Whether it be for reading phone reviews, seeing how the latest smart home tech compares, or chatting with other members in the forums, we have a lot of people that regularly visit Android Central for a myriad of reasons.

We're happy to have you here no matter what it is you're doing, but what we would like to know is how you choose to visit AC when you do.

Someone recently popped this question in our forums and this is how some of you responded.


Firefox on a desktop, unless I'm stick in bed, then the forum app and, for other things (other than Quora, which has its own app), Firefox.


I personally use Tapatalk for the forum and web browser for looking at AC news links I find through Reddit.


Great thread topic! Thank you for sharing! I almost exclusively use my Android Central phone app so I can always have access to AC - even on the go!




What about you? How do you access Android Central?

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