I know that Android usually makes us all think about little green puppies and robotic rainbows, but sometimes, things can't always be so bright and sunny. Maybe your girlfriend just dumped you. Maybe you lost the chess tournament. Shoot, maybe you live in the South (like me!) and just wish it would rain once in a while!

If you find yourself in similar circumstances or just enjoy the doom and gloom a good thunderstorm brings, you've got to check out Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper.

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper is an incredibly slick, detailed, and fairly realistic depiction of Mother Nature at her finest, and it runs really well, to boot.

Fortunately, you're not stuck with a one-trick pony, as Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper boasts a pretty full settings menu. From there, you can set cloud count, bolt frequency, wind speed, camera speed, and bolt color. They're all little things, but they're the kind of little thing that helps you make your wallpaper experience both unique and totally your own.

I mean, shoot, red lightning? That's too cool.

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper is free in the Market, but there's also a donate version for 99 cents, if you're so inclined to show the developer some love. If you like lightning, storms, or are just looking for a new wallpaper to use, I'd definitely check out Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper.

A few more pictures as well as download links are after the break.

Thunderstorm Live WallpaperThunderstorm Live Wallpaper

Thunderstorm Live WallpaperThunderstorm Live Wallpaper


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Android Quick App: Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper


i bet this does a number on your battery like all the other live wallpapers out there but still slick looking to check out.

It's really not that bad unless you sit staring at your screen for hours at a time. It's been out for a long time.

I bought this wallpaper a few months ago, and I've always loved it. It's very moody, and the ability to change the colors makes it that much better. I'm also a big fan of the fact that when you touch the screen, a bolt strikes the spot.

The only request I can think of (and this is probably being overly nitpicky) is maybe some pre-configured color schemes for the clouds/lightning. I have no concept of color matching, so I can never come up with a combination that just looks "right."

Question: Does anybody keep live wallpaper on all the time? Or, is this feature just there to impress friends, especially of the iFan variety and not for everyday use?

I've actually kept Sparkling Particle 3D on my phone for quite awhile now. Kind of a nice minimalistic LWP. I'm sure if I ever ran across a plain old bitmap I liked (none of the stock ones really interest me, and I haven't really looked for others), it wouldn't be too hard to get me to swap it out, though.

I use live wallpapers almost all of the time. I have a few donation versions from this developer and they all work great, with lots of customizable options. I'll have to give this one a look.

Honestly it doesn't make much difference, as any properly coded one goes to sleep any time your home screen isn't visible. People are just really superstitious about it. :/

They'll show up in the battery usage list like any other process, but you'll really never tend to see any of ours (at least) as they're almost always below the cutoff point. If you just sit and stare at your home screen for hours and keep the phone awake it'll creep up into 3% or 4% usage, maybe.

Sounds nice, I shall check it out in a bit.

I really dig live wallpapers but unfortunately I've yet to find one that I love and can keep on without lagging my OG Droid to all hell. I have the "Snowfall" live wallpaper from KittehFace Software which I really really like but just can't keep it on for more than a couple minutes.

When I upgrade to a new phone I'll likely be a 24/7 live wallpaper guy. I don't mind the battery drain.

Doom and gloom? Ok, yeah, if a tornado is riding in on said thunderstorm. But one thing I love about summer is sitting on the screened-in back porch, watching a good summer t-storm rolling in. Something about the power behind it that just makes me tingle (See what I did there?) ;)

I cannot access settings on the HTC EVO 3D or get the full panoramic...refunded and uninstalled, but I will gladly install again if it is fixed for my phone:)

Hey man, would you be willing to replicate that issue? Send an e-mail to contact (at) kittehface.com, if I can get a log of the crash I might be able to fix it.

I've had this wallpaper for a while now. It's the first wallpaper I left active for month after month.

The wallpaper looks great! The thunder strikes, the clouds, the rain, all look great. I love how you can change the colors. But, damn does my Nexus S feel the strain! It slows down the performance considerably. Maybe that's because I'm using Launcher Pro+ with custom icons and widgets on 5 screens...

Runs great on my droid x.. but something i didnt see mentioned in the review, the donation version is the one with adjustable settings, the free version didnt allow me to configure anything.

Also when i installed the free version i moved it to my Sd card. It locked my phone, so i purchased it and left it on device memory. It works great, smooth, no lag, and no battery drain.

I have had this for quite awhile and love it. It is very hot and our monsoon season is here, but no signs of rain yet. Maybe this coming week. It would be awesome. I love to see rain and hear the thunder.
And when I want rain and we don't have it for real, this wallpaper is a cool way to have it.