-phone/#comment-960827792 where you claim not only that Nokia made Android devices, but that they sucked at it? Please, do tell in what ways we are the "clueless" ones.

Let Richard do his thing. He likes Samsung. Who cares. Ignore it and move on. Those of you who write paragraphs going after him and calling him "tool" and shit are worse than he is.

Posted via Android Central App

Guy likes Samsung nothing wrong with that.. I like samsung phone which is why my last 3 phones have been Samsung and I like nexus as a tablet hence my last 2 tablets have been nexus. It just seems like its all the rage to hate on samsung

Posted via Android Central App

Leave my tablet out of it!

OK on a tablet it is one thing, on my phone its another. Two different animals

Posted via Android Central App

Piss on Google Nexus lack of software solutions and feature enhancements.

Crappy boring and extremely dull stock android with it's pitiful battery life and comically Piss poor camera with optical stabilization.

but it looks so pretty with no feature implementations
stock android is for losers

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

So can your note 3 take photo spheres? Because I'm pretty sure Samsung took that out. Well, nexus has it.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually, Note 3 does take photo spheres. And "drama shots" and much more...all with better quality then any Nexus ha s ever had...

All the while the Nexus continues to receive future Android version on time and The note 3 is left up to Samsung to decide.....
I know which I am buying :)

Yeah, because having the newest OS is so awesome. Because Google has been pulling an Apple lately. Minor upgrades since JB... also, when we get upgraded... out change long as twice as long... we have real utilities that work and backed up with SCloud unlike getting third parties apps that who knows if they support back ups to google... and I feel that S Bloat is better than third parties apps too.. keep ur up to date phone with minor changes... I'd rather keep waiting on OS upgrades plus Samsung upgrades... comes from a former Nexus fanatic... I switched last year and I'm glad I did! Btw, allshare and Smartvs are the way to go... chromecast will get there... eventually. ..

Thank you for beta testing on your Nexus 7. Your sacrifice will lead to a more refined Galaxy Tab experience.

You can keep your "drama shots"... sounds like nothing more than a gimmick. All I need to caputre is the money shot.

If by "feature enhancements", you mean the crapware Samsung throws on their devices that usually work only half the time, or not at all, or serve no real purpose other than "kool" factor (your spelling), then sure, stock Android is dead in the water and will never progress.

"pitiful battery life and comically Piss poor camera with optical stabilization" Have you seen images or battery stats from the Nexus 5? Because if you had, you would clearly see how wrong your statement is. As I said previously, you're only butt hurt because of your "piss poor" experience with your "crappy ass" Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Now you go around claiming every Nexus device has a poor camera and bad battery life, despite your claims of "never touching [them] with a 10 foot pole". But just a few weeks ago you claimed you would be getting the Nexus 7 by the end of the month. What a hypocrite.

"stock android is for losers" Then you must be one too, since you were "applauding" the Galaxy Nexus and saying how "boss" it was the whole time you had it. Good god, get a life.

You expect a Nexus 4 with the established mainstream dimensions to get the battery life a gigantic Note device? That's foolish.

1. The Note 3 isn't anywhere on that first link... because the article was written almost 11 months ago. Good job.
2. The Note 3 has a 3200 mAh battery, compared with a 2100 mAh battery on the Nexus 4. Of course the Note 3 will have longer battery life, it has more capacity. That's like saying a D cell battery will last longer at a given task compared to a AA battery doing the exact same task. Thank you Captain Obvious.
3. According to the first link, the Nexus 4 lasted only 2 hours less than the Note 2 on talk time, and just slightly more than half on web browsing and video playback. Not too shabby for a device with less processing power, smaller screen (with higher pixel density at that), and most importantly, a smaller battery.
4. Most of the camera shots I've seen from the Nexus 4 have been fairly decent. Maybe not "final portfolio" material for a photography class, but decent enough. Want better pictures over the ability to email, IM, web browse, use apps, call people, etc? Get a point-and-shoot, DSLR, or Samsung's wacky mashup of full fledged camera and phone.
5. As for the thermal throttling, I guess you'd rather your phone get so hot that it might actually fry the chip, meaning you'd have to get a replacement, rather than have a game play somewhat poorly? Every single processor out there has this functionality. Whether it's in a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, etc, it's there. The reason thermal throttling is so pronounced on the Nexus 4 is because there is not an adequate heat sink to dissipate the heat quickly enough. Blame LG for that one.
6. Finally, if you'd noticed, I said absolutely nothing about the Nexus 4. I did mention the Nexus 5 though. Reading comprehension, man, it helps.

If people wanted the added software on their vanilla android devices, they could just sideload .apk, or just download a clone from the play store, not freaking hard. Samsung is loading up too much crap on phones, i'm hoping the 800 processor is better than the s4 in the gs3, but the gs3 lags pretty bad. And Samsung is still not helping with the fragmentation of Android either.

That's the beauty of a Nexus. You only get what you want. There is always an app in market capable of doing anything any OEM has added short of there being a specific hardware need attached to it. Still it's about 90/10 that you can find something comparable or even better.

Its ahead of WP but BB share is tumbling down whereas WP share is actually showing consistent growth.

Posted via Android Central App

Well looks like WP and BB will swap places in a few quarters so the WP bashing has no merit. If they could only get GAPPS on WP, i'd try it out.

Some apps are written for Android, iOS, and WP.

Alternatively, dual mode Android / Windows.tablets are now coming to market which is likely to enhance both.

iOS remains stand alone.

Windows Mobile is a joke! How is it that BB took 2 years off of making phones then came out out with a couple mediocre products and they're still ahead of WM??? That's sad.

Especially since Windows mobile tries to distance itself from its terrible phone past. They have been out for 13 years, yet they only acknowledge the last 2.

Posted via Note 3 AC App

It's not the only thing - but it can be a deciding factor for staying with Apple.

Yeah I have an iPad( I don't like to admit it) and the ecosystem really is good. Apps look better on iOS and are updated more often. Its surprising that that the ecosystem is still even a little ahead of android. But its just the way it is

Posted via Android Central App

It isn't surprising. If you don't conform to standards, it doesn't get approved. On the other hand, the play store has guidelines

Posted via Android Central App

Well yes. But, considering that in terms of looks android and iOS apps aren't much different. A few changes and they would be able to have similar apps on both platforms

Posted via Android Central App


Seriously - a censored, heavily restricted appstore where f.i. all 3rd party browsers must use the same engine doesn't even qualify for a good ecosystem.

more like communism

Ecosystem lock in is a myth. When people decide to leave iOS or any other os, they sell the phone and all the stuff they bought for it. It's that easy. There's someone somewhere who wants what you want to sell.

I am just flabbergasted. Samsung obviously, for whatever reason you choose, is second. I would have thought that the order after that would have been different...

not likely. apple always bumps up when new iphone is released. then the steady android march continues. There are new android phones launched every month.

The S3 was a mistake for me. Samsung firmwares perform badly on it. I'm always on AOSP based ones. Next phone's gonna be a Nexus. Samsung is no better, they're pretty good at marketing and have tons of money to do that. Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple. Everyone wants their top of the range but it's not necessarily good.

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Apple can take Sprint and Verizon branded androids - mostly sprint's old Motorola and Samsung. Moto never updated w a lot of issues and lack of customer support - no replacement phone by all means and Messing up updates on Samsung S series (radio signal causing battery drain) with attitude "sorry we can't help you, it's irreversible...wait for another update". These were experiences of my friends and they just gave up and bought iPhones.

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BTW I juat joined the NoNexus group. :-)
Besides never ending issues w either software or hardware out of box (GN n now my new N7) they are just too plain and boring - iPhone if the androids.
Also w S800 there is 0 performance issues on any OEM "junk". I love my wife's Note 3 ! Just wish it was more pocket friendly.

Posted via Android Central App

One of the reasons why Apple is doing well in US is Carrier branding of Android phones. I know iPhone haters who eventually ended up buying them - all w either Sprint or Verizon. If I didn't replace my GN and immediately installed CleanRom on my GS3 I would have given up too. It's just horrible support all around. i never heard from any of my friends having issues w any of the phones we had here.

Posted via Android Central App

One of the reasons why Android is doing BETTER than Apple in the U.S. is because Android devices are more interesting and more versatile as well as having different screen sizes and models to choose from. Apple is obviously reading from Androids playbook with the larger screen Apple recently moved to, with reports of possibly a 5" screen model coming out this fall, as well as creating a less expensive iphone model. So now Apple has 2 variations of the iPhone in the market. Apple has seen Android's diagram for success and they know if they want to remain relevant they have to copy the success model of Android.

4.3 runs about perfect on my s4 ...was excited about the n5 ...but after the camera / battery unimpressiveness I'm not going anywhere. As far as bloat.... If u don't want to use a touch wiz feature turn it off. Better to have options then to not.

Posted via Android Central App

lol Android Hipsters are mad.

Look, I understand the draw of Nexus devices. I had the GNex and despite its horrendous battery life, it was a great device. With that said, Samsung is pushing Android forward on the new Galaxy devices. I played with the Moto X at the Verizon store and felt stockish Android to simply be boring now. It's a great base to start with, but Android is capable of so much more. That's where Samsung comes in. Call the features "gimmicks" if you want, but a lot of their gimmicks are pretty useful. And Touchwiz isnt nearly as bad as Android hipsters claim. The Note 2 and Note 3 have so much processing power anyway. Who cares if the icons and menus look different.

Samsung does add some cool features (and some so-so ones, and some dear-god-why ones...) but I think any of the major OEMs are doing the same thing. I know I personally am not Samsung's biggest fan (hardware design makes me cringe and TouchWiz makes my eyes bleed), but that's my personal opinion. If I know someone's needs/wants will be best met with a Samsung device I'll suggest it to them (I'm even getting my mom a Note 3 for Christmas). The beauty of android has always been choice. Now if we could only get more choices as far as "phones on Verizon I can crack open and mess with however I please" I would be a happy camper, but as I've come to realize Verizon hates "freedom"