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Hey folks. In keeping with New Year’s resolutions suggested by the staff at Android Central I thought it fitting to write a review of an app I have been using for about a month, ever since the Holiday rush started and roads were littered with shoppers talking and texting. Holiday traffic and cell phone use are two topics that are bound to clash and they have. I am a father of two great kids and husband to a great wife and I don’t want their lives compromised by me texting or emailing in the car.

This is where this simple but great app comes into play.  Sponsored by one of the local health networks in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, it is called Cell Limit 0. Why the name? Simply put, a text or email is not worth someone’s life.  The app is very simplistic in its use and powerful in its effectiveness. All it does is simply create an automated response to people who text you. In the upper right hand corner, you can see the toggle button is red as it is set to off.  When you activate this toggle, you can set it to whatever message you want to respond with as seen in second image by typing what you want (I use the default message shown) then hit “Set Message”.  Notice how the toggle is now green in the upper right of your screen? The auto responder is now set. Click it again to turn it off.

Even better, it has the website celllimit0.com, which takes you to their website. Fill out the form and they will mail you a magnet of a Stop Sign to promote no texting and driving.  This is not a game changing app, but for me I find myself using the phone a lot less than before.  The app does have some FC issues that require you to exit and start it back up, but I find that running it on Ice Cream Sandwich is less problematic then running it on CyanogenMod or stock Gingerbread. Download link is after the break, check it out in the market as it’s FREE!


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Android App Review: Cell Limit 0


It would be really cool if the app could automatically turn on and off based on speed of gps changes. In other words, sense that you are quickly moving which could mean you are in a moving car.

You are in a car. Just plug in your phone. You have to fish it out of your pocket anyway to turn this app on, might as well plug it in.

I think the suggestion is that the app detects if you are moving via GPS. In other words, it needs to keep polling your GPS to see if you are moving (even if you aren't). So, you might be sitting at your desk, and this suggested feature would keep hitting your GPS to see if you are moving. So yes, battery would be an issue as mentioned.

I use a Tasker profile to send an automatic text whenever my phone is connected to my car's Bluetooth, which works pretty well. Tasker allows speed-based contexts as well, but I haven't tried that.

It doesn't matter, it's activated by the user. If you are a passenger, don't activate this app and text like normal. If you are a driver, turn it on and it will autorespond.

Why would you need it to automatically do anything? If you know you are driving, turn it on. When you reach you're destination, turn it off. Is that truly such a tough task to do on your own? Albert Einsteins quote about technology becomes clearer and clearer every day.

Why wouldn't you want it to do it automatically? Who is perfect about remembering to do something like that? If you can use technology to cover lapses in memory, then why the hell not?

People are funny. They just like to bitch about others, just to bitch.

Why wouldn't you want it to do it automatically?

How bout if you are a passenger? We trade off driving duties on long trips. When we head out to the car we never know who's going to be driving till we get there.

I don't want to turn this app OFF to get texts any more than I want to Turn it ON to block texts. Either one is a pain in the ass.

Solution is built into the phone. Its called Volume Down rocker. Till it goes silent. Problem solved. No app.

"Why wouldn't you want it to do it automatically?"

Exactly. That's what I said.

Unless you are a passenger often, the times when you are driving would outnumber the times you are a passenger. Thus, you'd want the default to be automatic, and allow you turn it off in those exceptional circumstances where you aren't driving.

I don't know what the hell your last sentence is about, because nobody on here is bitching about a thing, rather merely, and surprisingly, talking about a 'workaround' for an otherwise extremely easy task. Nothing to do with being perfect about anything. I'm just not lazy enough to not want to press a button in my phone.

Someone says that they want it to turn on automatically. You chastise them for wanting it to be automatic. I call that bitching. Take it or leave it.

Icebike, valid points, but at least someone who is trying to reach me would have to call because they would receive a notification that I am not ignoring them.

This was put together by a local hospital to get the message out after a few local and nation teen deaths were attributed to texting. There are billboards, etc. up everywhere.

It is a debatable topic, as was/is handsfree talking on a phone. There are state reps calling for regulating operating anything with a phone while driving.

I use it because people seem to want to text 50 times but not pick up the phone for a simple answer.

But if they regulate hands free cell phone usage while driving, how long before talking to a passenger is outlawed? I see no difference. But I agree texting is a different story.

Or... Show some restraint and just not read or answer text while you're driving. I know that is so pre Android, but it eliminates all this whining about should it turn on using gps vectoring or not. Either way you could use this app, something else, or go old school.

I think the beauty of texting is you don't have to reply straight away, so what I normally do is wait until it's safe to read the message, traffic lights and what have you and reply in my own good time. Sounds very logical to me

Cool app, but seems not to work in DK :-( . Wife using Wildfire S, I use Nexus S.
Anyone knows if it is our location thats no good or carier???