Apple v. Samsung v. Apple

According to Alyssa Milano on Twitter, it's almost over. The jury has reached some sort of verdict in Apple's federal patent infringement suit against Samsung, and presumably in Samsung's countersuit against Apple. 

Only, it's not over. Whoever loses will appeal. We'll update you with more from Alyssa Milano just as soon as we have it.

Update: We're still waiting to hear more from Alyssa Milano, but you've seen the news. A lot of Samsung's phones were found to have infringed on some of Apple's patents. A lot of Samsung's phones were found to violate trade dress, essentially meaning they ripped off the iPhone.

And Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion. 

Samsung, which had countersued Apple, didn't win a damn thing. Nothing. Zero.

We'll talk some more on this over the weekend. It's been a bad day for Samsung, to be sure. But this is far from over. Appeals will happen. The patent debate will continue.