World Cup 2014 Calendar

Keep up with all of the action from Brazil and never miss a match

World Cup 2014 is only a week away, and if you're interested in keeping up and watching as many games as possible this year, one of the best ways will be to add the full schedule to your Google Calendar. For big events such as the World Cup, Google creates shareable calendars that are updated and maintained for you, letting you simply follow along and not worry about keeping up with the gritty details of every single match.

It just takes a trip to the Google Calendar website and few easy steps, and you'll be following along with all of the action from Brazil. Read along and see how it all comes together.

World Cup 2014 Calendar

First, you'll have to head to the web version of Google Calendar — at — to manually add the calendar (preferably on a desktop, but if you're brave you can do it on your phone). At the moment this can't be done in the Google Calendar app, sadly.

Once on the website and logged in, look in the left sidebar for an "other calendars" area with an arrow next to it. Click that arrow on the right side and click "Add by URL." This is how you can add complete calendars that have been created and managed by other people.

World Cup 2014 Calendar

In the window that pops up, enter the following link into the bar:

... and hit "Add Calendar." The best part about this is that the dates and times will change according to your time zone, and if any games are changed or updated you'll see the changes reflected on your calendar automatically. You can assign a custom color to the calendar from that same left bar by clicking the arrow next to the calendar, as well as set up alerts for certain events, if you wish.

Give it a couple of minutes, and the calendar will be synced to your other devices that are set up with Google Calendar as well. To double check if your phone is syncing it, be sure to go to your calendar app of choice, and manually check for additional calendars to sync.

World Cup 2014 kicks off on June 12th with the host country Brazil playing Croatia — and now you can see that right on your phone thanks to your new World Cup 2014 calendar.

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mathiasjk says:

Off topic, but when can we expect the OnePlus One review?

Extremely off-topic.


eahinrichsen says:

Since we're going wildly off-topic, should I get a burger or Thai food for dinner?

thatguy97 says:

And fries

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andrewd416 says:

done....worked like a charm!!!!!

WolfpacDAR says:

Nick1472 says:

WolfpacDAR says:


foppol says:

If you like a separate app to keep track of each thing you're interested in rather than everything in one calendar.

WolfpacDAR says:

with this app, everything is loaded into one calendar for you, with far less effort. :P i rarely open the app, i went and put everything i wanted on it (my fave football/basketball/baseball teams), and it auto pushes everything right to google calendar. you should check it out, before responding sarcastically without understanding it! ;)

TheDu9du says:

had to read directions but it was worth it!! yayay!!!

samxool says:

FYI soccer ⚽ is not a real man's sport. Football (NFL) is, so is baseball and basketball.
Also cricket also qualifies as a sport for wusses (and not a real sport)
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dovlek says:

Real man? Wearing shoulder pads??? Lmao

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A sport where the main talking point around the final is always which is the best commercial, sort of should be an indicator about just how boring the actual sport is.

BigBernard says:

How true

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mamdogonz says:

Not to mention the tights and helmets....

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DannyHeard says:

Baseball? Really?! Nope, not a mans sport I'm afraid. And NFL, its just a shitty version of rugby where the guys wear a lot of padding. Football (Not soccer) is a brilliant sport, hence the Global interest in the world cup from just about every single country on this planet ;)

Posted From My Awesome Moto G

You do know we do not care about every other country in the world.

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Flyer00 says:

Only the ignorant among us don't care. We apologize for our vocal minority.

floriyann says:

Lol go hang yourself dude! Its only in America that i can read bullshit like that! Plus, don't ever say "Soccer" again, it's FOOTBALL!!! It was created before your fake rugby

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Flyer00 says:

There's always going to be some assholes that think real football is a communist sport or whatever else the tea baggers tell them. Don't let it get to you bro, "soccer" is the fastest growing sport in America in terms of attendance and TV audience.

rd_nest says:

Who let you out of the hospital??

lr1517 says:

"Football" that hardly ever gets play with the feet, I would call it tackle ball instead, players that are "recomended" to take all kinds of "boosters" otherwise would be nearly humanly possible to get your body and brains able to beat up till you go insane or handicapped, lawsuit against the NFL anyone?
Real man's dumb guys sport that are the ones who play it, not the ones who only can watch it, lol, how often you see normal people playing that crap in a park? I bet Samxool won't.

I have actually played tackle football in the park every weekend until about the age 25. It happens a lot.

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illdini says:

Football (whether association, American, rugby, etc) is called that because it's played on foot (as opposed to on horseback). As for boosters, look up "FIFA doping" & "NFL doping" & see which one has more results.

hmmm says:

Lol, baseball. Half those beer bellies cannot even run the bases themselves. I suppose the pitchers could sort of be considered athletes. They only go about 4 innings now days though. I don't really care for soccer though either. I am not against it, I just think it is an an extreme;y cheap sport to participate in which is why it is so popular around the world, especially in third world developing countries where a weekly income is like $3.00.

andrewd416 says:


InGale says:

Why do you, Americans, call your sport a "football", but play it with hands? And men's sport? American football and baseball? Really? With all the pads, and tights, and men smacking each other butts? Funny...

Texas Black says:

But soccer players pull better women

samxool... you are just the worst. You can't even troll well.

NFL is nothing more than a crappy real world video game.

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suavemezie says:

NFL is for women, real men plays Rugby! Yeah, no shoulder pads

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hgaedke says:

Nothing in the world surpasses a soccer world cup. You national sports are just boring!

WolfpacDAR says:

I'm also an American, and you make us look bad. Thanks for that.

American Rugby (a.k.a. NFL Football) is the most boring piece of s*** that I've ever seen. Commercials until you drool in boredom. 11 minutes of play in 3 hours. Give me a break! And baseball!! WTF?? The fat guy's sport, standing there doing nothing.

Pack up and go eat your burger, boy. Real men play REAL football ("soccer", for your low IQ)

MrJedi says:

Thank You for posting this.

rd_nest says:



Thomly says:

I'm probably just missing a link but what's the source of the calendar? Seems like just a random calendar link.

ajua says:

I was about to say the same thing. The calendar linked in this article is made by a reddit user:

So it's not from Google itself but it's seems useful right now. Google has the World Cup qualifiers in their public listing but the final stage fixtures. I guess they will add it soon.

Yup, this one seemed massively more complete than any other one I found.

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floriyann says:

Hey dudes, whats gonna be ur teams for the World cup?

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mzanette says:

Magic!!! FORZA ITALIA!!!!!

rub2008 says:


Terrific! Thanks! Does this calendar (schedule) reflect our LOCAL time when we add it to our calendar? Thanks again!

ilhe1s says:

I was wondering if there is a Google site that list all the available feeds. Thanks.

You can browse via Google Calendar on the web for "interesting calendars" if you want.

Brenou says:

Awesome!!! Thanks!

Aikuchi says:

cool, thx

Are there other calendars that google or others have available, for other event, or sports?

bumpandrun says:

I love this feature. I add the calendars from my favorite college team schedules like this. Works great!

Midnitte says:

Now what about a way to watch it on your phone? Just ESPN?

Coverage is spread across different networks, including ESPN, and varies based on location. Being a worldwide-watched game, it's hard to narrow that down. We'll consider doing some kinda roundup.

stbxxl says:

ESPN3 will live stream all matches in English and Spanish. So as long as you have a qualifying ISP you're all set. I'm using WatchESPN on my tablet and my Roku 3. Thanks Comcast!

hmmm says:

I wonder why Comcast allows that but not hbogo on the roku?

f1usgp says:

Sweet! Thank you!

Synycalwon says:

Go Broncos! ;p

stbxxl says:

Thanks for the tip! I'm using this for EU football (soccer) for years now but was not even thinking about adding a WC calendar.

The Stig CA says:

I did not know about his feature, and I went crazy with it. Added holidays, sports teams, and world cup. Now I'm on overload.

Good looking out AC! Love it.

You can also just download UpTo calendar and "follow" the FIFA calendar. It's a much better app than Google Calendar and an easier method, too.

Now tell us how we can watch the games in the U.S.
Preferably for free from home.

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Knightedpawn says:

Effing A plus!!!!

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achavess says:

Is there a way to set reminders to all games at once, or do I have to set each one individually

achavess says:

Never mind, found it

Felimenta97 says:

Could you tell how you did? I can't find it.

achavess says:

Click on the arrow next to World Cup 2014
Select Calendar Setting
Select the Upper tab Reminders and notifications
Click on Add a reminder at the top of the page
This will add reminders for all events. If you want additional reminders such as Email or SMS you can select it on the options below. The one I just explained will only add a reminder on the devices you have linked to your google calendar.

Hope this helped

jevalladares says:

Best post of the day. Had to subscribe the very moment i read it.

ahutchga1972 says:

Best article ever! I just added major league Braves schedule, minor league schedule, holidays in US and UK...

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I just won a trip to Brazil to world cup final from the sun newspaper :)

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kjyc says:

this is sweeeettttt

shlk7 says:


Judging from your article this calendar includes all matches, correct? If so, is there a way to just add one team? Specifically, the United States?

I don't have the answer to your question, but I just have to say you're a true American and a true patriot for asking this question.

This is all or nothing. You'd have to find a calendar someone crafted of just the USMNT games.

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WolfpacDAR says:

Yo! Andrew... THIS is better, and lets you choose teams, groupings, etc...

Sports Calendar app! oh, plus... it actually has other sports too :)

I added the calendar but cant see the schedule.

Be sure to double check your calendar settings, especially on your phone, to make sure its syncing and set to be displayed.

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nitish316 says:

Google Sync is down!!! But I synced it with Sunrise calender and its working great :D

Awesome! Done :) Many thanks for such a useful tip!

Joe_Perone says:

This is pretty awesome, thank you!

Mr McScooby says:

You sir are a legend

WolfpacDAR says:

MUCH MUCH MUCH SIMPLER WAY, not to mention that it is an absolutely PHENOMINAL app, is Sports Calendar.

WolfpacDAR says:

That is to say, that it's not JUST for the World Cup, like this solution. It's for a lot of sports!! :)

Nick1472 says:

mrich70 says:

This is so Awesome!! Thanks Andrew!!

Carlosdsv says:

GREAT!! just what I was looking for!

bergeronjc says:

What is this World Cup I hear about? Is it the largest cup in the world?

QatarHero says:

Just added it to my calendar.... Now I just need gallons of coffee and call in sick :)

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jamesey says:

that site is mobile friendly, and also a great calendar

This doesn't work for me, I see in my desktop but I can't find a way to add it to my GS3

pacoinurreta says:

Open settings and look for the calendar on it, it should be ticked to sync.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I had done that (actually not under Settings, but the "options" button, then Calendars), for some reason the calendar wasn't showing up there. It took a looooong time to sync.


pacoinurreta says:

I did something similar with the Formula 1 calendar, best thing ever!

spotonit says:

Also better alternative: - downloadable calendar includes links on where to watch the game, score updates + bars to watch the game at (if you're in the US). Go Italy!!

Murphdog456 says:

Thanks a lot I'm kind of new to google calendar and never new how to do that. Please keep those tips coming.

headhoncho89 says:

Thanks for that heads up..very easy to add the calendar, and useful