Droid X event

Another little bomb dropped at the Droid X event came from Google's Andy Rubin. There are now 160,000 Android devices being activated every day -- up from the 100,000 number he gave us at Google IO in May.

And on top of that, the Android Market now officially hosts 68,000 applications (which of course includes keyboards, skins, ringtones and other thing you wouldn't consider to be apps).

The important thing to take away from this: Android continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

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Take that Apple!

alexnaoumi says:

YEA! How do u like dem' Apples? lol

jbuggydroid says:

Spell check lol no 160000 should be now 160000 lol.


Smokeaire says:

A Spell checker won't help, proof reading would. LOL

fix'd. :)

icebike says:

Oh, and the word neXt, that is bound to send Steve Jobs screaming for his lawyers: http://lowendmac.com/orchard/05/next-computer-history.html

Boom! Take that Steve!!!

hurricane87 says:


DroidATX says:

Is one of the guys on stage alseep? :)

xorg says:

I wonder if that 160K are new activations or includes those changing from one Android to another. I'm guessing the latter. Still impressive.

icebike says:

I suspect its iPhone users changing to Android rather than locking down for another two years with a rather unimpressive iPhone 4g.

I know 6 different people who where holding off to see what iPhone 4 was bringing. 4 have already gone to the Incredible, and two still on the fence between Evo and staying with iPhone.

Meanwhile over on TiBy.com they are singing the blues about the iPhone 4 dropping data plans, being delayed, scratching, and the iPhone forums on Apple have people screaming mad about delays, failed activations, and bricked devices. It seems this iPhone release has been pretty much botched up and down the line.

myriad46 says:

Being able to upgrade if you could have this year, is obviously a reaction to Iphone 4. Hoping people won't switch, if they know on July 15th they can get the upgrade price. Competition that actually benefits the consumer is always good.

commander 4 says:

Yeah baby show your wingspan Android drop bombs on those Apples!!

qpolarbear says:

This article is a bit misleading. If you go back and look at the Google I/O videos, the 100,000 activations per day were U.S. actiations. The 160,000 activations quoted at the Droid X event is based on global activations. Android is growing very rapidly, but not that rapidly. :)