Every year, Google throws a multi-day developer conference called Google I/O — for a couple of years now, it's taken place across the street from its Mountain View headquarters at the famous Shoreline Amphitheatre. Google I/O 2018 takes place May 8-10.

Google uses I/O as a way to show the world everything it's working on, but the really great stuff happens after the big keynote address on Day 1. It's all of the technical sessions, sandboxes and developer talks that everyone can attend to learn about how Google does everything that it does. It's a fantastic way to get behind the curtain a bit and see the inner-workings of Google's products and projects to see the future.

At I/O 2018, we can expect to learn more about Android P, Chromebooks, Google Photos, Google Home, Google Assistant, Android Auto and more — basically, if it's a big-name Google product or service, you can expect to see an update on its status. And there are always a few surprises along the way.